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335th TSC commander's view.

The 335th Theater Signal Command continues its wartime role in Iraq and Kuwait by providing the Army strategic composite communications and networking in the Southwest Asia area of operations.

Our systems and Soldiers have worked superbly during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I am very pleased with how our network came together and continues to serve the warfighter.

We have a number of dedicated citizen Soldiers who have volunteered to go to the theater to help meet our wartime commitments, thus allowing the remainder of the command to keep their skills sharp by attending Roving Sands 2005.

Our command is a unique blend of active duty, Reserve, and civilian contractors. It's a true illustration of what an 'Army of One' is all about. We built and continue to maintain the largest telecommunications system in the history of warfare in Kuwait and Iraq. The lessons learned from our experiences in Iraq and Southwest Asia were put to use at RS05.

Joint exercises like RS05 are extremely important because it's exactly how we operate in wartime. The better we can plan and work together as a total joint force, the better we will be in combat. Advances in communications and data architectures have transformed the battlefield, providing instant access to information for the warfighter. We communicate across the force both jointly and combined. The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines all participated in RS05, communicating seamlessly in a joint environment. British, Canadian, and German forces also participated in RS05 as part of the combined environment, like North Atlantic Treaty Organization and coalition forces operating in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations.

We are proud that the 324th Signal Battalion is the first USAR unit to receive the 85D and 93C tactical satellite shelters which greatly enhance its communication capabilities to the warfighter. As unit transforms to the Integrated Theater Signal Battalion concept, newest version of Satellite Communications equipment introduces state of the art long haul communications into the Army Reserve. We train we fight!

Our signal Soldiers are some the best and brightest in the telecommunications industry. The combatant commander who controls and maintains the best situational awareness and uses information decisively wins battles. As part of command, control, communications, computers, information, surveillance, and reconnaissance our technology gives battlefield commanders rapid communication and synchronization capabilities unmatched by our adversaries.

We also remain vigilant in combating cyber attacks. Our Soldiers ensure our networks use latest technologies, antivirus, and firewall to protect our networks from all threats while increasing information assurance.

Thanks to a great team of signal warriors--Ready Lightning!

MG Lowell C. "Rip" Detamore began his military career in March 1969, commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Signal School, Fort Gordon, Ga. His military education also includes the following: Microwave Radio Systems Officer Course; Electronic Warfare Staff Officer Course; Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence Course; Quartermaster Advanced Course; Ordnance Advanced Course; Command and General Staff College; Logistics Executive Development Course; Force Development Officer Course; and, the U.S. Army War College. Detamore's civilian education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in education from Auburn University and a Master of Science Degree in systems management from the University of Southern California.

Before his current assignment as the commanding general, Detamore served as the unit's deputy commander. Preceding the assignment as deputy commander, he served on active duty as the deputy chief of staff, information management, Third United States Army, Deputy G6, U.S. Army Central Command, Fort McPherson, Ga. Detamore has served in numerous active and Active Reserve command and staff positions, including: Chief of Staff, 311th Theater Signal Command, Fort Meade, Md.; Senior Army Reserve Advisor, Headquarters, I Corps, Fort Lewis, Wash.; Chief, Operations Division, 335th Theater Signal Command, East Point, Ga.; Operations Officer, Operations Division, 335th Theater Signal Command; Executive Officer, 1118th U.S. Army Signal Battalion, Sacramento, Calif.; Commander, Company C, 1118th Signal Battalion; Signal Platoon Leader and Battalion Communications Staff Officer, 4/41st Field Artillery Battalion (Pershing), Federal Republic of Germany; and, operations officer, 39th Signal Battalion, Republic of Vietnam.

In November of 2001, Detamore assumed command of the 335th Theater Signal Command. In November 2002, Detamore was mobilized and deployed to the Southwest Asia Theater. He currently serves as the C6, Coalition Forces Land Component Command, in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. As the C6 and commanding general, 335th Theater Signal Command, Detamore oversees the largest joint and coalition communications network ever installed in support of an Army Component command.
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Title Annotation:324th Military Police Battalion
Author:Detamore, Lowell C.
Publication:Army Communicator
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Date:Jun 22, 2005
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