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27 Rajab as 'Night of 'Blessings' to be marked tonight.

ISLAMABAD -- The blissful night of Rajab 27 will be marked on Thursday (April 4) tonight with full zeal and fervor every year as the preparations in the country to celebrate this meaningful night is at full swing.

Most of the Muslims spend 27 of Rajab in the mosque, observing fasts, offer voluntary prayers (Nawafils), recite Quran, and give charity.

Remembering the events of Isra ul Muntaha(Reaching the seventh sky) on Miraj day is also a very common norm of 27 Rajab. Hence, if one engages in the worship of Almighty Allah in this night, then there is nothing wrong in doing so, and he and she will be entitled to the reward from Allah Almighty Insha Allah.

It is said that saying the Kalima 'La Ilaha IllAllah Mohammadur Rasulullah' as much as you can in this holy month of Rajab is very important . Reciting Surah al Ikhlas can return in the peace and blessing on the reciter and his family.

It marks the start of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s journey as well as the mission towards propagating the true meaning behind the religion Islam. It was on this special day that the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) conveyed Allah's special message, right when the Angel Jibril came towards Him with the divine revelation.

The night of Isra comprised of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) being taken by Allah Almighty on a blissful journey that started at Makkah and went to Jerusalem at Masjid-e- Aqsa and then the heavens above to meet with the Creator of this whole Universe.

All Muslim believers should observe this holy day or blessed night as an event of great significance. Every Muslim believer should indulge in the bath and observe complete fasting so as to attain blessings and rewards from their Lord.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 4, 2019
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