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24/7: YES, WE KNOW YOU'RE A STAR; But what about your old mates then?

Byline: Polly Graham

It appears not even celebrities can get away with having a nasty habit these days.... Bryan McFadden didn't manage to sneak in a crafty fag at the Avril Lavigne gig at the Point Depot. The bold Bryan was trying to light up on the balcony in the no-smoking arena when a sharp-sighted attendant told the Westlifer to stub it out.

Bryan graciously went outside to the smoking area where he was duly mobbed by a crowd of rampant rock teens demanded the star's autograph.WE'VE supported him through thick and thin, but now we have to ask - what on earth is Mickey Harte up to?

Already the You're A Star winner has caused controversy by not signing up to the record company that struck a deal with RTE over the show.

And now it appears Mickey won't even appear on the official Your A Star tour.

Simon Casey, Michael Leonard, Susan McFadden and Brian Ormonde are all to take part, with the twins Shauna and Caoimhe McElhinney and Lisa Bresnan to join in for a number of shows across the country.

But You're A Star insiders have revealed that Mickey has decided not to join the tour, preferring to stick to his own headline solo shows.

One said: "It's a real shame that Mickey's not going to join the rest of the You're A Star gang on tour - it seems a bit ridiculous that the winner of the show isn't going to appear on the live tour.

"But then he's already got his own tour going.

"The powers that be aren't too happy with him though - first of all he hasn't signed with Universal and RTE had struck a deal with the record company before the show, promising the company their pick of the finalists.

"And now he's putting his own headline tour before the official Your A Star gigs which has gone down like a lead balloon."

Mickey will have done a staggering 38 gigs since St Patrick's Day by the time he takes to the stage to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia on May 24.

The insider added: "Some think it's not exactly great preparation for the Eurovision doing so many shows beforehand.

"And he hasn't got a record deal so he hasn't recorded the Eurovision entry as a single yet.

"To sell any copies, realistically this needs to be ready to hit the shops in and around the competition date."

But pals of Mickey's were quick to jump to his defence.

"Mickey was always going to be different to the other contestants - he's been in the music game a long time and isn't going to be naive enough to be set up as a cash cow for other people.

"He only got expenses while doing Your A Star and he's got a wife and two kids to look after.

"Obviously he was going to try and make the most of winning Your A Star and doing his own tour was something he had always intended - way before he won the show.

"He can't be blamed for trying to do the best for his wife and kids."


WINNER: Harte; ALSO RANS: You're A Star contestants
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 30, 2003
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