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30 May 2018; WEDNESDAY.

The Big Crash Diet Experiment BBC1, 8pm It used to be the case that people looking to shed the pounds were advised to avoid crash diets which promised quick results in favour of doing it 'sensibly' by making smaller, long-term lifestyle changes. But now a series of scientific trials have led researchers to ask whether some seemingly extreme weight-loss methods might be the answer to the obesity crisis. To see if the results of these highlycontrolled studies translate to the real world, A&E doctor and presenter Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, who up until now has been suspicious of crash dieting, and a team of experts are putting four volunteers on an extreme 10-week programme. In the process, they'll be showing why dieting isn't just about weight loss, but also about the health benefits which come with it.

Rygbi: Pencampwriaeth Dan 20 Y Byd: Awstralia v Cymru S4C, 7.45pm Yn rownd gyntaf Cwpan Rygbi'r Byd dan 20, mae Cymru'n wynebu Awstralia yn Stade de la Mediterranee, Beziers yn Ffrainc. Ar ol colli i'r Wallabies ifanc yn y gem gyfatebol y llynedd yn Georgia, bydd carfan Geraint Lewis yn awyddus i ddechrau'r gystadleuaeth yma ar nodyn uchel. Y gem gyfan yn fyw gyda'r gic gyntaf am 8pm.

Secrets Of The Third Reich: The Search For Hitler's Bomb Yesterday, 8pm Although US scientists during World War II might have been racing to beat the Nazis in creating an atom bomb, it was later claimed that the Germans had abandoned their own atomic plans, in part because their physicists were needed elsewhere. However, newly-uncovered documents, Allied military reports and construction plans suggest that Hitler had in fact tested a new kind of nuclear weapon in March 1945. This documentary assesses the evidence and asks how close the Third Reich really came to having the bomb.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 26, 2018
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