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2014 Annual Conference of China Textile Round-Table Forum in Beijing.

The Ninth Annual Conference of China Textile Round-Table Forum, co-sponsored by Oerlikon Manmade Fibers concluded on February 23, 2014 in Beijing Kunlun Hotel.

China Textile Round-Table Forum organized by CNTAC is hosted by China Textile Economy Research Center and News Center of CNTA. The annual conference themed as comprehensively deepening Reforms and Developing the Textile Industry" led to discussions toward hot issues, such as 2014 macroeconomic situation and policies; new-year economic situation and prospective on textile industry, especially the chemical fiber industry; prospective on textile industry in the period of 12th Five-year Plan and 13th Five-year Plan (2015-2020); major reform of textile industry and an issue of excess capacity.

Jia Kang, famous economist, member of the national committee of CPPCC and director of financial science institute of Ministry of Finance, Yao Jingyuan, famous economist and special researcher of Counsellor Office of State Council and Zhang Yansheng, researcher and secretary general of academic committee of National Development and Reform Commission were invited to deliver speeches on "Interpretation on new policies of comprehensive deepening reform of economic system of third plenary session of CPC", "Macroeconomic situation and policies in 2014" and "Build new advantages of textile industry on international competitiveness and cooperation"respectively .

Gao Yong, Vice president and secretary-general of CNTAC and Sun Ruizhe, Vice president of CNTAC later made speech on the topics of "Economic situation analysis and prospective on textile industry in 2013-2014" and "Prospective on textile industry in the period of 12th Five-year Plan and 13th Five-year Plan(2015-2020)" respectively. Stefan Kross, CEO of Oerlikon Manmade Fibers gave a speech on "Comprehensive process know-how as the decisive lead for eco-friendly innovations for the manmade fibers industry". Wang Tiankai, President of CNTAC delivered a speech to conclude the forum.

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Date:Apr 30, 2014
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