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30% of U.S. broadband subscribers have never heard of VoIP.

According to a recent consumer survey conducted as part of TeleGeography's U.S. VoIP Report, 30% of U.S. residential broadband subscribers have never heard of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone service. According to the study, those who are familiar with VoIP are 50% more likely to subscribe than those who are unfamiliar.


Key findings include:

* Fifty-two percent of online households indicated they were likely to subscribe to a flat-rate VoIP service package if it was priced at $30 per month

* 30% of online households were likely to replace their existing landline phone with VoIP if automatic 911 services were unavailable in the VoIP package

* Seventy-six percent of online households indicated they would completely replace their existing phone service if they subscribed to VoIP

Many of the most likely VoIP subscribers also are considering wireless substitution for their home telephone line as well. []

Compiled by Megan O'Donnell, NTCA Communications Assistant
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Title Annotation:SHORT Takes
Author:O'Donnell, Megan
Publication:Rural Telecommunications
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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