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2018 Traffic Safety Facility Maintenance Price Contract.

Contract awarded for 2018 traffic safety facility maintenance price contract

Bid price(Won): 8,734,400

The actual date and time ticket: 2018/01/11 18:01

Number of bidders: 19

Following companies submitted the bid:

1)Daegu construction co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won): 8,754,000

3)Haesung construction co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won): 8,767,220

4)Kepco development co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won): 8,780,110

5)Hangaram phonics co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won): 8,781,021


6)Seoul construction co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won): 8,786,490

Contractor name : MUTUAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.

Implementing agency : Changzhou, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Country :Korea, Republic of

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Publication:Mena Report
Geographic Code:9SOUT
Date:Jan 13, 2018
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