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21st Century Astronomy, 2d ed.


21st century astronomy, 2d ed.

Hester, Jeff et al.

W.W. Norton


719 pages




In this volume, Hester (Arizona State U.) and his coauthors seek to make astronomy concepts accessible to undergraduates with varied experience with science and math. Twenty-one chapters on the solar system, stars and stellar evolution, and galaxies and cosmology, cover specific topics including: motions of earth, gravity and orbits, star measurements, the expanding universe, and the origin of structure, among others. Key concepts are emphasized in separate boxes throughout the book, and additional materials include summaries, review questions, abundant illustrations, and articles on events in the physical and theoretical exploration of space. Updates to this second edition include new results from the Mars Express orbiter, the Spirit rover, and the Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe on cosmic background radiation.

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