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2014: the year in balloons.

"The name kind of says if all. Stealing a line from the movie 'Field of Dreams,' we feet, If we build it, she will come' ... we hope."

--Longtime Friend of the Clintons, NH attorney Terry Shumaker, on the Ready for Hillary Super PAC that's, well, getting ready for Hillary to run.

"The GOP up here in New Hampshire is run by a party boss we cal! 'Papa Smurf.'"

--GraniteGrok mastermind/tea partier Skip Murphy, referring to a man the rest of N.H. calls former Gov. John H. Sununu.

"Whatever happens. We're going to hare a leader of the "Republican caucus, and that will be me."

--Bill O'Brien, the Man Who Would Be Speaker, stands firm on his bid to be House majority leader. Time will be the judge.

"Men by and large make more because of some of the things they do. Their jobs are, by and large, more riskier."

--Manchester GOP state rep Will Infantine, last session on the floor of the House, where grammar don't count.

"The late night comedians can decide whether Scott Brown's answers make sense."

--Jeanne Shaheen responding to her likely opponent's observations.

The captain of the Titanic also told people not to worry."

--Rep. Ken Weyler, a Kingston Republican, criticizing GOP opponents of casino gambling who essentially dismissed a possible Medicaid Enhancement Tax-induced fiscal crisis.

"I believe Sen. Jeanne Shaheen should be holding town halls, and t hare a First Amendment right to express that point of view. I wasn't bothering anyone, I wasn't disturbing anyone. In fact, I got a good deal of encouragement from people along the parade route."

--GOP activist and chicken suit-wearing Michael Zona, after he was arrested for allegedly harassing Shaheen and Gov. Maggie Hassan at the Londonderry Old Home Day parade.

"Do I hare the best credentials? Probably not. 'Cause, you know ... whatever."

--Former Mass, senator Scott Brown, after being asked his qualifications for running for N.H.'s Senate seat. Needless to say, he lost

"This is not Mel Thomson's New Hampshire anymore."

--Union Leader editorial page editor Drew Cline a day after the dawning of the House Speaker Shawn Jasper era--proving that nothing gets by those folks at the UL's editorial pages.

"Somebody told me the real answer is to build a fence between New Hampshire and Massachusetts."

--Rand Paul, the GOP Kentucky senator and possible prez candidate, tells a crowd in Dover about one way the party could retake N.H. in 2016.

"Damn it--this is why you need the full language before you sign off on bills like this ... now my name is attached to this turd."

--GOP rep Kyle Tasker of Nottingham, apparently having second thoughts after signing on as a sponsor of a bill that would allow the establishment of mental health courts in N.H.

"Absolutely not. How dare you?"

--N.J. guv Chris Christie, in town to raise money for N.H. GOP guv hopeful Walt Havenstein, after being asked if he were laying the groundwork for a presidential run in '16.

"Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no."

--Former GOP prez nominee Mitt Romney, speaking in January, after being asked whether he's thinking about running for the office a third time.

So, in apologizing to Arsenio we just wanted to point out: At least you're in good company here."

--NBC News anchor Brian Williams after a photo montage of late-night TV hosts excluded Arsenio Hall. His 'good company" reference: The newscast last year left New Hampshire off a map showing part of the US-Canada border.

"It's a nice bribe. OK, bribe may be a strong word. We have seen different incentives as these bills have come and gone."

--Will Stewart, then-executive vice president of the Greater Manchester Chamber, on Dem Sen. Lou D'Allesandro's decision to sweeten the casino gambling pot with $25m in revenue sharing for communities.
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