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24/7 Auctions Announces Nationwide Franchise Availability of eBay Consignment Stores; Cindy's Cinnamon Rolls Worldwide Franchise Founder Finds Sweet Smell of Success with New eBay Brick-and-Mortar Business.

SAN DIEGO -- Fresh off his first successful year in San Diego County as the market's leading eBay consignment store, 24/7 Auctions founder Tom Harris has announced that a complete turnkey franchise package to own and operate one of his neighborhood stores is now available nationwide through the 24/7 Auctions Franchise Program. The company expects to open 50 new franchise offices by year-end.

Harris, who has 20 years of franchising experience at the helm of Cindy's Cinnamon Rolls worldwide, said that interest in owning a 24/7 Auctions' eBay consignment store is growing in various parts of the country, including the Northeast and the South. He expects to open 50 new stores by year-end. The franchise fee to own a 24/7 Auctions store is $15,000, with total start-up costs to open a store ranging between $50,000 and $75,000. For more information, call 760-630-2477.

"24/7 Auctions will offer small business owners a complete turnkey program making it easy for them to own and operate a state-of-the-art eBay consignment store that is user-friendly and features powerful proprietary software that automates the entire eBay transaction process for the store owner and the customer," Harris said. "In addition, we will provide the franchise owner with a complete training program, ongoing operations and support, and an aggressive marketing program that will help to brand their store as the leader in their particular market."

The complete turnkey 24/7 Franchise Program features site selection to help the franchisee find the right store location; assistance in lease negotiation; complete store build-out recommendations with specifications and finishes for the 24/7 Auctions store; specifications for computer and office equipment to operate the store; a powerful proprietary eBay software package developed for 24/7 Auctions that completely automates and tracks each item's auction and communicates with the customer; ongoing operations and support; a complete training program on how to operate a 24/7 Auctions store; and a marketing, advertising and public relations support program.

"We have a step up on the competition from both aesthetic and operational standpoints," said Harris. "Our 24/7 Auctions stores feature a sophisticated, yet user-friendly design that includes expansive hardwood flooring, sweeping counter tops and large plasma TV monitors that enable customers to track their items when in our store. But it's our proprietary 24/7 Auctions software that really powers the store, allowing the owner to concentrate on operations and the marketing necessary to grow their new business."

Harris said a 24/7 Auctions store is an ideal way for entrepreneurs to grow a business that is part of the $3 billion eBay on-line marketplace phenomenon. He said that 24/7 Auctions stores attract customers who are either too busy to manage the logistics of selling on eBay or who don't have daily Internet access to monitor the sale of their items.

Customers who want to sell on eBay can conveniently drop off their unpacked items at 24/7 Auctions, where experts evaluate and digitally photograph them, write detailed descriptions, then store and list them on eBay to help generate the highest bid possible. 24/7 Auctions then monitors the eBay auction for the item and handles all buyer inquiries. Once the eBay auction has ended with a winning bid, 24/7 Auctions handles payment processing, professionally packages and ships the item to the buyer, and sends a check to the customer, minus a commission. If an item doesn't sell in the first auction, then 24/7 Auctions re-lists the item for a second auction at no additional charge. If an item doesn't sell, the customer can pick it up at no charge. 24/7 Auctions' eBay service is ideal for individuals, estate sales, moving sales, fundraisers, and businesses with liquidation sales and excess inventories.

About 24/7 Auctions

eBay is the world's largest on-line auction site and has appointed 24/7 Auctions to the rank of Power Sellers and Trading Assistant, with a buyers' favorable rating of 99.6 percent. These designations assure the consumer that they are dealing with a reputable and experienced eBay professional seller. 24/7 franchises will be offered in the future. For more information on 24/7 Auctions franchise opportunities, call 760-630-2477 or visit
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Date:Jul 21, 2005
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