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3 'Salvage' victims dumped in Antipolo.

Antipolo City, Rizal -- The start of the second half of the month was marked with the discovery of the bodies of three alleged victims of "salvage," a police term for summary execution, in separate places in this city.

Police said the three male cadavers were spotted just a few minutes apart and each had a tag with the markings: "Magnanakaw Ako, Hwag Pamarisan."

First to be discovered was the cadaver of a man in front of Infant Jesus School on NHA Avenue in Purok Seppina, Dela Paz, in this city, around 5 a.m. yesterday.

The unidentified man wore a striped T-shirt and khaki pants and his face was covered with a brown shirt and sealed with masking tape. Village peacekeeper Renato Radam, who spotted the body, reported the find to police.

A few minutes later, two cadavers were also found apart from each other on the Zigzag Road in Barangay San Jose, here.

One of the victims was described as about 5'5" tall, wearing brown shorts, a brown T-shirt and a blue sweatshirt, while the other was about 5'4" in height, and wearing a white T-shirt with blue undershirt and black jeans.

Both victims were hogtied with the use of packaging tape, and their head wrapped with a waste bag also sealed with packaging tape when found.

The two had tattoos of names and a rosary in their bodies.

Probers were still investigating the apparent summary executions.


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Date:Jan 16, 2014
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