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2040 vision study defines Supply Corps of the future.

The Supply Corps 2040 Strategic Vision Study is complete after a year in the making. The Study was commissioned in February 2009 by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations and charged the Supply Corps with assessing our current business portfolio, assessing our core competencies, skills sets, and education and training programs, and establishing a governance process that provides a method for checking execution against the plan.

As part of our scan to determine possible future operating environments, we conducted a thorough review of all major strategy documents, we incorporated survey information from our Senior Leadership Advisory Council initiatives and our Senior Leadership Training Symposium.

We kicked off the data analysis portion of the study with a functional billet and subspecialty review that helped us determine our enduring business lines. We validated our findings and recommendations with multiple stakeholder groups to ensure we captured a broad perspective.

The following articles will provide you with an overview of the results of the study.

The first thing you will notice is the fold-out that provides a condensed picture of the results of the 2040 study and also lists and discusses some of the Key Success Factors for future viability of the Corps.

We've also included three short articles that highlight specific segments of interest: 2040 Study Initiatives Ashore Billet Review: Highlights the results of the functional billet and subspecialty review lead by a Supply Corps Captain in their respective areas of expertise. Duty ashore and the results of the functional review were conducted as part of the 2040 study; and Supply Corps Adopts NSPP Process: An overview of the Navy Strategic Planning Process (NSPP) Model that was used to frame our analysis of the future. Junior Officer Opportunities at Sea: What will the Future Hold? The outlook for sea duty and its impact on the junior officer development model;

In addition to the Newsletter content, look for the following information in both printed and electronic form:

- Full study document which includes the comprehensive data analysis, and findings and recommendations.

- Executive Summary which includes a high-level overview of the purpose, scope, deliverables, and the findings and recommendations.

- First annual Supply Corps Community Strategic Guidance. This document will ensure we execute the Study's findings and recommendations. However, this guidance not only incorporates the actions resulting from the study but it also includes other important community initiatives including those from the Senior Leadership Advisory Council and the Diversity Council.

These documents will be available on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) in the near future.

We are also developing a presentation that addresses career implications resulting from the study's findings and recommendations. It will include answers to questions regarding revisions to the career continuum and promotion milestones. We will incorporate this presentation into our existing communication venues including the OP Road-show and the Junior Officer Training Symposium (JOTS).

Clearly this project would not have been successful without the dedication, support, and feedback from so many. The Supply Corps 2040 Team sincerely thanks all of you who devoted your time into making this project a success.

By CAPT Beth Howell, SC, USN
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Author:Howell, Beth
Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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