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20th Century Plague; Junkie scandal of the lost kids.

This is Scotland's map of misery and heartbreak... a simple, stark geographical breakdown of our country's drugs shame.

It will shock every caring parent in Scotland.

For every case highlighted shows the trail of drugs despair in our primary and secondary schools. From Inverness to Eyemouth, the drugs cancer is eating away at our youth.

And yesterday a front-line campaigner hammered out a hard-line warning.

"We've already lost one generation to this scourge," she said.

"Let's not lose the next one by sticking our heads in the sand."

The drugs crisis in schools is not confined to one area...

It's everywhere and it's getting worse.

ONE in THREE kids is reckoned to have taken, been offered or knows someone who has dabbled in drugs.

Ecstasy, speed, hash and a cocktail of other pills and drugs are rife in our classrooms and playgrounds.

Teachers and education officials flog the anti-drugs message every day, but kids are under pressure to "give it a try."

The drugs curse knows no boundaries.

Schools include primary, secondary, state-run and private.

The kids are aged from NINE upwards. Cannabis, temazapam, uppers and downers feature in school chat.

Often local police are called in to probe the allegations.

In most cases pupils face exclusion or suspension.

Sometimes charges follow and the youngsters go before the children's panel.

And the shame has led to the pupils taking their lives.

Last September 12-year-old Peebles High School pupil Alistair Lambert killed himself because he couldn't bear the shame of being caught with drugs at school.

In September 1994, 14-year-old Michael Kerigan, of Hutch- eson's Grammar, Glasgow, hanged himself after confessing to buying drugs.

A spokesman for the board of governors summed up the enormity of the tragedy when he said: "We're devastated. It's a tragic waste of life."

The rector of Charleston Academy in Inverness admitted to parents some pupils were dealing in drugs.

Tony McCulloch urged them to turn in their kids if they suspected they were involved.

Gordon Fyffe, for Highland Regional Council, said: "We don't believe in concealing the problem.

"Rural communities are not immune.

"The head teachers are told it's better being up front and letting the community know so that they can be vigilant."

Last April, two 13-year-old boys were expelled from one of Scotland's top schools for alleged dealing.

And a girl of the same age was suspended after teachers said she bought drugs from the boys.

Aberdeen Grammar head Bill Johnston said it had been "an exchange of money for illegal substances."

He said he regarded it as a "very sensitive and serious matter."

At the time Grampian Region's education convener Joan Orskov said: "I don't believe there's a single secondary school in Scotland that is not at risk."

One Scots pusher pupil was only NINE.

Last February he was accused of dealing cannabis at his Ayrshire primary school amid claims he'd sold the drug to boys aged 11 and 12.

Maxie Richards, a front-line campaigner, said drugs were rife in schools. "We need better education to bring the problem out into the open." she added.

After one drugs incident was revealed, a Strathclyde Region official said: "It simply won't be tolerated.

"Scottish schools are plagued by the drugs menace."

1 Thurso High School and Wick Academy Police state at PTA meeting that drug-dealing is being carried out at gates of both Caithness schools.

2 Golspie High School Two senior girls suspended from the school for cannabis involvement.

3 Dingwall Academy Police this weekend probe incident involving three 15-year-old boys taking anti-depressants.

4 Dingwall Academy One pupil sent to young offenders institution for dealing in cannabis.

5 Portree High, Sky 16-year-old expelled over cannabis probe - February '94

6 Plockton High Five 5th year girls booted out after drugs probe - October '95.

7 Charleston Academy, Inverness Two excluded for alleged drug offences. Rector admits some pupils are drug dealers - June '94.

Nairn Academy Warning given out that former pupil was trying to sell drugs at school gates.

9 Gordonstoun Two boys thrown out for drugs offences - 1991

10 Aberdeen Grammar Two 13-year-old boys expelled fro dealing cannabis - April '95.

11 Ellon Academy Two schoolboy pushers were fined pounds 500 after admitting unlawfully possessing and supplying cannabis.

12 Lochaber High School, Fort William Six, 15 and 16-year-olds, suspended for taking pot - November '95.

13 Carnoustie High Probe after pupils allegedly smoke hash in bike sheds - June '94

14 Whitefield High, Dundee 13 boys suspended over allegations of cannabis smoking - April '94.

15 St John's High School, Dundee Six people suspended after claims they took cannabis - 1994.

16 Morrison's Academy, Crieff Pupils expelled in drugs probe - January '94.

17 Lochgilphead High 16-year-old in police drugs probe - March '94.

18 Lomond School, Helensburgh Pupils expelled for peddling drugs - March '93

19 Dollar Academy Five teenagers expelled after admitting taking cannabis - 1991.

Lenzie Academy 16 year old expelled over drug dealing - Four others suspended - Feb '94

21 Lenzie Academy Three 4th year boys suspended over drugs - April '94.

22 Shawlands Academy , Glasgow Four 3rd year boys found stoned - Temazepam involved claimed on mum - April '94.

23 Bearsden, Glasgow Un-named school: Three suspended in drugs probe - May '94.

24 Glasgow High School Two pupils expelled in June '94 after being caught dealing drugs - believed to be cannabis.

25 Hutcheson's Grammar, Glasgow 14-year-old hangs himself after confessing to buying drugs - September '94.

26 Fettes College, Edinburgh Six boys expelled after "drugs incident" - September '92

27 Daniel Stewart's and Melville College, Edinburgh Two boys expelled and nine others disciplined after drugs probe - November '92.

28 George Watson's College, Edinburgh Two 5th year girls found rolling joint are booted out - Oct '94.

29 Fettes College Six expelled for smoking cannabis - July '95.

30 St Cuthbert's Johnstone Bouy dishes out tablets - 12-year-old taken to hospital after lunch-time session.

31 Duncanrig Secondary, East Kilbride Two pupils expelled and 11 suspended after teachers find drugs being dished out in the playground - November '94.

32 Berwickshire High, Duns Six 17-year-old pupils suspended after being caught with cannabis on school trip.

33 Eyemouth High 14 pupils suspended after illegal tablets found - September '95. 34 Ardrossan Academy Three boys suspended for smoking dope - January '96.

35 Beckford Primary, Hamilton 10-year-old boy kill himself after being caught with cannabis - September '95.

37 Carrick Academy Maybole, Ayrshire Four suspended in Temazepam alert - two 15-year-olds and two 13-year-olds - December '95.

38 A South Ayrshire Primary School Boy, 9, accused of dealing cannabis - February '95.
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