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32 Philippine substantive and procedural laws on property.

'Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith' (Article 3, Civil Code of the Philippines). We cannot run away nor hide from them.

As laws permeate the core of our daily lives, may these these 32 statutory laws and administrative rules guide us in our day to day transactions.

1. Section 2, 1987 Philippine Constitution-the State owns all lands of the public domain

2. Section 3, 1987 Philippine Constitution-Classification of land of the

Public Domain

3. Section 5, 1987 Philippine Constitution-property rights or relations on ownership and extent of ancestral domain

4. Section 7, 1987 Philippine Constitution-general rule on the prohibition of aliens acquiring or holding land of the public domain

5.Articles 445 to 465, Civil Code of the Philippines-Right of Accession with Respect to Immovable Property

6. Art. 476 to 483, Civil Code of the Philippines-Quieting of Title

7.Articles 484 to 501, Civil Code of the Philippines-Co-Ownership

8.Articles 523 to 561, Civil Code of the Philippines-Possession and the Kinds Thereof

9. Articles 562 to 612, Civil Code of the Philippines-On Usufruct

10.Article 613 to 707, Civil Code of the Philippines-Laws on Easement

11.Articles 725 to 773, Civil Code of the Philippines-Laws on Donation

12.Articles 774 to 1105, Civil Code of the Philippines Laws on Succession

13.Art. 1106 to 1155, Civil Code of the Philippines Prescription

14.Articles 1440 to 1457, Civil Code of the Philippines Trusts

15.Articles 1458 to 1623 Laws on Sales

16.Articles 1642 to 1688, Civil Code of the Philippines Laws on Lease

17.Articles 2124 to 2139, Civil Code of the Philippines Laws on Mortgage

18.Republic Act no. 4726, 'The Condominium Act (approved June 18, 1966)

19.Republic Act No. 6552, 'Realty Installment Buyer Act' (approved: August 26, 1972.)

20.Presidential Decree No. 1216, Defining 'Open Space' in Residential Subdivisions and Amending Section 31 of Presidential Decree No. 957 Requiring Subdivisions Owners to Provide Roads Alleys, Sidewalks, and Reserve Open Sace for Parks or Recreational Use (Signed: October 14, 1997)

21.Presidential Decree No. 1529, 'Amending and Codifying the Laws Relative to Registration of Property and for Other Purposes (signed June 11, 1978)

22.Articles 74 to 148, The Family Code of the Philippines - Property Relations Between Husband and Wife (effective August 3, 1988)

23. Republic Act No. 6732, 'An Act Allowing Administrative Reconstitution of Original Copies of Certificates of Titles Lost or Destroyed due to Fire, Flood and Other Force Majeure, Amending for the Purpose Section One Hundred Ten of Presidential Decree Numbered Fifteen Twenty Nine and Section Five of Republic Act Numbered Twenty Six' (Approved July 17, 1989)

24. Republic Act No. 7279, Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992.' (approved Approved: March 24, 1992)

25.Republic Act No. 7899, An Act Amending Section 4 and Section 16 of Republic Act Numbered Four Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty-Six Otherwise Known as 'The Condominium Act' (approved: February 23, 1995)

26.Republic Act No. 8371, 'The Indigenious Peoples Right of 1997 (approved: October 29, 1997)

27. Rule 67, Rules of Civil Procedure, re Expropriation (effective July 1, 1997)

28. Rule 68, Rules of Civil Procedure, re Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgage (effective July 1, 1997)

29. A.M. No. 99-10-05-0 (December 14, 1999), as amended by A.M. 99-10-05-0, August 7, 2001), (Procedure In Extra-Judicial Foreclosure of Mortgage); Supreme Court Administrative Circular ADMINISTRATIVE CIRCULAR NO. 3-98, (a) Raffle of Extrajudicial Foreclosure of Mortgage Cases among Sheriffs and (b) Supplement to and Clarification of the Procedure in Extrajudicial Foreclosure of Mortgages in Different Locations Covering One Indebtedness. (February 5, 1998)

30. Republic Act No. 9646, 'Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines' (approved: June 29, 2009)

31. Republic Ac 10023, 'An Act Authorizing the Issuance of Free Patents to Residential Lands' (Approved: March 9, 2010)

32. Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations To Govern The Time of Completion of Subdivision and Condominium Projects Under Presidential No. 957, Otherwise known as 'The Subdivision and condominium Buyers' Protective Decree And All Other Projects Required by Law to be Registered with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (approved October 1, 2015)
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