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30 under 30: JPM recognizes 30 up and coming members dedicated to IREM and the real estate management profession.

JPM is excited to present 30 young professionals who represent the future of IREM. Several months ago, JPM put the word out to chapter leaders and members that we were looking to highlight some of the best and brightest under age 30 who have chosen real estate management as their profession and joined IREM for additional support, education and networking opportunities. JPM staff received a large number of applications nominating CPM[R] Members and Candidates, ARM[R] Members and ACoM Members.

As you review the backgrounds and achievements of these individuals, you will see a common theme: one of excitement to be working in such a dynamic field, especially one in which no two days are the same. For the most part, individuals in this young generation are truly engaged in advancing real estate management. Read on to learn more about these promising young IREM Members.


Emily Goodman, CPM, ARM:: age 28

Regional Property Manager

CORE Real Estate Management Group

Greensboro, N.C.


Emily broke into the property management business at the age of 23. Her first job was running a large apartment complex, but when the management of the complex suddenly changed hands, the new company told her she was too young and inexperienced to continue overseeing it. After a difficult start, Emily turned to IREM to prove to employers that she had the knowledge, skills and ability to be successful in this business despite her age. She obtained her ARM certification and CPM designation and now manages a portfolio of 10 properties and 3,400 units, as well as a staff of 70. She is the president-elect for IREM North Carolina Piedmont Chapter No. 56 and chairs the Friends of IREM Committee and the IREM Young Professionals committee (which she also founded) for the chapter.

Outside of IREM, Emily is currently a CCIM candidate as well as a member of the National Apartment Association (NAA), NAR and Commercial Real Estate Women. She is also a licensed real estate broker.

"I got involved in IREM because what I lacked in experience I could make up for in knowledge through earning my ARM certification and CPM designations," said Emily. "After just 1 year in IREM I was passionate about the organization."


Emily is a valued leader and contributor in IREM North Carolina Piedmont Chapter No. 56. She is also involved with other organizations in the community including the local CREW and Jaycees. She brings creative ideas and enthusiasm to our IREM meetings and is very well respected by her peers.


Emily is an up-and-coming leader in IREM North Carolina Piedmont Chapter No. 56. Her portfolio has increased in occupancy in these tough times by an average of 8 percent since she took her current position in September (2008).


Sarah Ruckstuhl, CPM:: age 27


Asset Manager

The Shoptaw Group, Atlanta, Ga.

Sarah worked her way up in the business the old-fashioned way. She never attended college, but at age 19 she became a leasing consultant. Soon the property management bug bit her, and she worked hard to climb the ladder--from consultant to book keeper to assistant manager to property manager. She credits two mentors--Robin Riecke, CPM, and Lesly Collins--with believing in her and encouraging her to obtain her CPM designation. Sarah was involved in the recent creation and development of the IREM Young Professionals at Georgia Chapter No. 67. Their first IYP event will provide a behind-the-scenes look at a newly developed LEED-certified condominium project in downtown Atlanta.

"It's all about people," said Sarah. "Know what you are good at, but also what someone else is better at. We all have areas of expertise, but successful property management happens when a team of individuals combine their talents for the success of the asset."

Amanda Young, CPM:: age 29


Property Manager

Brandywine Realty Trust, Richmond, Va.

Suzanne Stumpf, CPM and vice president of asset management for Brandywine, may have put it best when she said, "There is something special in Amanda's effervescent personality and the drive to make tenants happy that is a perfect fit for commercial property management."

Amanda joined Brandywine Realty Trust in 2004 as an assistant property manager. In 2008 she completed all of her CPM requirements and was soon promoted to property manager. She now oversees 500,000 square feet of Class AAA office projects. At the same time she has been very active with Richmond Chapter No. 38, where she serves as a board member and committee chair. Amanda is also a founding member of the Innsbrook Go Green Committee and spearheads the implementation of recycling programs for Brandywine's managed buildings in Richmond.

"The thing that I enjoy most about being a property manager is the everyday job diversity," said Amanda. "It's the different challenges and issues we face each day that makes no two days alike and continuously delivers us new experiences."

Adam Geeb, CPM:: age 27


Senior Property Manager

SIMA Management, Santa Barbara, Calif.

At age 27, Adam has already stacked up some major successes--overseeing a $5 million remodel of a historic shopping center; effecting cost reductions and improved financial tracking of a multi-million-dollar environmental clean-up; and becoming president of IREM Central Coast Chapter No. 102. But Adam still counts the experience of starting with no property management experience and training to become the valuable associate he is today as one of his greatest accomplishments. He remembers a time when he had to battle inexperience:

"In the beginning, convincing my superiors and co-workers that I was highly capable despite being young and inexperienced [was a challenge]," said Adam. "The more immersed I was, the quicker I would learn. But I was used to a very fast-paced learning style. This is not the case in the working world, especially at a smaller company where it is more difficult to move between departments. Becoming accustomed to this and finding ways to continue learning outside of work was an obstacle I had to overcome."

Brian Synan, CPM:: age 29


Asset Manager/Broker of Record

Rimco Properties, AMO, Pittsburgh, Penn.

Brian first joined Rimco Properties in the summer of 2000 as an intern. He returned the following summer as a management trainee and the rest is history. Brian is now responsible for the management and completion of new construction, renovations and capital improvement projects. He also oversees the day-to-day operations of Route 286 Mini-Storage and A Storage Inn; organizes Rimco's management systems; evaluates properties and revenue opportunities; and is responsible for information technology at his company.

In 2005, Brian achieved the CPM designation. He also holds a real estate brokers license in Pennsylvania and is currently working on his CCIM designation.

Brian is active in the local community as a member of the Murrysville-Export Rotary Club, the Murrysville Volunteer Fire Company and the Westmoreland County Hazardous Materials Response Team 800.

"I enjoy looking at different properties and analyzing them to see if they strategically fit our portfolio," said Brian. "Having a sound education, especially one that involved the CPM curriculum through IREM, has helped me tremendously in my day-to-day job performance."

Katie Sherman, CPM:: age 28


Property Manager

Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers, Washington, D.C.

Katie knew property management was the right career path for her after her apartment leasing plan at her first job proved to be extremely effective. She was promoted after only 9 months of employment.

Now at Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers as a property manager, Katie is responsible for the National Association of REALTORS[R] building in Washington, D.C. As a LEED Accredited Professional, Katie is currently leading a project team to certify the building under LEED Existing Buildings.

In addition to her company responsibilities, Katie is passionate about volunteering. As a CPM, she is currently active in Northern Virginia Chapter No. 77 as a member of the community action committee, which supports charities and community improvement projects. Katie teaches at her local church and she served as a volunteer coordinator for the Marine Corps.

Katie said, "There are many facets to this profession... leadership, management, marketing, customer service, administration, finance, accounting... the list goes on. That is what I enjoy most about property management. Managing my building is like running my own business."

Benjamin Underwood, CPM Candidate:: age 25


Senior Property Manager Bainbridge Mid-Atlantic Management, Arlington, Va.

In 2005, Ben began his career in property management as an administrative assistant and he has enjoyed every minute of it. He currently oversees a community of three residential mid-rise apartment buildings consisting of 711 units and is working on a major renovation project of nearly $16 million dollars. Despite the mammoth rehabilitation, Ben has been able to help maintain resident satisfaction and achieve a 14 percent rent growth this year.

Currently the youngest person on his team of 12, Ben values the knowledge that his coworkers bring to the table and always leads by example. To further his leadership skills, Ben became a CPM Candidate and joined Northern Virginia Chapter No. 77 in 2008 as a member of the programs committee. Ben is also a member of the Property Management Association, where he serves on the events committee.

Ben said, "I enjoy being a property manager because it gives me the opportunity to think on my feet and continually look for opportunities to push performance in an ever changing business environment."

Robyn Click, CPM:: age 28


Real Estate Manager

CB Richard Ellis, AMO[R],

Columbus, Ohio

Robyn splits her time between managing office buildings and a medical facility--the Farmers New World Life Insurance building and Sawmill Corporate Center, and the Chalmers P. Wylie Veterans Clinic. She also assists in the leasing of the Busch portfolio, a suburban portfolio consisting of 300,000 feet of space. Since joining CB Richard Ellis in 2004, she has earned her CPM designation and deftly applied what she's learned to her daily responsibilities to benefit her clients. Robyn is actively involved in Columbus Chapter No. 42 and is a LEED Accredited Professional helping to lead the property management industry in sustainability.

"The day-to-day challenges that property management brings are what I like most about this career," said Robyn. "There is never a dull moment and every day is different. Every building, client and tenant helps me grow in my position and encourages me to become a better property manager. "

Reza Ayel, CPM:: age 28


Commercial Property Manager

ICORR Properties International,

London, Ontario, Canada

Reza joined ICORR Properties International in 2004 after obtaining an honors bachelor of commerce degree specializing in real estate from the University of Guelph. He has 8 years of experience in property and asset management, and is currently responsible for the effective management of the commercial portfolio for ICORR. He is also involved with valuations and pro forma analysis at his company, in conjunction with acquisition and disposition initiatives. An active member of IREM, Reza has earned his CPM designation and is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC). He also has developed and taught the property management course offered by the University of Guelph. Reza makes regular appearances as a guest speaker for the degree program.

"The real value in being a property manager lies within the expansive learning opportunities created," said Reza. "In no other profession can one be exposed, all at once, to so many facets of the real estate industry."

Kristin Noble, ARM, CPM Candidate:: age 27


Property Manager

Kettler Management, AMO, McClean, Va.

Kristin started her career with Kettler as the first intern in 2002, and has since become one of the company's strongest property managers. Committed to team development, all team members under her direction have advanced their careers within the company. She also created and manages a bi-level internship program that gears students toward management functions. Kristin sits on the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's Residential Property Management Advisory Board, returning throughout the year to stay engaged with students and their development. Despite her busy schedule, Kristin oversees holiday food drives, collecting food and gifts for families in need. She has earned her ARM certification and is currently a CPM Candidate. In 2009 she was awarded the National Association of Home Builders' Pillars of the Industry, Property Manager of the Year Award.

"I made a goal for myself at that time to become an IREM Member and further, to become a CPM," said Kristin. "I am proud to say that I recently completed the last CPM course I needed in order to reach that goal!"


Nicholas Dunlap, CPM:: age 26


Chief Property Supervisor

Dunlap Property Group, AMO, Fullerton, Calif.

Three years ago, Nicholas was promoted to property supervisor and chief investment counselor at his current company. At age 26, he is now responsible for supervising all management and maintenance staff servicing approximately 800 units, investor relations, business development and new accounts.

Once promoted, Nicholas was the catalyst for modernizing his company. According to his peers, he implemented the widespread use of computers, e-mail and the Internet, computerized data management, and is currently encouraging a transition to a paperless environment. Nicholas successfully persuaded people at his company to go beyond their comfort zones and learn new skills. And he did it by personally providing support every step of the way.

Nicholas also created a Web site that provides company and property information to current and prospective tenants, as well as investors. It serves as a valuable resource for management and maintenance staff as well. Nicholas encourages conservation and recycling at all properties, and works with the police department to deter crime and to help improve the areas that surround the company's properties. He also writes a company blog at

"As property managers, we have the opportunity to preserve, improve and contribute to the cities, communities and neighborhoods we work in and manage," said Nicholas. "I take great pride in creating and adding value to each and every community we are part of."


The qualities I admire most about Nicolas are his ability to lead, while always treating everyone with kindness and respect. He is a good listener who wholeheartedly makes himself available to all on a 24/7 basis. His supportive attitude, and genuine desire to help everyone on his team succeed, is an inspiration.


Nicholas has much integrity and definitely knows how to get the job done. His communication skills are excellent--he never fails to do what he commits to doing.


Glen Skutnik, ARM, CPM Candidate:: age 27


Property Manager

Kettler Management, AMO, McClean, Va.

While he was in his last year of college, Glen worked as a leasing consultant. He's since moved his way up the ladder to become a successful property manager in the northern Virginia area. Glen has earned his ARM certification and is currently a CPM Candidate. One of the attributes that sets Glen apart is his certification in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installation and repair, giving him expert knowledge in an important area of property maintenance. Acknowledged by his peers for his well-rounded knowledge in sales, maintenance, customer service and financial analysis, Glen is team player who does everything necessary to improve customer service at a property.

"The most enjoyable part of property management is the continuing opportunity to experience new challenges and overcome them," said Glen. "When you get to the end of a day and reflect on its events, it is nearly impossible that nothing was learned or achieved."

Jennifer Ruelens, ARM:: age 27


Property Manager

Triple Crown Corporation

Mechanicsburg, Penn.

While youth can often be an obstacle for aspiring property managers, it has not worked against Jennifer. At age 23--just 14 months after entering the industry--she was promoted from leasing agent to property manager at Property Management, Inc. and was entrusted with the operational management responsibilities of a 300-unit residential community. In 2005, she got involved with IREM, earning her ARM certification. At age 26, Jennifer took the reins of 469 luxury residential units in the West Shore residential portfolio for Triple Crown Corporation. That year, her first at Triple Crown, she also won the company's Best on Budget Award by out-performing all other divisions.

Jennifer is currently resolved to pursue and obtain her CPM designation before she turns 30.

"I enjoy being a property manager because it is a job that allows me to explore lots of different disciplines like marketing, accounting, maintenance, finance, etc.," said Jennifer. "The diversity keeps it fun while the residents keep me committed."

Anthony Faircloth, ARM, CPM Candidate:: age 29


Regional Director

Equity Management

Washington, D.C.

Described as "energetic" and "full of ideas" by his peers, Anthony is highly regarded at his company as someone dedicated to the property management industry. He started at Equity 3 years ago as a site manager and was quickly promoted. Anthony has taken the time to involve himself in local associations, such as the Property Management Association (PMA), where he currently sits on the board of directors. Since earning his ARM certification, Anthony has been actively involved with IREM, leading the ARM Committee and serving on the executive council for the Greater Metropolitan Washington D.C. Chapter No. 8. He recently arranged an Owners, Developers, Investors and Employers (ODIE) visit with his company--an outreach program targeting individuals who would employ IREM Members.

In 2007, Anthony was named Property Management Professional of the Year by PMA. He is currently working toward his CPM designation and is delighted to be working in the industry.

"I love property management because no day is ever the same and it is always exciting!" said Anthony.

Nicolette Anderson, CPM:: age 28


Property Manager

JSH Properties, Tukwila, Wash.

In 2008 Nikki was named CPM Candidate of the Year by Chapter No. 27 after completing her course-work for the designation in 1 year. She has continued her dedication to IREM and the industry by actively leading programs for the chapter. Currently she serves as an executive board member, and she oversees the luncheon program, professional partner program and the IREM Young Professionals group for the chapter. Her colleagues say Nikki has revitalized these programs with fresh ideas and follow-through, and they would not be surprised if she becomes chapter president in a few short years.

Nikki is a successful property manager for JSH Properties, Inc. She oversees the management of over 3.5 million square feet of office and industrial real estate assets in the Puget Sound area. Nikki also holds a Washington State real estate license.

Nikki said, "IREM has been an indispensable part of my professional growth and development through education and networking opportunities."

Jacqueline McClain, CPM Candidate:: age 26


Real Estate Manager

Midtown Centre Office Park

Jacksonville, Fla.

Juggling time between work and family can be a challenge--especially when you have a 19-month-old. Fortunately, Jackie McClain has managed to find a good balance while building on her property management success.

A real estate manager for Midtown Centre, Jackie oversees the operation of Midtown Centre Office Park. She also is the executive director of the board for Midtown Centre Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3 entity. Jackie coordinates the annual "Family Art Fest & Salute to the Troops," an event held at the office park to promote the arts and the military.

Jackie is a licensed real estate associate, a CPM Candidate, a member of the North East Florida Chapter of NAIOP and part of the Jacksonville, Fla. chapter of CREW.

"I enjoy the dynamic duties of being a property manager and truly building a strong lasting relationship with the tenants," said Jackie. "It is important that our tenants feel they are part of a true business community that could even be looked at like a family."

Bryan Cagan, CPM Candidate:: age 25


Asset Manager

Cagan Management Group, AMO

Skokie, III.

Bryan is entering his 7th year with his family-owned Cagan Management Group, where he has made an indelible impression on the firm. His first position was managing a diversified residential portfolio in Chicago. As Bryan developed his skills and knowledge base for residential property management, he started taking on more duties and responsibilities in the firm. Today, Bryan is an asset manager at Cagan, focused on growing the company and raising the level of expectations industry-wide. He currently oversees 1,500 units in Cagan's new expansion to Houston, Texas.

Along with being a CPM Candidate, Bryan has earned his Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers. Bryan is also a teaching assistant and tutor for the real estate department at his alumni college, DePaul University.

"I enjoy the critical thinking, problem solving and various challenges that we encounter in the property management field on a daily basis," said Bryan.

Anthony Barker II, ARM, CPM Candidate:: 28


Community Administrator

Volunteers of America-Michigan,

AMO, Southfield, Mich.

Anthony's first exposure to property management came at the age of 12 when he took service requests over the phone for the Wayne State University housing office, where his father was the director. Now, 16 years later, Anthony is a successful property manager for Volunteers of America-Michigan, where he handles a lot more than phone calls.

One of his most recent accomplishments was turning around a vacancy-riddled, 24-unit tax-credit property with maintenance issues. Anthony worked with a seasoned maintenance professional to fix the problems and was able to bring the occupancy level to 100 percent.

Anthony is active with Michigan Chapter No. 5, attending meetings, mixers and major events throughout the year. Having already earned his ARM certification, Anthony is currently working toward his CPM designation.

"I have the opportunity to directly influence residence lives in a positive way every day," said Anthony. "My membership and participation in my local IREM chapter events and education has deepened my commitment. I'm just hooked!"

Nicole Blanton, Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM):: age 28


Property Manager

Colliers Turley Martin Tucker

Indianapolis, Ind.

Nicole has quickly demonstrated leadership in the property management profession and for IREM. She has consistently dedicated time and effort to Indianapolis Chapter No. 24, serving as golf committee chair as well as participating as marketing chair for a successful Run for Ronald 5k event. Along with participating in these charity fundraisers, Nicole serves as the chapter's program committee chair. She is also one of the first members of the chapter to achieve the Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM) designation from IREM.

In her work, Nicole is responsible for approximately 4.2 million square feet of office, medical and industrial properties. Her responsibilities include lease and contract administration, budgeting, financial analysis and reporting, and construction project coordination.

"Property management provides a versatile and exciting career," said Nicole. "You have the opportunity to interact with owners, tenants and contractors on a daily basis and there is certainly never a dull day!"

Tammara Mencias, CPM Candidate:: age 28


Assistant Property Manager

Horizon Management Company

Torrance, Calif.

When Tammara first got involved in property management in 2005, she was very soft-spoken. She admits she didn't feel she was being heard and had difficulty dealing with angry tenants. Resolved to fix this problem, she worked on her communication skills by rehearsing in a mirror until she felt confident. Now, Tammara not only communicates easily and effectively, she's also regularly complimented on this ability.

Tammara currently assists two community association managers with managing townhomes, condos and high-rise associations for Horizon. She's a CPM Candidate, a licensed real estate agent, and is studying to take the exam for her broker's license. Her goal is to become a CPM and to start her own property management company.

"I'm a new member with IREM," said Tammara. "I plan to get involved in committees and discussions that are available to me. I have attended Webinars through IREM and found them to be helpful and very beneficial to my career."


Bradley Ashley, CPM:: age 29


Senior Real Estate Manager

CB Richard Ellis, AMO, Kansas City, Mo.

For Brad Ashley, no two days are ever the same in real estate management. The 29-year-old currently oversees nearly 4 million square feet of industrial and office property for CB Richard Ellis. He joined the firm in 2006 and has focused on maximizing ownership return on investment through proactive expense management. With the guidance of his mentor, Michelle Pitsenberger, CPM, Brad joined IREM to pursue his CPM designation. He also credits her with encouraging him to become involved in his local IREM chapter. Since he earned his CPM designation in 2006, Brad has been actively involved in IREM: He joined the executive board of Kansas City Chapter No. 15 in 2007 and oversees public relations, the IREM Young Professionals (IYP) group and chapter programs. During his first year on the board, he redesigned the chapter Web site and ran the golf tournament fundraiser. He also spearheaded ARM recruiting.

In his spare time, Brad does volunteer work for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter and has written several articles for JPM.

"Real Estate management allows me to work with a broad range of people and use a diverse set of financial and operational skills on a daily basis," said Brad. "No two days are ever the same and each day brings satisfaction of helping owners, tenants, coworkers and vendors."


Brad is one of our top performers. During the past years he has referred several new employees to the company, written several articles in the Journal of Property Management and has served in several leadership roles within the local IREM Chapter. In addition, Brad has recruited several new IREM Members and worked with them on scholarship opportunities. We are extremely proud of him and his leadership.


Brad has a terrific, positive attitude that is a pleasure to be around. He is knowledgeable of his industry, and his clients' interest always comes first.


Christina Krummel, CPM

Candidate:: age 29


Senior Property Manager

Hertz Investment Group Inc.

New Orleans, La.

When Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast in August 2005, it caused major damage to the New Orleans area, including properties owned and managed by Christina's company. Christina took a leadership role with the Hertz Hurricane Katrina Recovery Team, where she assisted with managing and coordinating the emergency restoration and re-opening of Hertz properties in New Orleans. Christina oversaw Hurricane Katrina repairs and tenant improvement projects related to tenant relocations from damaged areas. She was also directly involved with successfully concluding insurance settlements for damage and business interruption claims related to the storm.

Four years later, Christina continues her work at Hertz, now responsible for the 400 Poydras Tower and Dominion Tower in New Orleans. She is also a team leader in establishing Hertz policies and procedures.

As a CPM Candidate, Christina is active in New Orleans Chapter No. 55, serving on the publicity committee and golf fundraiser committee.

"The reward in property management is operating a building efficiently and effectively and knowing that you are responsible for bringing it all together," said Christina.

Vincent Hermanns, CPM Candidate:: age 29


Director of Property Management

Applefield Waxman Commercial

Real Estate,

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Vinny became director of property management for Applefield Waxman by asking for the job.

He had seen four different directors try to manage the property management division since he started with the company, and all had been unsuccessful. After the last director was fired in 2008, Vinny sat down with the owners and asked for the position. The owners told him he needed to prove himself as a leader to everyone in the company. Over the next year, Vinny worked hard to demonstrate he had what it took. In January of 2009, despite having only 4 years of property management experience, he was promoted to director.

As director, Vinny is responsible for Applefield Waxman's 2 million square feet of space. He is currently a CPM Candidate and attends as many IREM meetings and events as possible. Vinny is a member of both the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County and the Economic Forum of Palm Beach County.

"I enjoy the constant challenges that arise each day; not knowing what tomorrow will bring, and the ability to be versatile and creative in providing solutions," said Vinny.

James Edmonds, CPM Candidate:: age 26


Assistant Community Manager

Matthews Crossing Apartment

Homes/Waterton Residential

Charlotte, N.C.

In 2005, James fell into the property management field by helping a friend screen applicants and turn over the units she wanted to sell. Before long, his assistance segued into a career.

James is currently employed by Waterton Residential as assistant community manager. In this position, he stabilized Matthews Crossing Apartment Homes, a residential community in Charlotte, N.C. that was faced with low occupancy, poor rent collections, resident issues and crime. James created monthly rent statements for residents, which led to a 98-percent collection rate. And he eventually helped bring the community's occupancy up from 82 percent to 94 percent.

James joined IREM in 2008 as a CPM Candidate and recently volunteered to chair the IREM Young Professionals Committee in 2010 for Western North Carolina Chapter No. 40.

"I enjoy being a property manager because of the challenges and opportunities it presents," said James. "It is a rewarding career because you help people to find homes, protect their investments, and you can visibly see the results of your work."

Analisa Bellamy, CPM

Candidate:: age 29


Property Manager

Portfolio Property Management

Global, Cary, N.C.

As property manager for PPM-Global, Analisa oversees the daily management operations of Crossroads Corporate Park in Cary, N.C. Under her leadership, Crossroads Corporate Park recently won the Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA) Office Building of the Year award and the property went on to compete at the regional level.

Analisa is a CPM Candidate, regularly attends Greater Raleigh Durham Chapter No. 105 meetings and enjoys IREM networking events. She is also a licensed North Carolina real estate broker and a member of Triangle Commercial Real Estate Women, where she serves on the public relations committee.

"What I enjoy most about the property management industry is that every day I walk into work and I have a tangible reward for the effort of my team," said Analisa. "Whether this is new flowers blooming, tenants thanking me for a quick solution to a maintenance issue, or successfully managing a construction project, every day I get to live in the work I produce."

Michael Fried, CPM Candidate:: age 27


Property Manager

Boston Properties, East Brunswick, N.J.

In 2004 Michael received a degree in economics with a concentration in finance, and he also took classes for a New Jersey real estate license. He wanted to combine all his abilities into one profession. After receiving his degree, Michael spent a couple of years managing a small portfolio of residential properties in North Jersey. In 2006 he moved on to the commercial side of property management, and he currently oversees a 24-story office tower in central New Jersey for Boston Properties.

Fried is also energetically involved with IREM. As a CPM Candidate he is on the New Jersey Chapter No. 1 executive board and is in charge of the IREM Young Professionals group.

"I have always felt that property management allows me to realize my full potential," said Michael. "I believe it allowed me to explore and utilize my abilities in finance, real estate and personal interaction."

Victor Rex, CPM Candidate:: age 25


Vice President

Golden Estate Management

Beverly Hills, Calif.

When it comes to personal successes, the birth of Victor's son comes first; but the formation and growth of his company, Golden Estate Management, is pretty high on the list.

When Victor graduated from college in 2006, he began working full time for a commercial real estate consultant and investor, managing a multifamily portfolio of about 300 units in California and Texas. As his portfolio grew and the need for additional personnel arose, Victor decided to start an official third-party property management company as vice president and minority partner, with that same investor as president.

Under Victor's leadership, Golden Estate Management has grown from a small home-based office to a medium-sized business. Golden Estate currently manages over 1,500 units across three states and is quickly growing.

Although running a company and raising a toddler is a lot of responsibility, Victor makes time for IREM educational and networking opportunities. Victor is currently taking courses to achieve the CPM designation.

"IREM brings tremendous value to me both in educational and networking opportunities," said Victor.


Ryan McGrath, CPM Candidate:: age 24


Vice President

Asset Plus Companies, Houston, Texas

Ryan was offered his first job as a maintenance assistant just after his 13th birthday at Asset Plus Companies. Ever since then, he's had a passion for real estate and the people in the industry, despite the fact that his very first task was to scrub the inside of an overflowing trash Dumpster.

Ryan always knew he would end up back at Asset Plus someday. After spending some time on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs, he returned to the company in 2007. Like his father before him, Ryan joined Asset Plus as a vice president. His responsibilities include overseeing all daily operations and being the senior member of the new ventures team. After joining Asset Plus, Ryan earned his real estate salesperson license in a record 8 months, acquired his CCIM designation and has become an active member of Urban Land Institute.

Ryan is currently completing his CPM designation and is taking AMO classes to achieve the accreditation for Asset Plus.

"The thing I enjoy most about being in the property management business is that it is one of the only truly people-based business segments that remains," said Ryan. "It does not get much more personal than dealing with the place that people work and/or live."


Ryan has applied his financial background, hard working manner and positive attitude to create trusting and honest business relationships with brokers, investors and managers all over the United States. We recognize Ryan for his dedication, hard work and the example he sets for all young professionals.


Ryan leads by example, constantly demonstrating his strong work ethic and dedication to every employee in our company. His enthusiasm is infectious to those around him. I have personally learned a tremendous amount from his leadership and I find his optimism inspiring and motivating.


Steven Juhnke, ARM:: age 22


Assistant Property Manager

Sierra Asset Management

Rancho Cordova, Calif.

At 22, Steven is the youngest of our 30 under 30 group, but he's already made quite an impression on his peers and his company. His mentor at Sierra Asset, Barbara Kelly, CPM, said Steven goes above and beyond his tasks and strives to learn more each day.

The stepson of David Crump, CPM and past president of Sacramento Valley Chapter No. 22, Steven got his start as a leasing agent for Ray Stone Incorporated, where he worked closely with the regional property managers for 5 years to learn the tools of the trade. He also earned his ARM certification and, in 2008, transitioned to commercial property management, joining Sierra Asset as an assistant property manager. Steven is also the lead information technology administrator for his company, thanks to an extensive background in technology. He is currently focused on obtaining a Certified Web Developer designation, earning a real estate license and pursuing the CPM designation.

Steven said, "I enjoy the networking aspect and meeting all the great people in the industry, as well as sharing the success stories and experience."

Candice Thayer, CPM, ARM:: age 28


Property Manager

Thayer & Associates, AMO, Boston, Mass.

After earning her degree in communications in 2002, Candice joined Thayer & Associates as a fourth-generation professional real estate manager. The Thayer family history dates back to 1932, when her great grandfather and one of the country's first CPM Members, Harry A. Gilbert, established The Gilbert Companies, Inc. In 1987, Candice's father, Douglas Gilbert Thayer, CPM, acquired the family-run company and incorporated Thayer & Associates.

Candice presently manages a portfolio of more than 400 condominium units in the Boston area. In addition to receiving both the CPM designation and ARM certification, Candice served on the 2008 Executive Counselors Committee for the Boston Chapter. She is currently chairing the IREM Public Relations Committee. Candice is also an active member of the Community Associations Institute, New England Chapter. In 2008 Candice was awarded the first Fourth Generation Award through IREM as the first fourth-generation CPM in the institute's history.

"I love the day-to-day challenges real estate management offers," Candice said. "The ability to problem solve and protect our client's most important assets is extremely rewarding!"
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Comment:30 under 30: JPM recognizes 30 up and coming members dedicated to IREM and the real estate management profession.(Institute of Real Estate Management)
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