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25 years ago ... September/October 1982.

"Lack of human contact appears to be as strong a mortality risk as the well-established dangers of cigarette smoking, cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure." according to Professor S. Leonard Syme of the University of California, speaking at a symposium of the American Heart Association. As important for a long and healthy life as heredity, environment, and diet is the quality of our social, relationships. Individuals who are friendly and do for others receive personal health benefits. Little wonder so many out-of-the-closet humanists live beyond normal life expectancies.

--"The Passing Scene" Humanist staff

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon reports that he has met and talked with Jesus, Moses, and Buddha. Jesus, Moon says, asked him to "help him in the salvation of the universe." This is quite a tall order when you consider the billions of galaxies in the cosmos. However, I do not wish to be outdone by the Reverend Moon. So I can state that one night recently I talked with the good old Abe Lincoln. He told me he did not like the Republican Party anymore and felt brotherly love for the humanists. But when I woke up, I realized it was just a dream.

--Corliss Lamont, "The Battle for Humanism"
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Title Annotation:Classic Humanist
Publication:The Humanist
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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