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More X-rated videocassettes were rented during 1985 than there were people who voted for Ronald Reagan. Millions of people have seen sexual material in magazines and films, and they have not become violent. Moreover, if one examines countries that have serious problems of violence and abuse against women such as South Africa, Iran, or the Soviet Union you discover that these are countries that are not only politically repressive but sexually repressive in their approach to materials as well.

... There are some real solutions to these issues to be pursued, and this, I think is the final public policy danger and tragedy of the Meese report: it misdirects sincere people's attention away from thinking about the real causes of violence and abuse. People are led into thinking that, by looking to censorship as an answer they can divert attention away from the complicated origins of sex abuse or teenage pregnancy or child abuse. Such an attempt can never work because it fails to come to grips with the tensions and complexities of modern society. The'report does a disservice because it recommends that scarce resources be directed in the wrong direction.

--Christie Hefner,"The Meese Commission: Sex, Violence, and Censorship"January/february 1987

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Title Annotation:Classic Humanist; pornography and sexual repression
Author:Hefner, Christie
Publication:The Humanist
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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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