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Residents opposed to new luxury homes LUXURY homes in one of Teesside's most sought-after suburbs were needed if the area is to attract top management for industry. That is what an estate agent told a public enquiry, but there was opposition from residents of Harlsey Road, Hartburn to the plans for 39 new homes.

Oil rigs come to former shipyard TWO hundred new jobs were on their way to work-hungry Teesside with the re-opening of much of the former Haverton Hill shipyard as an oil rig base. Engineering contractors William Press announced that they had leased the main part of the yard, which had been shut for two years.

Factory on strike over pay differential PICKETS were out at the APV Group factory in Billingham where men were on strike over a pounds 18 per week pay gap between them and a sister plant in the south. Management claimed that they could not afford to pay them the top rate earned by workers in Crawley, Surrey.

Steelworkers add to the dole queues FORMER steelworkers made up half the increase in Teesside's dole queues since the beginning of the year, it was reported. More than 2,000 men had left the steel industry on Teesside in the first five months of the year as part of BSC's survival plan.

ICI workers fear low pay offer of 6% ICI workers claim for a substantial pay rise was being answered by the company with an offer, which it was feared, could be as low as 6%.

Speculation was rife in the Billingham and Wilton complexes over negotiations that would affect nearly 14,000 Teesside workers.

New diesel could be saviour for local rail A POSSIBLE saviour for Cleveland's threatened rural rail lines was unveiled by British Rail when it put a new prototype diesel locomotive on show. It was thought that the new diesel would be ideal for the Darlington to Saltburn and the Middlesbrough to Whitby line.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 25, 2011
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