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3 gadgets to help improve your on-the-go productivity.

Whether touring properties, meeting with clients, tenants or vendors, property managers are always in motion. Many times during the course of a busy day, it's the small things, like having a low power warning on your Smartphone, or forgetting that all-important USB cable for a PowerPoint presentation, that can bring things to a screeching halt--but not with the following three gadgets.

APEN TOUCH 8 | $99.99

If you have upgraded your laptop to run Windows 8, and found navigating the new interface challenging, frustrating or even maddening, you are not alone. Without a touch screen tablet or laptop, Windows 8 is not user friendly. However, there is a device to help maximize your Windows 8 experience.

The Apen Touch 8 is a wireless stylus "pen" that works with any laptop that has Windows 8 and a screen 17 inches or smaller. The Apen Touch 8 is as simple to use as click, connect and touch. The pen connects wirelessly to a receiver that clips on the side of the laptop. Plugging the receiver into a USB port allows the user to perform touch screen functions built in to Windows 8. Simply slide, swap or drag to operate, browse through files, images or web pages. You can also use the Apen Touch 8 to take notes in your own handwriting, sign or annotate documents, draw or add personal touches to photos or presentations. The Apen Touch 8 even allows handwritten notes to be transferred into text.

For more information about the Apen Touch 8, visit


Charge Card and Charge Key by Nomad resulted from successful Kickstarter projects.

The ChargeCard is a compact USB phone charger (roughly the size of a credit card) that is small enough to fit in your wallet. Simply plug the ChargeCard into any USB port and charge your iPhone or Android. With the ChargeCard, you no longer have to worry about carrying around a bulky wall charger and power cable to charge your Smartphone--just take the ChargeCard out of your wallet, flip open the cable located in the center of the card and connect it to the Smartphone and any USB port.

The ChargeKey by Nomad, is a micro USB cable that is approximately the size of a house key. Small enough to be carried on your key ring, the ChargeKey allows you to always have a USB cable handy. The ChargeKey is made of flexible plastic, allowing you to bend it in almost any direction to aid in easy connectivity. The ChargeKey is sold in two versions: the ChargeKey for iPhone and the ChargeKey Micro USB for Android, Samsung, Nexus and all micro-USB-powered devices.

For more information about the ChargeCard or ChargeKey by Nomad, visit


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