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2015 Holiday gift guide: 33 inspiring and unique gifts.

Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga

A Template for Transformation and Profound Formula for Wholeness

Chakra yoga is simultaneously a template for transformation and a profound formula for wholeness. Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga shows you how to focus on these sacred centers using specific postures, pranayama (breathing techniques), mantras, imagery, and meditation. Features full color photos of pose sequences and exercises. 800-THE-MOON

Holistic Health and Healing

Give the Gift of Healing

Give the gift of healing this holiday season with products offering solutions for body, mind and soul. Choose from amazing items including Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy Tools, Yerba Hair Care, Crystals and more! Use code SAVE50 for free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more! 888-597-HEAL (4325)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

As You've Never Seen It Before

Enjoy Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as you've never seen it before! Andrea D'Aquino's modern, illustrative interpretation of this classic tale follows Alice on her fanciful journey down the rabbit hole where she meets friends like the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and the Caterpillar!

St. Claire's Organics

The Finest Certified Organic, Allergen-Free Candy

Our breath mints, herbal sweets, fruit-tart candies and aromatherapy pastilles are all certified organic, kosher, vegan and produced in a dedicated allergen-free facility. Ingredients include organic molasses granules, organic essential oils, and organic herbal extracts and fruit flavors. The colors are from fruits and veggies. A wonderful holiday gift for your family and friends! Purely delicious!

Being Beautiful Through Energy and Love

Create Beautiful, Radiant Skin and Optimal Health

Both a guide and an experience, Being Beautiful Through Energy & Love, shows you how to create beautiful, radiant skin and optimal health. It's about "being" beautiful or Handsome--through science, skincare, and spirituality. Purchase as a gift for you or a loved one today! 413-624-6118

Auromere Eco-friendly Incense

Made with love in Pondicherry, South India, where incense making is an ancient art and handicraft, Auromere Incense is expertly rolled by hand by local village women, helping to support their livelihood and continue a timeless cultural tradition. 25% of profits support Integral Education in rural India. 800-735-4691

Basic Home Detox Kit

Cultivating Consciousness Through the Lost Art of Detoxification

Give yourself and those you care about the ability to reboot your lives and begin to live with real vitality at the level of your true potential. The Basic Home Detox Kit is a highly effective, entry-level kit that allows you to cleanse and pre-cleanse from home, detoxing and supporting the five organs of elimination in the body.

The Goddess Chakra Meditation Kit

Everything You Need to Heal and Balance Your Chakras

The Goddess Chakra Meditation Kit consists of seven chakra mediation cards, seven chakra crystals and a guidebook with all the information you need to heal and balance your chakras. The Chakra Meditation CD is a 28 minute long creative visualization and journey with music through the chakras to harmonize, align and balance, I have blessed all the cards and crystals and each kit is packaged in a gold organza pouch. These make a beautiful healing gift for yourself or others, and my wish is they bring peace, healing and empowerment to those that use them.

WTF I'm Trying to be Spiritual

A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear

Along with realistic advice, WTF has clairvoyant Bishop and Varga providing a Q & A format with Spirit/Source for readers to develop self-love while further exploring the everyday human condition as well as global issues. Winner of the 2015 International Book Awards for New Age: Non-Fiction. Available at, &

Health is in Your Hands

51 Flash Cards for the Practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu

This book-and-card-set is the perfect gift for all those who wish to take their health literally into their own hands. The easy-to-follow book and flash cards for immediate hands-on application allow you to quickly choose the appropriate card for any given symptom and help yourself. 212-662-0512

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda

A Stunning Companion Book Based On the Award-Winning Documentary Film

This engaging new coffee table book features more than 400 photos; interviews with Krishna Das, George Harrison, Deepak Chopra, and many others; the original film script; the words of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi; and much more. Hardcover, 288 pages.

Love, Animals, & Miracles

Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond

Anyone with an animal, an appreciation for the inspirational, or simply the need for a smile will treasure this celebration of animals as a source of love--and maybe even miracles.

Chattra-Divine Yoga Gear

Practice Should Be Beautiful, Meditation Divine.

India-inspired, artisan-crafted yoga mats & bags, totes, meditation cushions and more. Free yoga strap with $75+ orders for Spirituality and Health readers through 12/31/15. To continental US addresses only; use code SHSTRAP.

Golden Ratio Products

Expand Your Water and Health Consciousness

The only Eco all-natural bottles on the market today. Twenty-four and sixteen ounce water bottles, ten ounce hot and baby bottles. Nothing synthetic, no plastics, and they revitalize the liquids within through the magic of the Golden Ratio design. 207-523-9169

Decorating with the Five Elements of FengShui

Tisha Morris Reveals the Amazing Possibilities for Transformation

Balance your energy, improve your relationships and happiness, and heal your living space and the planet. Join feng shui expert Tisha Morris as she reveals the amazing possibilities for transformation when you use the five elements of wisdom to make simple yet beautiful changes in your home and life. 800-THE-MOON

Meaning to Pause[R] Bracelets

Create a Personal Pause that Inspires You

Meaning to Pause[R] bracelets gently vibrate every 60 or 90 minutes prompting you to pause, reflect on your intentions and reframe your thoughts--helping you make meaningful moments throughout your busy day. Our beaded bracelets are available in Natural Stone, Gemstones, Sandalwood, Sterling Silver and more. Upon checkout, use our thank-you code, SPIRITUALITY HEALTH, and receive a 20% discount through January 10, 2016.

Light of Day Organics

Most Pristine Ceremonial Grade, Certified Organic Matcha Available

How does a dose of focused calm sound? For 800+ years, Buddhist monks have been using Matcha as a meditational drink. Light of Day Organics offers the most pristine ceremonial grade, certified organic, radiation-free Matcha available. Shade grown, grown slowly, handpicked, deveined, blanched, dried, ground into an ultra-fine powder. Enjoy whisked, prepared in a smoothie, or in convenient Vegan Capsules.

Mind, Body, Spirit Books

To Enlighten and Inspire Everyone

From Spellcraft to Tarot to Symbols, Crystals, Angels, Meditation, Yoga, and more, Quarto Publishing has a wide selection of new age and mind, body, spirit books to enlighten and inspire everyone.

Meggen Watt Photography

Inspiring Visual Harmony

Light and water dance together in these "waterscapes."

Give the gift of a water-lapped, beautiful scene with optional quote that inspires harmony! Each is crisp, vivid, and durable, presented on metal, ready to hang. Standard and custom sizes available from Meggen Watt Photography.

Inner Reflections

2015 Engagement Calendar

This life-affirming, award-winning engagement calendar features breathtaking images from the world's top nature photographers, artfully matched with inspired insights from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. An ideal spiritual gift for yourself or others!

Good Clean Love

Bio-Inspired: Aligning Love & Science

Based on independent research! Restore and Balance moisturizing lubricant and wash are scientifically formulated to mimic the body's natural equilibrium with perfectly calibrated pH levels, salt balance and the same type of beneficial lactic acid produced by healthy lactobacilli for your overall sexual health as well as for hygiene and enhanced intimate pleasure. 100% vegan, petroleum-free and paraben-free. 541-344-4483

The Metaphysician Within

Transform Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Spiritual healer and medical intuitive, Lisa A. Blackman, shares her insights on spiritual healing and the sublime reasoning for illness and the painful symptoms that can come with our awakening, integration and unification of mind, body and spirit. Lisa has been helping people to heal and transform their lives for more than 20 years. Intuitive readings offered by phone, email, in person or Skype. 203-254-8416

Bicycling Home, My Journey to Find God

A Journey of Discovery and Transformation

Along with cross-country bicycle trips and competitions, the author also traveled countless inner miles in her spiritual quest to find herself, and to find God. This is an inspiring story of mystery, adventure, and love. Thirty color photos. Visit her website to read Chapter One. (Also the author of Across America on the Yellow Brick Road.)

Handbook for Humanity

New Insights for Happiness and Fulfillment

Divinely inspired and compelling, this handbook reveals timeless wisdom and infinite levels of awareness and answers for whatever stage of consciousness you are moving through. Each time you read this handbook, new levels of understanding will reach out to you. Purchase a book as a gift for you or for someone you love.

Picking Up the Pieces of Hope

Love Lives--Hope Rescued Me After the Sudden Loss of my Son

Isolation can become acute when not connected to the love that I our hearts yearn for My state of hopelessness has become transformed into triumphant belief! Allow the pages of my book to reveal love's power to pierce the veil of heaven.

Swim, Ride, Run, Breathe

How I Lost a Triathlon and Caught My Breath

The remarkable true story of a middle-aged, non-athletic mother, clergywoman, and wife of a disabled man, who, on a whim, embarked on a sprint triathlon that changed her life. If you liked Eat, Pray, Love and Wild, you'll be inspired by Swim, Ride, Run, Breathe.

The Timeless Love of Twin Souls

An Invaluable Guide to Relationships

An inspirational story of two people finding each other in two lifetimes. It describes the afterlife and offers wisdom and guidance from that dimension while showing that love Is eternal. With a 'keys to happiness' chapter included, the whole book Is aimed at expanding the reader's awareness of this life and beyond, as well as how to achieve greater happiness.

Realizing Soul-From Intuition to an Inspired Life

"Paul Brunton's Laser-Sharp Eye Directs Us Back to ... the Divine Self."--Mooji

This engaging new compilation features Insights into life's deepest purpose from, a popular website where Inspiring selections from Paul Brunton's writings are read aloud In numerous languages daily. 607-546-9342

NEO-Neural Efficiency Optimizer

This Holiday Give Ultrasonic Bliss

The NEO-Neural Efficiency Optimizer-offers three modes to center the mind, deepen meditation, provides a new form of music enjoyment and speeds learning and boosts IQ. Gently blo-hack your way to a smarter and more blissful you!

Unconditional Self-Love Message Card Deck

By Rita Loyd

Deck contains 50 healing art images with messages of self-love on the back of each card. Each deck is packaged in a purple lavender organza bag. $16 each with quantity discounts available. Please visit our website to see card samples.

Yoga Meditations Wall Calendar and Pema Chodron Engagement Planner

Earth-Friendly and Inspiring 2016 Calendars

Amber Lotus calendars are carefully crafted--weaving together meaningful text and extraordinary images. More than 65 titles offer Inspirational text from wisdom teachers like Eckhart Toile, Pema Chodron, Ram Dass, and Thich Nhat Hanh. Use code SPIRIT2016 on our website to enjoy 25% off 2016 calendars, 800-326-2375


Celebrating Earth-Based Spirituality

We'Moon 2016: Quantum Leap Year reflects on chaos and opportunity, challenge and gift--eliciting our most daring magic. A best-selling visionary datebook full of women's creative work. Free shipping in the U.S. for orders of $50 or more. Call for multiple destinations. 877-693-6666

Universal Lessons

A Journey Through the Afterlife

Let Universal Lessons open your mind, touch your heart and expand your horizons, as you journey with a soul through the realms of light. Visit the spheres of healing, wisdom, inspiration and blessing. Available in paperback and e-book at You may read sample chapters at our website.


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