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3 Dances for solo horn.

3 Dances for solo horn by Roger Steptoe. Editions BIM, P. O. Box 300, CH-1674 Vuamarens, Switzerland; CO91, 2013, CHF 15.

3 Dances for solo horn is a four-minute atonal composition dedicated to Bruno Schneider. All three movements feature large leaps and expressive rhythmic gestures, articulations, and dynamic contrasts. "Ritual," the first dance, has constant changes between many eighth- and quarter-based meters. The Sarabande is a slow and graceful movement marked moderato and lirico in a conventional 3/4 meter with iambic rhythm. The sparkling Gigue is almost entirely in 6/8 with a couple of rhythmic surprises and a motif based on fifths that evoke horn calls. The range covers three octaves, c to c .

Roger Steptoe has had a long and lustrous career as a pianist as well as a composer and also served as a professor of composition, harmony, and orchestration at London's Royal Academy of Music for fifteen years. He is currently the Artist Director for the Festival de Musique Classique d'Uzerche, a chamber music festival, and won a 2013 Beyond Borders award from the UK's PRS [formerly the Performing Right Society] for Music. His other horn solo, Ballade for horn and chamber orchestra, was reviewed by Heidi Lucas in the October 2013 edition of The Horn Call, and he has written a number of brass chamber works with horn parts. Spring Music 1 for brass quartet, written for the New York Chamber Brass (Peter Reit, horn), is to be premiered this year.

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Author:Thompson, Virginia
Publication:The Horn Call
Date:May 1, 2014
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