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3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals receives important patent covering high-throughput screening technology.

3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Exton, PA) announced the issuance of its United States Patent 6,020,141 covering a rapid and broadly applicable method for obtaining quantitative measurements of drug-binding affinity to virtually any protein or nucleic acid target -- a technology the company has named ThermoFluor.

"ThermoFluor is a key component of 3DP's DiscoverWorks technology platform.

DiscoverWorks encompasses a variety of high throughput screening technologies, including ThermoFluor, with our DirectedDiversity combinatorial chemistry technology to provide an automated screen-to-clinic drug discovery system," said David C. U'Prichard, PhD, the company's chief executive officer.

"ThermoFluor is an automated, high throughput assay system that measures drug binding affinity through effects on the protein target's melting temperature," added F. Raymond Salemme, PhD, president and chief scientific officer. "Because ThermoFluor is an "any target" screening technology, it is able to rapidly and efficiently discover active compounds for thousands of new targets identified through genome sequencing efforts."

"This proprietary technology platform enables 3DP to discover and refine drugs against a wide range of therapeutic targets more quickly than conventional approaches," stated Dr. U'Prichard. "We look forward to maximizing the capability of these enabling technologies in our internal discovery efforts and with our pharmaceutical and agrochemical partners."

ThermoFluor was developed by a team of 3DP scientists. Inventors named in the patent include Michael W. Pantoliano, PhD, Alexander W. Rhind and F. Raymond Salemme, PhD.

3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company using DiscoverWorks, a proprietary technology platform, to reduce the cost and improve the quality of drugs entering clinical trials. DiscoverWorks uniquely integrates high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry and structure-based drug design for efficient drug discovery using targets from genome sequencing. 3DP uses DiscoverWorks in its own drug discovery programs and to provide discovery services to pharmaceutical and agrochemical partners. The company's internal research programs are focused on the discovery of orally active small-molecule pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
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Comment:3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals receives important patent covering high-throughput screening technology.
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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