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20mph limit on all roads is illogical and dangerous; viewpoint.

Dear Editor, I am very concerned about the number of drivers who break speed limits.

Whether the limits are appropriately set or not, they are still the law and should be obeyed.

However, the setting of blanket limits on anything other than a trunk road will simply clog the roads, frustrate motorists, and cause them to break unrealistic limits.

I note that the police (ACPO) are supporting the suggestion and indicating that they are keen on enforcement.

But they don't enforce traffic and vehicle laws at present - witness the number of vehicles dangerously and illegally parked, witness the number of vehicles with faulty lights, witness (dare I say it?) the problems with speed limit enforcement at present.

The obvious conclusion is that a nonsense speed limit at inappropriate sites will be easy-pickings for the police who will then use a statistic to prove that they are on the ball.

Limits are appropriate at specific sites where the risk element can be readily identified.

But a 'blanket' on all but major roads is illogical and dangerous. Like most blankets, it is woolly.

Let's drop this woolly suggestion.

Brian Spratt Great Barr Birmingham


Birmingham is looking at introducing a 20mph limit on residential streets
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 24, 2013
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