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3 ways to handle work-related stress.

Most of us in the workplace have to cope with increasing workloads-with multiple deadlines and deliverables piling up.

This can lead to everyone feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

So what could we do to handle stress?

We asked Dr. Didoy Lubaton, a physician who also devotes his time imparting a more holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle especially to working professionals, for some tips.

Here are three things you can do about stress:

1. Recognize the stress

It's okay not to be okay. You've got to feel your feelings. Your body is a great communicator. Listen to your body!

The first step in solving any problem is recognizing that there is a problem. The problem arises when we don't recognize it and eventually the body shuts down or shouts through a chronic disease.

2. Resolve the stress

As much and as soon as you can recognize it, resolve the stress.

Get to the root cause of the stress, pluck it out, cut it off as soon as possible. Maybe it's a toxic schedule. If so, you need to realign what you can do with your time.

Or perhaps it's a toxic habit at work, in which case, stop what you need to stop, or start what you need to start. Or maybe guard yourself from toxic people, to protect yourself from getting hurt.

3. Renew yourself

Stress can make your better-or bitter. Choose to be the better and bigger person. You don't have to wait for others to change, you can be the change that you want to happen.

Discipline yourself; you are the main driver of your health. Your body is your business.

Take care of yourself first. Eat healthy, exercise and get adequate sleep. The goal is to become a healthier person, so that when stressful moments come, it's not a big deal anymore. Stress will always be there. Accept that you will always be challenged by stress in your life. What you do with the stress, and how you respond to stress will make the difference. Most of all, as you work on yourself, by your example you begin to help others too in managing their stress.

Dr. Lubaton will facilitate a workshop entitled 'Create A Stress-Free Space: Managing Stress for a Happier and Healthier You' on July 28, 2017 to be held in Inquirer Academy. It is designed to help working professionals be resilient in managing toxic stress, and how to prevent burnout at work. This is ideal for all professionals, especially in the HR function to help in planning wellness programs of the company.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jun 19, 2017
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