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25 reasons to attend IWF '98.

The 1998 International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair will mark 50 years of tradeshow sponsorship by the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America. IWF '98 is sponsored by the American Furniture Manufacturers Assn., the Woodworking Machinery Importers Assn. and the WMMA, which celebrates its centennial in 1999.

The WMMA, along with its two partner sponsors, urges woodworkers to attend IWF '98, Aug. 20-23, in Atlanta, GA. Following are two-dozen-plus-one reasons to attend IWF, as coined by WMMA members.

"A company invests an enormous amount of time and expertise in evaluating equipment that can cost thousands of dollars. There is no substitution to a 'hands-on' view. At IWF, visitors can see the actual machinery, cutting tools and many other supplies that they are considering from multiple manufacturers and vendors. Each of these exhibitors are minutes apart, not days or weeks if you tried to see the same products in the field." - Tim Parchem, Cemco

"See new equipment, processes and wood processing innovations. Observe actual machinery before a purchase decision is made." - Jean Simpkins, Black Bros. Co.

"Accuracy in woodworking is vital in order to set up equipment faster with less waste and to establish quality programs and policies to keep the woodworking shop competitive in today's world economy. There are numerous products and equipment on the market today that help woodworking companies achieve accuracy. At IWF, every visitor will see how measurement technology will benefit them enormously." - Ed Fiantaca, Accurate Technology

"Anyone who attends IWF will see or learn something new that will help them stay one step ahead of the competition." - Peter Levitt, Sternvent Co.

"The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is the ultimate update on woodworking trends and new products and technology. It's a must-see event." - Steve O'Brien, Onsrud Cutter

"Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with factory personnel face to face. Discuss with them your specific needs, requirements and ideas. This puts a face to a name, and the factory personnel can get to know you and your company. There is no substitute for personal attention from the factory." - George Delaney, Powermatic

"Ligna may be the largest woodworking show but IWF is the 'hottest.' The United States and western Europe dominate the woodworking machinery business. These players bring their hottest products to IWF because the U.S. is the number one marketplace." - Michael Burdis, James L. Taylor Mfg. Co.

"This is an excellent resource to gather an abundance of ideas for improving the business end of every woodworking company. Some of those ideas include the Internet, bookkeeping, insurance, layout, drafting, etc." - Bruce Swing, Wisconsin Knife Works

"Learn the best solutions for your production needs at IWF '98. The exhibitor's best application expertise will be there to help you, which will allow you to make the most informed decision for your needs." - Ray Vold, Timesavers

"Since good labor is a scarce resource, IWF will introduce woodworking companies to new techniques in wood processing. This will include methods on how to increase productivity with the existing work force and free up employees to be cross-trained on other operations." - Randy Moore, Southworth Products

"This is a woodworking company's best opportunity to see and touch everything at one place. It's also an excellent place to gather a tremendous amount of information to plan and project for future growth. Unique will demonstrate for the first time a new Moulding Sander." - Kenny Moffatt, Unique Machine and Tool Co.

"IWF is the most productive four-day event in the industry. It is a central location for everyone to visit with suppliers, manufacturers, other woodworking professionals and the magazines that serve this industry." - Milford Keene, North American Products Corp.

"Of course the best reason to attend IWF is to see the new products being offered. Each exhibitor wants to make an excellent impression on the enormous amount of visitors that will be visiting the show. So they will have their best of everything on display. No one can afford to miss this show." - John Hammett, Safety Speed Cut Mfg.

"Attendees will see more at IWF than at any other show. Exhibitors typically take more space at this show than at other shows during the year. The objective of a larger booth at IWF is to ensure that as many products as possible are displayed. IWF exhibitors know that there is no substitute for seeing and touching the product up close, especially when it is expensive, heavy machinery. Buyers want to see how it works, and the 'hum' of machinery at past IWF shows is a testimony to the importance of seeing machinery in action." - Peter Perez, Carter Products Co.

"The woodworking industry is constantly changing - new designs, different types of wood and materials, processes and EPA regulations. The list goes on. IWF is the one place that a woodwork
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