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300 SLAVES IN IRELAND; Shock report finds men, women and kids trapped; We're second lowest in Europe for slavery rate.


ROUGHLY 300 people are living in modern day slavery in Ireland, it was revealed yesterday.

But the report found we have the second-lowest slavery rate in Europe, with only Iceland faring better.

The figures were contained in the Global Slavery Index compiled by human rights organisation Walk Free.

The report said 35.8 million men, women and children are trapped pp in the system with two-thirds - 23.5 million - living in Asian countries.

Our Government fared well on its response to the issue and received a BBB rating - the fourth-highest ranking.

The report said: "The Government has implemented key components of a holistic response to modern slavery, with victim support services, a strong criminal justice response, co-ordination and collaboration and protections in place for vulnerable populations.

"Governments may be beginning to address slavery in supply chains of government procurement or of businesses operating within their territory. There may be evidence some government policies and practices may criminalise and/or cause victims to be deported."

Of the 37 European countries listed, Bulgaria came off the worst, with 0.38% of the population in slavery.

The Czech Republic came in at second place, followed by Hungary.

On a global scale, just five countries accounted for 61% of the world's slaves.

Mauritania was the worst, where 4% of people live in slavery, while 2022 World Cup Final hosts Qatar ranked fourth.

The Arab state has already faced condemnation after the death of World Cup workers.

35.8m Number of men, women and children living as slaves in the world today


TERROR Slaves are often abused and beaten

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 19, 2014
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