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27min TRAVISTY; EXCLUSIVE: Rockers accused of fleecing fans with new album.

ROCK superstars Travis were last night accused of ripping off their legion of loyal fans.

The band have revealed their next album, to be released in 2001, will be just TWENTY-SEVEN minutes long, sparking fears of a rock 'n' roll rip-off.

The group are already being paid a reported pounds 1.5million to headline the T In The Park festival next month, adding to speculation their appearance has put up ticket prices.

Now music pundits say the group, whose album, A Man Who, has dominated the UK charts this year, will be accused of fleecing their followers if they ask them to stump up the full album price.

Ben Knowles, editor of New Musical Express magazine, said: "If they are going to put this album on the shelves at full price then I think fans will have every right to feel cheated.

"The recent trend has been for much longer albums but some of those have been padded out with appalling tracks.

"My personal view is that Travis have to offer this as a mid-price album or it has to have nine absolutely brilliant tracks on it if it is full-price."

Melody Maker chief Mark Sutherland added: "If the album came out at 27 minutes, it would be very short and I think people would notice.

"Quality is more important than quality but, if fans don't rate the tracks highly, then I'm sure many will feel angry."

Lead singer Fran Healy admitted the new album will be barely 30 minutes long.

But the embarrassed millionaire tried to wriggle off the hook by comparing the latest effort with The Beatles' short Revolver.

He said: "I was a little bit worried at first and then, after I thought about it, I realised that music is timeless.

"My favourite Beatles album has always been Revolver, which is only half-an-hour long.

"Once we go into the studio and record the nine songs in full it should stretch to about 32 minutes but that'll be it.

"On the last album I thought some of the songs went on a bit.

"When Why Does It Always Rain On Me came out as a single we cut a minute off it and I think it sounded a lot better."
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Author:Mellor, James
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 21, 2000
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