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3 Chinese who purchased 274 kilos of depleted uranium in Kyrgyzstan released from custody.

Three Chinese nationals that were arrested for smuggling 274 kilos of depleted uranium from Kyrgyzstan to China were released from custody, Russian media reported with reference to Chinese press.The Chinese purchased depleted uranium in Kyrgyzstan last year for US$2 thousand from sellers of scrap metal being unaware of its harmful properties of this metal for human beings. The Chinese brought uranium into China and hid it in the house of father-in-law of one of them. They were surprised that metal was shining and glistening in the darkness. One of the sellers kept a small piece of uranium under his bed.These Chinese were arrested after they asked metal experts about real price of this metal. They were released from custody recently. The Prosecutor decided the fact that detainees were unaware of harmful properties of the smuggled metal was enough to set them free, Chinese media reported. Depleted uranium is product obtained during uranium refinement used in production of nuclear weapon and electric power engineering. The density of depleted uranium is twice higher than that of lead. It can be used for armor plating. Depleted uranium does not affect skin, but it is very harmful for kidneys, lungs and other bodies.

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Publication:AKIpress News Agency
Date:Sep 11, 2008
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