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2014 products of the year.

The following Products of the Year are a selection taken from our Editor's Choice products in 2014. This collection of innovative products represents many different equipment types across our industry. These products, listed here alphabetically, are aimed at helping our readers meet many materials handling challenges in their facilities.

Semi-automatic turntable and rotary arm stretch wrappers incorporate load wrapping customization technology

Robopac stretch wrappers now incorporate proprietary CUBE technology on both semi-automatic turntable and rotary arm machines. The system allows the setting of different wrapping parameters for each product and load configuration produced. By enabling custom wrap patterns, companies can ensure that loads reach their destination intact. Other features include multi-level variable pre-stretch of film to maximize both containment and film economy by adjustment of pre-stretch up to 12 times per load. Additionally, containment force can also be adjusted up to 12 times per load. Strategic film placement settings ensure that film is placed in key areas where it yields the greatest impact on load stability and containment. Aetna Group, 678-473-1025,

Trailers and trucks move materials through manufacturing, warehousing

A line of industrial and warehouse trailers is offered with either quad- (four-wheel) or dual- (two-wheel) steering. Custom fabricated in four different steer configurations--caster, link caster, fifth-wheel or automotive--the trailers can be equipped with multiple deck, wheel, coupler and superstructure options. One or more trailers can be pulled behind manned or automated tow vehicles for hauling and transporting goods inside manufacturing and distribution operations. Also offered is a series of trucks (platform, wagon, hand, shelf, skids or dollies) for manual materials handling and movement. ACCO Nutting, 800-533-0337,

Self-locking hook for hand and lever chain hoists

A new line of Self-Locking Hooks is offered for the supplier's MA series hand chain hoists and LA series lever chain hoists. The hooks close automatically, triggered by the lifting of the load. In addition to securing the load, the self-locking action ensures that the hook's latch cannot go missing. To open the hook, a hidden trigger (engineered to align flush with the surface of the hook to prevent snagging) is depressed. Easily assembled into standard bolted hook blocks, the device allows for complete hook inspection as specified by the ASME B30 safety code. All Material Handling, 312-698 8658, www.

Electric motors engineered with grounding brush to prevent voltage spikes

Electric Super-E motors integrate a carbon shaft grounding brush mounted internally to divert shaft currents away from motor bearings, increasing their life. The internally mounted shaft grounding brush can prevent voltage spikes that may occur when motors are controlled by a drive from damaging the bearings. Stock ratings include 1 to 50 horsepower in totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) or open drip proof (ODP) foot-mounted models, and with 1/2 horsepower to 5 horsepower in TEFC C-face foot-mounted versions. Baldor Electric, 479-646-4711,

Dynamic system automatically boxes and labels 15 packages per minute

The CartonWrap system creates ready-to-ship packages by automating boxing and labeling at processing speeds up to 15 boxes per minute, without manual labor. By sizing the box to its contents, the system significantly reduces shipping costs, as well as extra padding materials to fill empty space. As ready-to-package goods enter the system, the order is automatically identified and dimensioned. From this information, the system dynamically creates a custom-sized corrugated carton that wraps around the item, and then seals the carton and labels it for shipping. Features include creasing and cutting equipment, a transversal cutting blade and hot-melt glue guns that apply glue to the die cut. All associated data can be applied to the carton, including product bar code lookup, document attachment, labeling, ink-jet printing and product weighing. Beii and Howell, 800-220-3030,

Nestable plastic half-pallet for retailers is ideal for displays

A lightweight, nestable half pallet--the CPP 200--measures 32 x 24 x 5.1 inches and weighs 8.5 pounds, making it easier and safer for retail employees to handle at the point of sale. Capable of cubing out many common size displays and reusable plastic containers, the pallet features rounded corners and smooth surfaces. Made of recycled plastic, the pallet carries dynamic loads up to 2,200 pounds. For dense stacking when empty, each pallet's nesting height is 2.2 inches, reducing freight and storage costs. The pallet may also be specified in recycled polyethylene plastic material for closed loop shipments. CABKA, 913-238-0274,

Protect employees from falling product with netting for conveyor, rack

Cost-effective and easy to install, a line of industrial netting reduces product damage and decreases the risk of employee injury. The nets can be custom sized to fit nearly any rack or conveyor configuration, as well as floor-stacked products and mezzanine applications. They also help users comply with OSHA requirements. For installation, a full line of hardware is offered. Carron Net, 800-558-7768,

Powered pallet trucks introduced

Offered in two models are the Powrworkers pallet trucks: WPX 45 with 4,500 pounds capacity, and WP 30 with 3,000 pounds capacity. The WPX 45 features an ergonomic tiller arm with durable steel tubing handle, fully adjustable pull rods, and double-sealed wire harness connectors. Powered by a 24-volt AC motor, the unit provides anti-rollback and neutral braking capabilities. The WP 30 includes an hour meter and battery discharge indicator standard and is guided by an ergonomic tiller arm with solid steel tubing handle. Both trucks can accomplish pinwheel maneuvers in certain configurations. Clark Material Handling, 866-252-5275,

Automatically bag pack items

An automatic bagging and shipping station is ideal for operations handling 500 or more bagged items per day. Scanning the pick slip or order form automatically brings up the order. Once the item has been weighed (if necessary), the system automatically prints a shipping label on the bag. After the item and associated paperwork has been placed into the bag, the operator triggers an automatic sealing function, then sorts the completed order to the appropriate carrier. The machinery allows a single person to package up to 6,000 orders per shift. Cornerstone Automation Systems, 800-401-0304,

Ratchet hoist's integrated RFID chip simplifies inventory, inspection processes

Offered standard on all of the supplier's HMI-certified CM Bandit ratchet lever hoists, CM Smart ID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology enables faster inventory tracking and serialization. It also makes safety inspections more efficient and improves inventory and inspection data accuracy when integrated with a complete inventory and inspection management system. Simple, scalable and easily accessible, the RFID system was developed through a partnership with InfoChip. Before the hoist leaves the factory, each chip is associated with detailed product information that is uploaded and stored on the CM Smart ID Cloud. This gives the supplier the ability to add or update product and service information after the hoist is installed. Columbus McKinnon, 800-888-0985,

Pallet shuttle system automates deep-lane storage, retrieval of loads

To maximize cube utilization and generate up to 85% additional space efficiency, the E-express semi-automatic pallet shuttle automatically loads and unloads pallets in deep lane rack tunnels. Operated by remote control of up to four shuttles by a single user, the system converts traditional warehouse storage into a high throughput operation. It is ideal for installation in existing drive-in racking systems and can replace a single fulltime forklift operator continuously loading and unloading goods. Elite Storage Solutions, 877-717-3548,

Plastic injection-molded totes maximize storage density

A complete line of molded plastic dividable totes maximizes storage density and capacity for a range of applications, including in automated storage and retrieval systems. Engineered to be 20% more efficient than other molded totes, the units hold more product in less space. To prevent part migration, easily adjusted dividers lock in place. Containers range in size from 16 x 4 x 4 inches to 24 x 10 x 4 inches, and include integrated, ergonomic pull handles that make contents easy to access without tote forward migration. Stackable with or without dividers, the units also feature a rear catch hook that maintains the correct position for easy return. Flexcon Container, 908-871-7000,

Custom print/insert individualized documents into totes, boxes

The UltraSert-Plus automatically prints and inserts individualized manifests, bills, labels, instructions, return merchandise authorizations and promotional material into boxes and totes. The machine prints personalized documents, folds and inserts them automatically at rates up to 3,000 documents per hour. Ideal for integration into new or existing order picking, packing and fulfillment operations, the system includes multiple integrated bar code scanners and readers to ensure accuracy in milliseconds. Every order is scan verified to assure the proper documentation is being printed and inserted into the correct order, tote or container--no personnel required. Multiple units can be used in-line or parallel to meet throughput requirements. Integrated Systems Design--ISD, 248-668-8250,

Ergonomic transporter lifts 5-gallon pails

To eliminate back strain caused by lifting and transporting heavy, 5-gallon pails, the Pail Partner lifter/transporter features a special yoke that securely holds a plastic or metal pail just below its rigid collar. Powered by a maintenance-free, 12-volt battery with on-board charger, the yoke can be easily raised or lowered to conveniently pick up stacks of up to three pails. The unit can be used to add to or take from a stack of pails, wheel the stack to another location, and place the pails on a floor, shelf, tailgate or other surface. Compact and ergonomic, the transporter is offered as an alternative to hand trucks or manual moving. For stability, it features four-wheel counterbalanced construction to move loads up to 200 pounds and place them on surfaces up to 35 inches high. The unit maneuvers on heavy-duty, 10-inch, flat-free tires in front and swivel casters in back. Lift'n Buddy, 701-499-5289,

Move bottles direct from production to stores with returnable beverage tray

A multi-bottle returnable beverage tray enables the implementation of one-touch solutions in beverage and retail. Ideal for use in high-speed production lines, the tray stores, moves and displays beverage products direct to the retail floor, reducing product handling and packaging. A bottle-holding mechanism secures contents through the closure instead of the bottle base, making the unit more stable in transit. Lightweight, hygienic and durable, the tray holds a variety of bottle sizes from 1.25 to 2.25 liters. Loscam, 852-22-00-0619,

Reach, stage loads at higher-rack levels with pantograph reach trucks

The Jungheinrich ETR 340-335d series of pantograph reach trucks offer capacities from 3,500 to 4,500 pounds and lift loads up to 450 inches to maximize storage space. Features include advanced AC motor technology and vehicle software that optimizes performance while minimizing energy consumption; a hydraulic system that lifts at speeds up to 160 feet per minute; a suspended articulating drive axle that evenly balances load weight for improved stability during cornering and when working at high lift heights; rigid mast with cushioning at all mast stage transitions; and extensive cushioning in the pantograph system to soften impact to the load and mechanism at the end of its stroke. The operator display panel presents key information in a single, easy-to-access location, including three programmable performance modes, a battery discharge indicator, drive wheel direction indicator and LED indicator lights. Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA), 877-543-6757,

Wire mesh rack decking offered

Covered by a two-year warranty, a line of welded wire mesh decking is constructed with flared or standard U-channels to fit most beam styles. The decking is manufactured of galvanized steel for long lasting, rust-free use and can be ordered in a powder-coat finish with many colors available. In addition to meeting fire code standards and promoting safety, wire decking is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and adds security and strength. The decking may be specified in wire gauges from 4 to 7, with support channels in 12 to 16 gauges. Standard capacity models hold up to 2,500 pounds; heavy-duty versions hold loads more than 2,500 pounds. The decking fits existing rack from all major manufacturers. Next Level Storage Solutions, 800-230-8846,

Small format pallet sized for deliveries to retailers

To optimize replenishment in small-format stores, a new 42 x 30-inch pallet streamlines delivery, minimizes product touches and increases on-shelf availability. All-plastic, the HP pallet allows full and split cases to be sorted and loaded at the distribution center. The pallet is then delivered to the store and used for replenishment at the point of sale. Once pallets arrive at the retailer, they can be moved directly to the floor, reducing labor costs and maximizing storage space. With 45 pallet locations per 53-foot trailer, the pallet maximizes truckload density. It has a 20-pound tare weight and ergonomic hand holes for easy manual handling. ORBIS, 800-890-7292,

Affordable foam-in-bag packaging system for low-volume operations

The Instapak Simple foam system produces foam cushions for lower volume operations that require fewer than 25 packs per day. Lightweight, affordable and easy to install, the device requires minimal maintenance. The system does not use the heated hoses, pumps, external controls and large containers required by traditional systems. It runs at household voltage electrical levels, eliminating the need for elevated power capacity. Transportable to multiple packaging stations within a production facility, multiple units can be installed in different work cell environments as an alternative to consolidating to a single pack station. To operate, a push of a button produces materials at a rate of at least three bags per minute. It generates foam materials without manual mixing or individual bag loading, and aligns foam with the center of the bag to create consistent and durable cushions. Sealed Air, 800-648-9093,

Distributed drive for packaging conveyors

The Sinamics G110D distributed drive is ideal for installation in close proximity to motors throughout facilities where dust and water ingression are a concern. Applications include packaging conveyors, to pumps, fans, compressors and other industrial equipment. The economical unit features integrated plug-and-play power and control for easier installation and an optional Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) for simple text application setup in a reduced footprint. The IOP gives the machine operator greater control, alarm status alerts and resolution advice to reduce troubleshooting time. For additional space savings, the drive's IP65-rated metal housing enclosure has a low profile for easier mounting near the motor, no cabinet required. It can be installed with either direct communication with a PLC or control through I/O inputs. Integrated brake control and quick stop functions ensure reliability in heavy-load operations. Siemens, 800-743-6367, motioncontrol.

Embedded indicator signals forklift tire's approach to end of useful life

To communicate when a lift truck tire is worn out and needs replacing, the Pit Stop line of premium range industrial tires incorporates an orange line embedded into the tire. Visible on the tire wall, the indicator reveals itself across the surface of the tire when the rubber has reached the end of its lifetime. An exposed orange line means that the tire has roughly 100 hours of life left, allowing facility managers to plan for replacement and downtime whiles reducing waste. Trelleborg Wheel Systems, 866-633-8473, wheelsystems.

Ergonomic, customizable packing stations

A new line of packing tables for end-of-line packaging operations is ergonomic and fully customizable. Constructed with intelligently located, easy-reach tool trays and recycling bins at worktop level, the table can also incorporate cutters, paper rolls and label printers. More than 35 accessories may be specified. The tables are fully configurable either at the factory or on-site. Additionally, a selection of trolleys with adjustable shelving feature dimensions that allow them to fit snugly beneath the workstations either singly or in pairs--providing convenient space for packaging materials and other ancillary equipment. Treston, +44-0-16-35-52-1521,

Three new bar code scanners released

Ideal for industrial environments--and backed by a two-year warranty--a new line of bar code scanners includes the WLS9600 and WLS8600 for fast-paced bar code scanning, and the WDI4600 for 2D bar code scanning. The WLS9600 laser bar code scanner provides fast performance with a high motion pattern that allows the scan engine to decipher bar codes quickly, including those that are dirty or damaged. Engineered for harsh applications, the WLS8600 industrial corded bar code scanner reads 1D bar codes in the yard, warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility. Also corded, the WDI4600 2D bar code scanner delivers quick and accurate reads with intuitive motion sensing technology to improve efficiency and eliminate data-entry errors in retail and light industrial environments. Wasp Barcode Technologies, 866-547-9277,
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