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2016 continuing education update best western premier great Northern Hotel Helena MT May 5&6.

Intimidation ... as being a newbie to the continuing education council for MNA for this last year, let's just say it has been a very eye-opening experience. I have been a nurse for 16 years and have the nickname "Raptor" as in 'one who eats their young', not because I am mean, but because I have a "witchy" look (high cheekbones and a more serious look). I work in the ICU, so if you pair this with confidence, well, people may make some false assumptions about you if they do not know you. I equate this with Continuing Ed Council and Nurse Planning jobs, basically you really do not know anything until you really dig deep and educate yourself about what it is all about and even then you might be still confused! EDP5, EDP3, QO1, QO2 ... C3PO, BBB8, could we be at a Star Wars convention??

I am lucky enough to be with what I call the "guru's" of continuing education. Pam Dickerson, Kathy Schaefer, and Mary Thomas are not only highly respected, valued, and irreplaceable at MNA for the work they do, but are some of the most gregarious women that I have ever been around. So after my one year term expired on the council, Kathy had only to ask once for my consent to serve for another two years, and here I am delving into individual peer reviews and the complexities of the lingo and logistics of planners and providers.

At this year's update, I felt a little more comfortable because I knew more about the process and understood things better being a reviewer. What was really exciting and a little terrifying at the same time was changing the way we present information to keep our learners engaged. Social media is changing how we deliver our content and one presenter, Ryan Hazen, really challenged us to try different ways to maximize engagement. I consider myself young but I barely use Facebook. Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are foreign entities to me, I know they exist but I have never ventured there. Well, I guess it's probably time to get a good snowsuit and go explore, or, even better, let's do a polar bear plunge and 'just go for it!'

I heard from many planners who were trying lots of new things. One woman from St Vincent's decided to offer education in the home environment as one option for her staff and got a great response. Other planners had staff buy in by involving them. What is clear is the need to plan the activity, key word is PLAN, what a concept. Value is based on the outcome and how we measure it. I admire you nurse planners; You have a big job and have the potential to influence a great number of nurses which in turn will impact large numbers of patients. Long gone are the days of healthstream modules; We need to reinvent the way we think. Thank you MNA and nurse planners, I look forward to seeing you at next year's update.

Jennifer Taylor, BSN, CCRN Council on Continuing Education

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Title Annotation:Continuing Education
Author:Taylor, Jennifer
Publication:The Pulse
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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