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25 Minutes to Lift-off.

Byline: Senator McCoy <>

Imagine this, if you will. Just 25 minutes from parking at the airport to arriving at your departure gate ... and that after passing through six levels of security. Sound like a dream? Not in Israel. The complete process is described in this handy article by Rafi Sela, president of AR Challenges, a global transportation security consultancy. It's all done by looking passengers in the eye and making sophisticiated risk assessments at each step of the way.

Sounds simple enough. Naturally we'd like to know why we can't achieve the same level of efficiency at our own airports, instead of spending three hours in tedious, infuriating and somewhat intrusive security checks before we get anywhere close to boarding our flight. In Sela's opinion it's because "... Canadians are nice people and they will do anything because they were told to do so and because they don't know any different." Ha. Maybe the Prime Minister has secretly been consulting Mr. Sela all along. His pithy one-liner could just as well be applied to describe what passes for Canadian democracy these days.

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Date:Jan 5, 2010
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