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24 000 vests purchased based on specification for stab-resistant protective gear. (News Briefs).

The specification developed and issued in September 2000 by NIST's Office of Law Enforcement Standards (OLES) for the National Institute of Justice (Nil) for stab-resistant personal protective gear is now in use. For the first time, state, county, and local law-enforcement and correction agencies have been able to purchase NIJapproved stab-resistant vests through funding from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Vest Partnership Program. NIJ is an agency of the DOJ and a principal sponsor of OLES.

According to the DOJ Office of Justice Programs, about 24000 vests have already been purchased with some 17 000 going to correctional facilities. The NIJ approval process is based on specifications and associated tests developed by OLES. The internal construction of protective vests intended to absorb bullet impact without permitting penetration has not proven to be effective protection from stabbing attack. Officers in correctional facilities in particular face the threat of blades made by inmates from any scrap of suitable metal available. In some countries, stabbing is a more prevalent threat in general society than bullets. The OLES stab-test fixture is a development of work carried out in the United Kingdom by the Police Scientific Development Branch. An article in the June issue of Police Chief a publication of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, provided the information on the first purchase of stab-resistant vests through the DOJ Program to its wide audience of corrections and public s afety officials.

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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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