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3 steps to preventing suicides in the Arab world.

Suicide in Jordan Author Tayseer Al-Sboul in 1973 threw herself off the balcony when Abdil Haleem Hafiz unexpectedly died in 1977.

We had a problem then that we still have now: we under-report numbers that may indicate that our nation, God forbid, may have problems, especially when it comes to suicide.

Observations of a First Timer at Casino Du Liban

Casino plans somehow came up yesterday afternoon and we actually acted them out -- for the first time ever. So we drove to Lebanon's only casino in order to waste away some hard-earned money (or not).

Even Wallstreet CEO's Get the Blues A funny look at how the Wall Street big whigs handles a failing market.

Predicition: Sergio Perez to Ferrari After yesterday's stellar performance in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, starting at 12th and climbing to a 2nd place finish, there is no longer any doubt in my mind that Felipe Massa's seat at Ferrari will go to Sergio "Checo" Perez next season.

Driving what is considered by most to be a strong midfield car, the Sauber F1, Perez has put in some exciting performances this season which have not gone unnoticed by the good folks at Scuderia Ferrari.

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Date:Sep 10, 2012
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