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24th census of world casting production - 1989.

Thirty countries are included in modem casting's 24th Census of World Casting Production, which represents casting production for 1989. Figures shown for four of the countries in this year's report-Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands and Norway-are from 1988. Otherwise, production statistics for the remaining 26 countries are from 1989.

Five countries were dropped from this year's Census because of out-of-date production statistics. They are Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Germany and the Philippines. Romania and the Soviet Union were added to the Census.

With two fewer countries included in this year's Census, overall tonnages were slightly lower than the total reported last year. Of the 26 countries that reported production figures for 1989, 16 showed increases over the previous year, while the remaining nations had slight decreases or stayed about the same.

The leading casting producer in the last Census, the People's Republic of China (with 11 million metric tons), dropped down to 9.6 million tons in 1989. At the same time, the United States increased production to slightly over 11 million metric tons, making it the largest casting producer participating in this year's Census.

Following the U.S. and China were Japan with 7.8 million metric tons; Federal Republic of Germany with 4.2 million; France with 2.4 million; and Poland with 1.8 million.

Three COuntries reported production at about 1.5 million metric tons-Romania, United Kingdom and Soviet Union. They were followed by Czechoslovakia with 1.4 million metric tons and Korea with 1.3 million.

Information from countries that is received after the publishing deadline will appear in the monthly "Around the world" department of modem casting.

The Census of World Casting Production has been compiled for 24 consecutive years by the staff of modem casting to serve metalcasters, foundry equipment manufacturers, suppliers and others by citing worldwide trends in metalcasting production. This is the only census of its kind available anywhere.

Photocopies of the preceding 23 Censuses, which have been published since 1966, are available from the AFS Library. Any suggestions or comments regarding the Census should be directed to the Publisher/Editor, modem casting, American Foundrymen's Society, Inc, 505 State St, Des Plaines, Illinois 600168399 U.S.A.; 708/824-0181.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Dec 1, 1990
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