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3 funniest actuary jokes.

Two actuaries with shotguns sit in a duck blind. A flock in close formation flies in front of them. One takes aim and fires 10 yards behind the ducks. The other shoots 10 yards in front. They turn to each other, slap a high five and say, "Got 'em!"


An actuary is walking down the corridor when he feels a twinge in his chest. Immediately, he runs to the stairwell and hurls himself down. His friend, visiting him in the hospital, asks why he did that. The actuary replies, "The chances of having a heart attack and falling down the stairs are much lower than the chances of having a heart attack only."

When a marketing officer asked an actuary why he recommended selling more life insurance policies to 98-year-olds, the actuary replied, "According to our tables, very few of them die each year."
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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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