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22 million voice over broadband connections in W.Europe by 2008.

According to a recent study from IDC, voice over broadband (VOBB)--voice traffic carried across a broadband link, either in IP packets (VOIP) or non-IP technology using formats such as voice over DSL--took off in Western Europe in 2004. Two million new connections took the total number of connections to 2.5 million, which is expected to rise to over 22 million by 2008, yielding $7 billion in revenue, of which 60% will come from the consumer market.

Operators have differing attitudes to VOBB depending on their size, network, installed base of customers, and, importantly, their competition. However, most operators in the European broadband market are either selling, launching, trialling, or considering launching some sort of VOBB service. "For many incumbent operators, this will not be a tempting scenario due to the prospect of cannibalizing existing revenue streams. Although VOBB was mainly used to provide secondary line services at the end of 2004, it will increasingly be used as the primary line during the forecast period, as full unbundling becomes more common and cable operators embrace VOBB services to complete their triple-play bundle.

The IDC study, Broadband Voice Opportunity in Western Europe, 2004-2008 (Doe #BT10L, March 2005), examines the state and prospects for the VOBB market and looks at the strategies of various operators. Additionally, this study includes a Western European forecast of broadband connections used for VOBB services as well as the revenue opportunity. These forecasts are segmented by broadband technology, end user, and type of line (primary versus secondary line).
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