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3 ARRESTED AFTER EBOLA NOTE PRANK ON PLANE... Full-scale emergency action after a man claimed to have deadly disease.


THREE people were arrested yesterday after a sick Ebola hoax was pulled on an Irish plane.

The three, all Italian, were detained by police at Dublin Airport after it was claimed a man wrote "Be careful, Ebola" on a coffee cup.

A man, 56, and two women - aged 54 and 23 - were brought to Ballymun Garda station for questioning.

Another passenger who was on the flight contacted his daughter to say a man had written the disturbing message on the paper cup.

The pilot decided to contact the authorities and HSE paramedics raced to the scene.

A spokesman for the DAA confirmed the matter was investigated and health officials were satisfied a short time later the suspect did not have the virus.

The Aer Lingus plane was put in lockdown after the pilot radioed the details back to the emergency services.

The 1pm flight from Milan was held on the runway and gardai and the HSE were alerted. It was released an hour later after paramedics discovered it was a hoax.

An airport spokesman said: "A passenger on board an Aer Lingus flight from Milan has made a claim during the flight that he had the Ebola virus.

"As a precaution the plane's captain alerted authorities and opted not to deplane passengers pending further investigations.

"Passengers have now disembarked the aircraft. An Garda Siochana are dealing with the matter.

"As this is a security matter, we have no further comment."

A day earlier, emergency services conducted a mock run of how to treat a real Ebola victim.

Streets were shut down and the dummy-patient was brought to the Mater Hospital.

A 56-year-old man is due to appear in court this morning charged in connection with the scare.

The Italian national, his partner and her daughter were all arrested after a cup was allegedly handed in with "Attentione Ebola" written on it to a flight attendant.

The trio - supposed to begin a holiday in Ireland yesterday - were brought to an isolation section of the airport where it was discovered that it was a hoax.

The two women were later released. The man is facing the possibility of jail but sources say a fine is more likely.

The pilot opted not to deplane pending medical tests AIRPORT SPOKESMAN dublin yesterdayThe matter was investigated and medical officials were satisfied he did not have virus AIRPORT SPOKESMAN dublin yesterday


LOCKDOWN Aer Lingus jet at Dublin Airport yesterday

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2014
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