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25 poorly-made cars are banned; SAIPA objects.

Production of 25 poorly-made cars has been ordered halted by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI). Most of the carmakers said they have already stopped production of the cars, knowing the order was coming, but SAIPA, Iran's second largest automaker, said it had a government license to make one of the models ISIRI wants to ban and will continue making it.

ISIRI's deputy director, Peyman Pirayesh, said, "According to tests conducted by ISIRI, 25 locally-made cars have failed to get the certificates [showing they comply with state standards] and their production lines will be shut down."

The models singled out by ISIRI include some versions of SAIPA's infamous Pride and Ario (Zotye Z300), Iran Khodro's Peugeot 405 with the XUM engine, Bahman Group's Besturn B50F and several Chinese-derived cars assembled by local carmakers Modiran Vehicle Manufacturing Co. (MVM) and Kerman Motor.

SAIPA sells several versions of the Pride, the cheapest car available in the local market. Production of the 131, 132 and 141 versions has been barred. The first models of the Pride rolled out off SAIPA's assembly lines in 1993 and for years were of high quality because the majority of parts were imported from South Korea.

SAIPA said it had already ended production of the 131, 132 and 141--but will continue making the Ario 1500 despite ISIRI's order

Iran Khodro (IKCO) offers different types of Peugeot 405, which are equipped with a wide range of engines. Production of the oldest model equipped with the XUM engine has been banned and Iran Khodro said production has been stopped.

Pirayesh said the Traffic Police have stopped issuing license plates for the 25 models. "However, in order to uphold consumers' rights, cars which were sold before the announced date and have not received license plates yet will be registered."

SAIPA responded that it had obtained "production permits" for the Ario 1500 from the Ministry of Industries.

Pirayesh said ISIRI will not budge and the law must be enforced.

MVM's sales director said, "We have already halted the production of the [low quality] models." IKCO and Bahman Group followed suit and accepted the criticism saying they will stop production of cars that do meet the ISIRI criteria.

The auto sector is the second largest industry in Iran after oil and gas and is a far bigger employer.

Caption: STILL CHUGGING ALONG--This is the Ario 1500, whose production has been ordered to end. SAIPA says it will keep making it.

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Date:Jan 5, 2018
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