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2014 Meteor Shower: Eta Aquarids Set to Peak on May 5, What Time to Best View.

Another meteor shower display is set to grace the night skies following the 2014 Lyrids meteor shower last April. The 2014 Eta Aquarids meteor shower that comes out of the Aquarius constellation is already visible but the peak display is set to take play on Monday night, May 5.

The annual meteor display that kicked off visibility in April is expected to last through Monday, May 12, with up to 10 meteors per hour most likely observed. The southern hemisphere can have a better view of the Eta Aquarids meteor shower display with up to 30 meteors per hour visible.

However, the ( report claims there could be multiple meteor showers occurring simultaneously. "If you see a falling star, trace it back to the constellation Aquarius to see if it was from the Eta Aquarids or another meteor shower. If it didn't appear to come from Aquarius, it's a different shower," the report noted.

Eta Aquarid, one of the two annual meteor showers originating from Comet Halley, got its name from the "most radiant point" in the constellation Aquarius which is a bright star called Eta Aquarii. For the second time, the Earth will pass through Comet Halley's path around the Sun in October which results to the Orionid meteor shower display that peaks approximately on October 20.

In the ( Time and Date report, the time to best view the 2014 Eta Aquarid meteor shower display is early in the morning right before dawn. The report further added that the meteor shower peak is expected to continue on May 6 with the waxing crescent Moon creating the ideal conditions for observing the celestial sky display.

The Meteor Shower Calendar of the American Meteor Society ( states that southern tropics will have more visibility on the Eta Aquarids. For those located from the equator northward, the Eta Aquarids normally last with the rate of 10 to 30 showers per hour just before the crack of dawn.

"Activity is good for a week centered the night of maximum activity. These are swift meteors that produce a high percentage of persistent trains, but few fireballs," the description on the American Meteor Society calendar reads.

To have a best view of the 2014 Eta Aquarids meteor shower, sky watchers are suggest to travel outside of the city so that the bright lights will not get in the way of the shower lights. The upcoming meteor shower can be observed with just the naked eye.

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