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2014 Halloween: Ellen DeGeneres Sends Producer Andy Lassner Again To A Universal Studios Horror Maze With His Assistant Jacqueline [WATCH VIDEO].

Ellen DeGeneres used the Halloween spirit once again to show her audience on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" how much she loves to easily scare her producer Andy Lassner. The TV host had Andy Lassner go through a horror maze once again but the producer has his assistant Jacqueline with him this time.

In the video that "The Ellen Show" shared on YouTube, Ellen DeGeneres explained that it is fun and easy to scare Andy Lassner that is why she asked him to go through the Universal Studios' Dracula Untold horror maze. To make things more interesting, the 56-year-old TV host decided to have Andy's assistant Jacqueline accompany him because she is just as easy to scare.

"I would like to tell you that they handled themselves with grace, composure and dignity but that would be a lie. Oh Lord watch," DeGeneres stated before showing the video to the audience. It begins with producer Andy Lassner explaining that he will be assisting Jacqueline as the two of them go through the Halloween horror maze.

"This is all happening for Ellen's twisted personal amusement. I hope this makes her happy," Lassner stated in the video while standing next to his assistant Jacqueline. Afterwards, the two entered the horror maze and hilarious reactions ensued.

Andy and Jacqueline just entered the horror maze but people in costumes were already jumping out to scare them. As expected, Andy's reaction included his trademark "Stop it! Stop it now!" comment that he kept on saying when Ellen sent him with Amy to the Halloween Horror Nights "The Walking Dead" maze in 2013.

The most hilarious part of the video is when Andy admitted that he just peed after a woman in a scary costume jumped out to scare him and Jacqueline at a dark hallway. "I swear to God I just peed!" Lassner declared.

As the two go through the maze, Andy Lassner once again hid behind Jacqueline and even told his assistant to spread out her arms so he could protect her. Jacqueline admitted that she does not really like it when she cannot see a thing because it feels like a trap while Andy Lassner declared that he is not joking when he said earlier that he peed a little.

The video titled "Andy and Jacqueline Brave the Haunted House" got uploaded on YouTube last Friday, Oct. 31, and it has currently over 500,000 views. Watch the video below to see Andy and Jacqueline's hilarious reactions to the Halloween horror maze.


Credit: YouTube/( TheEllenShow

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