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3000 Degrees.

3000 DEGREES. Sean Flynn. 2002. Read by Richard Rohan. 6 tapes. 8 hrs. Listen 'n Live Audio. 1-885408-85-4. $32.95. Cardboard: content, author, reader notes. SA

When a vagrant couple accidentally tipped a burning candle into a pile of clothes, they set ablaze a 10-years-vacant cold storage building in Worcester, MA on December 3, 1999. Firefighters of the area, a dedicated, cohesive group several generations deep, deal routinely with fire and medical and other emergency calls in this depressed community and complain about the lack of really challenging fires. Yet Mike, a district officer, has long known that the cold storage building, a windowless warren of hallways and room-sized lockers, insulated with material that was potentially highly toxic, would give them "enough fire to go around" if it ever burned. The personalities of the firefighters, the culture and politics of a firefighter group, and the psychology and technology of firefighting come to life in this absorbing true story. Rohan's deep, masculine voice is sometimes augmented, when appropriate, by a device that duplicates a loudspeaker system, and he clearly empathizes with men who have lives of their own but care enough to pay the ultimate price when others are in danger. Some profanity.

Edna M. Boardman, Bismark, ND
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Author:Boardman, Edna M.
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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