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20p off pint to boost PM.

WETHERSPOON pub chain boss Tim Martin has slashed the cost of a pint by 20p to boost Boris Johnson.

The multi-millionaire Brexiteer, whose firm made PS50.3million in the six months to January, claims the cut show how cheap beer could be after Brexit.

CUT PRICE Tim Martin It means 36 of the 879 Wetherspoon bars will be serving Ruddles for PS1.39. Another 600 will sell pints for PS1.69 and 124 will drop the price to PS1.59 or less. And depending on location, the remaining pubs will be pulling pints of the British ale for PS1.99 to PS2.89.


CUT PRICE Tim Martin

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 7, 2019
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