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2015 road excavation Recovery Corporation (annual price).

Contract awarded for 2015 road excavation Recovery Corporation (annual price)

Bid price(Won): 493,763,500

The actual date and time ticket: 2015/02/26 11:09

Number of bidders: 389

Following companies submitted the bid:

1) Phase Construction Co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won):493 812 870

2) Ltd. longevity diensi

Bid price(Won):493 862 000

3) Gyuung Construction Co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won):493 897 000

4) Yiaenssi 3M Co.

Bid price(Won):493 911 400

5) CN Tea Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Bid price(Won):493 959 590



Implementing agency : Gu, Seoul

Country :Korea, Republic of

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 27, 2015
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