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2017's biggest trends.

The meat experts from Mane have developed solutions to meet the demands of the kebab industry from a functional and innovative viewpoint. Assessing different varieties of kebabs and the latest market trends, the company developed functional solutions with binding properties that can be integrated into a meat blend. The product is ideal for use with both traditional raw and frozen kebabs, and cooked and fresh kebabs.

The new range features flavour blends for more adventurous tastes. The range consists of eight different seasonings from kebab to on-trend chimichurri and souvlaki. Products are compatible with red and white meat. Functional solutions exist for a vegetarian kebab with the rise of flexitarianism. A recent survey concluded that a quarter of those surveyed wish to reduce their meat consumption within the next five years.

Facets of brilliance

The new Candurin range by Merck offers consumers pearl effects that add a chic, eye-catching look to food products. The non-artificial products offer formulators a rainbow of shades and effects, from a deep glow to a sparkling sheen.

Colour palettes range from cool silver to blue and tempting red to elegant gold. Products can impart a subtle gloss or fascinating sparkle. Its excellent light, temperature and pH stability makes it suitable for upgrading bakery products, chocolates, chewing gums and ice cream.

These food colours are based on natural silicate combined with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide. It meets international standards for food safety and is an easy addition to most food formulations.

The product is very stable and offers a sophisticated solution for product refinement and distinctive effects. Confectionery perceived by consumers as innovative and visually appealing, has a good chance of market success. According to a recent market study, the Candurin pearlescent effect leads to significantly higher price acceptance and purchase motivation among customers. Glazes containing these pigments often offer considerable competitive advantages such as the hotly contested market for tooth-friendly chewing gum.

Emerging flavours pack a punch

Bell Flavors & Fragrances flavour specialists offer insights into current and emerging flavour trends. The company bases its findings on market research, customer feedback and product monitoring throughout the different food and beverage segments.

This year is all about adding extra heat, a fresh tangy accent, an ethnic hint or simply a smoky note to products like snacks, sauces, meat products or ready-made meals.

Complex chilli blends like habanera or chipotle deliver an extra portion of heat and sophistication. Arabian spice blends like baharat or ras el hanout impress with authentic, exotic and pure taste complexity. Adding smoke to hot flavour varieties, intense meaty aromas and spices is another big trend. Smoke flavours not only add a bright, complex flavour and a special depth of taste, they are also becoming more sophisticated and complex.

Nostalgia, food-pairing and vegan sweets

When it comes to desserts and bakery items, classic and nostalgic flavour varieties still top the list. There is strong demand for traditional favourites mixed with a modern twist. Old favourites like chocolate, caramel or cheesecake are reimagined by playing around with many other trendy ingredients such as tropical fruits or pumpkin pie spice. Consumers are adventurous and not scared to try sweet and spicy dessert creations, tangy notes and hints of alcohol. The overall megatrend will be the hype around vegetarian and vegan varieties from vegan ice cream, to clean label yoghurts, cookies or chocolate confectionery with less fat and sugar.

Sensory flavour pairing

Bell has developed the Sensory Flavour Pairing tool to create vegan soft drinks that meet the demands of this challenging category. Cucumber is currently the trendiest vegetable among cocktail ingredients and will make its way into lemonades, fused with juicy and zesty lemon. Hops is also forecast to become one of the top vegan beverages in 2017.

Sweet sensations that inspire

Utilising the unique properties of its sugar replacer Isomalt, Beneo is responding to consumer trends such as sensorial sensation and ethnic positioning. The company launched a range of new product and flavours during ISM 2017 held in Cologne, Germany in January.

This swirl candy includes a perfectly balanced combination of fruity and spicy flavours, tapping into the trend for vegetables in new categories. According to Innova Market Insights, the green light for vegetables started with the rise of smoothies and juices combining fruits and vegetables. It has since moved into dairy applications such as yoghurts. This year it gives innovative ideas for the candy market with launches of new flavours that are coupled to a health positioning.


The candy is characterised by combining two opposite flavours with a thin chilli-fruit layer covering the lemon-menthol core to create the ultimate sensorial experience. This innovative hot and cool flavour combination is the perfect answer to consumers searching for new taste sensations.

Mango sticky rice delight

Based on a very popular dessert in Asia, the product has been developed in direct response to the growing demand for Ethnic authenticity in the market. Innova Market Insights reports that the number of new product launches with an Ethnic positioning has nearly doubled in the past four years. As more people travel abroad, consumers, particularly millennials, are looking for products with high authenticity and special ingredients.

The global food colours market is expected to witness an upsurge owing to the introduction of new food products with natural ingredients and colouring pigments. Technological advancement, coupled to sustainable solutions for food and beverage industries are expected to drive markets in 2017.

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Date:Apr 10, 2017
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