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24Seven: We've got to get her out of this place . . . so vote now! Scott Turner on Big Brother 5.

Byline: Scott Turner

IT'S not often the common man has the chance to make a meaningful difference in life, but today we do.

It's the last eviction tonight and the public has one last chance to do the right thing.

For the love of God she must go. I don't need to say who. If you have eyes in your head you surely feel exactly the same way!

If nothing else, and there's plenty, it'll give Stu a week's break from Michelle before he gets out to find her waiting for him in a wedding dress next to Davina; a week free from flinching away from her, a week without her doll-like stare and a week free of being coerced into some heavy petting.

Stu's really not done himself many favours of late though. He can't stand a chance of winning now. It's got to the point where he doesn't really exist in his own light but only in relation to Michelle.

Big Brother could bring him to the fore if they showed Michelle the footage of him holding Shell as they slept. That would be interesting. Although as she were about to explode with fury he'd probably just tell her to `chill' which has been the closest he's come to speaking up for himself so far.

Also, I have become a bit concerned about all his whooping and above-head arm movements.

And the playing with his hair. I think he might really be an American cheerleader.

After Wednesday's events, Nadia has got to be the hotter-than-the-sun favourite to win. If the programme makers have anything to do with it, she will. She'd be the best story and if the Beeb are looking for a replacement for Parky, look no further.

I loved the task again this week, BB has really excelled itself on this front but it's a good job it was only a couple of days long. I was beginning to become concerned for Shell's wellbeing.

And petrified for her rabbit. How on earth did Michellepass the psychology tests to get in the house? It's been embarrassing watching the way she's acted this week. She is, as the finest doctors in the land would regard, a crank.

At the start of the week, Jason was the only contender to want to go. After Michelle's performance this week he probably won't get his wish and will have to endure it a bit longer.

I always reckon it's good to keep the funniest in and he's been that over the last few days. Even if you're only laughing at his misery.

He might want out but he's the best hope of any friction in the last week.


Run Stu, run . . .
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 30, 2004
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