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2013 NDTA Awards.

NDTA has a number of internal awards that recognize individual members who have excelled in fostering the goals and aims of the association. These awards include the NDTA President's Special Achievement Award, Young Executive of the Year Award, Colonel Norbert Grabowski Membership Recruiting Awards, NDTA Distinguished Service Awards, and NDTA Corporate Distinguished Service Awards, among others. We congratulate this year's award winners and thank you for your contributions to the association, as well as to the greater logistics and transportation community.


Mr. Daren A. Baker

Tampa Bay Chapter

Mr. Daren A. Baker is awarded the NDTA President's Special Achievement Award for continued exceptional service and commitment to the goals and objectives of NDTA. Mr. Baker has been the tireless, industrious, and dedicated NDTA Florida State President since 2009. His timely and comprehensive communications with the NDTA headquarters staff has ensured the latest information is always available to his state's chapters on symposiums, awards, membership programs, and breaking news announcements. He has been at the forefront of the founding of two new chapters in the state and has drafted highly-qualified candidates to lead these efforts.

Mr. Baker is recognized as the consummate promoter of all things NDTA. In 2012, he arranged for, and coordinated a tour of USCENTCOM as a part of the Tampa Chapter Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament. His vision turned a social gathering into an informative and educational event, generating tremendous interest in chapter activities. Later in the year, he was a key player in arranging a tour of the Military Sealift Command's new Joint High Speed Vessel, the USNS Spearhead, for the Tampa Chapter. His personal involvement persuaded the NDTA President and Southeast Regional President to attend the ceremonies and tour of this magnificent vessel.

Mr. Baker persuaded CENTCOM/J3 leadership that their Strategic Mobility Center would be a leading contender for the NDTA's newly created Innovative Logistics Service Award. His insistence at providing recognition for the Center's accomplishments and his inputs to the nomination package proved to be critical to the Center receiving the award at the NDTA Forum in 2012. Daren Baker's dedication and significant involvement is well known throughout NDTA and he is richly deserving of the NDTA President's Special Achievement Award.

Mr. Bob Reilly

Baltimore Chapter

Mr. Bob Reilly has served as the Baltimore Chapter President for approximately 12 of the last 14 years. During his tenure, Mr. Reilly maintained steady membership levels and provided top-notch chapter communications. He was the primary manager of all event planning, coordination, and promotion. As such, he kept events interesting and appealing to a broad range of participants by holding events such as port tours and maritime simulator demonstrations, in addition to lunches and dinners. He arranged for guest speakers that included individuals from the USCG, MSC, SDDC, TSA, DHS, OSD, NSA, NASA, USAF, USMC, Army, DCS, Navy, ATA, MD Trucking Association, and the Red Cross, among others. Most years, he also managed the chapter's annual Baltimore Spring Golf outing. He navigated the chapter through difficult years following 9-11 and the loss of its regular meeting area on Fort Meade. During several lean years, he worked as a two-man team with Chapter Treasurer, Barry Noe. He has consistently re-shaped the chapter's board of directors to include individuals who would engage in the NDTA mission.

In addition to his support at the chapter level, Mr. Reilly is a great supporter of NDTA's future leaders. He built an ongoing relationship with the NDTA University of Maryland Chapter through student outreach, attending the school's annual Industry Day, and serving as a guest speaker. He extended the Baltimore Chapter's scholarship awards, implemented small scale Silent Auctions at chapter events to raise money, and instituted the Norm Dresden Chapter Scholarship for chapter members and their families. Under his leadership, the chapter was also able to make donations to the National Scholarship Fund. He is also active in the NDTA Mentor-Protege programs. Mr. Reilly is a long-term volunteer at the NDTA Forum and the NDTA-NOLSC Symposium, as well as other events. He consistently recruits for new members--dedicating his efforts to educating and inviting people to become members globally, not just in Baltimore. For all that he has done for the Baltimore Chapter, NDTA, and the greater logistics and transportation community, Mr. Bob Reilly is well deserving of the NDTA President's Special Achievement Award.


UPS became a critical resource for the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) initiative in 2005/2006, when its mission to distribute generic versions of AIDS medications to hundreds of thousands of people in Africa lacked an efficient logistics plan. This effort continues today, as the US government enlists the support of the Partners for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM), a consortium of 12 companies and humanitarian organizations, to purchase and distribute AIDS medications to many of the countries targeted by the PEPFAR program. Initially, the key challenge was finding a cost-effective way to distribute the temperature-sensitive medications to impoverished nations worldwide that otherwise lacked the means and infrastructure to receive them. UPS was selected as the lead logistics provider for the initiative, and was charged with ensuring the protection and transportation of the medicines, while maximizing efficiency--a challenging mission that the company continues to meet.

At the outset of the operation, it was clear that three logistics areas needed to be immediately addressed before medicines could begin moving to impacted areas: developing accurate demand forecasting methods, coordinating procurement, and creating a cost-effective distribution and inventory management solution. UPS and PFSCM leveraged UPS's leading-edge technology solutions and logistics expertise, as well as the economies of ocean freight to build a solution. In the last twelve months alone, partnering with PFSCM and the US government, UPS enabled more than $35 million in freight cost savings via consolidated shipping and the use of ocean freight, delivering more than $231 million worth of commodities. The initiative has delivered medicines to 1.5 million people in 60 countries totaling more than $1 billion in medications and treatment supplies, while saving the US government more than $100 million in shipping. The ongoing effort has also helped build economies in impoverished regions by contracting with independent, locally owned trucking companies to complete the last leg of the distribution operation. The consortium is working with the Global Fund and the World Health Organization to extend efficiencies it has developed for PEPFAR to other humanitarian projects. For its response to this important humanitarian mission and its contribution to the world of transportation, UPS is awarded the NDTA President's Special Achievement Award.



Mr. Ben Cross

Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter

NDTA is proud to present the Young Executive of the Year Award, in the civilian category, to Mr. Ben Cross. Mr. Cross' tireless efforts have culminated in key policy changes within the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3). These policy changes, regarding containerization of household goods, will allow for a dramatic increase in capabilities and capacity. For the first time since 2006, the DP3 will become open to nontraditional moving companies and containerization on a broad scale will now be possible. Not only will these changes improve the ability of the Department of Defense to move its personnel forward in pursuit of its mission, but they are also projected to save many millions of dollars over the years to come.

Furthermore, Mr. Cross has demonstrated a willingness to volunteer his time in support of the various associations he is a member of, including: the NDTA, American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), International Association of Movers (IAM), Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM), and Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WERC). During the past year, Mr. Cross has served as an officer for two NDTA Chapters (Tampa Bay and Dallas-Ft. Worth). In addition, he has volunteered his time, money, and resources to support charities such as Street Angel, where he packaged 25,000 pairs of socks for homeless youth, and Wounded Warriors, where he provided free logistics services. Mr. Cross has also supported scholarship funds for several NDTA chapters, helping to raise $10,000 over the past several years.

Mr. Ben Cross has exemplified the mission of the NDTA's A-35 program through actively partnering with military, government, and members of the private sector to improve both the transportation industry and his community.


The Army & Air Force Exchange Service

AAFES has proudly served America's armed forces for over 117 years, and exists to improve troops' quality of life and provide a dividend to support MWR Services programs. AAFES operates more than 3,100 facilities worldwide, in more than 30 countries, 5 US territories, and 50 states. During the past year, AAFES implemented and executed numerous programs which increased efficiencies and reduced costs, thereby reducing military non-operational burdens and increasing earnings for MWR dividends. Overall, AAFES initiatives realized savings in excess of $50 million over the past year, directly contributing to the Department of Defense cost reductions and increasing MWR support. The Exchange remains committed to its motto "We Go Where You Go," and remains committed to the support of our Soldiers and Airmen around the world by continually improving efficiencies within the supply chain that provide direct dividend support to Service MWR programs.



Category I

Aloha Chapter

Category II

San Antonio Chapter

Category III

Washington, DC Chapter


Ms. Yolanda Rios

San Joaquin Valley Chapter


Mr. Joe Escalera

Regimental Chapter



Vinay Kantharia

University of Maryland, College Park

Edie Kwok

California Maritime Academy

Dommonic Nelson

Texas Southern University

Alaina Rothstein

University of Maryland, College Park

Darshan Sangani

University of Maryland, College Park

Anna Strauss

University of Maryland, College Park

Jesse Swank

Pennsylvania State University

Huimeng Tian

University of Maryland, College Park


Jared Ashkenaz

University of Miami

Francis Beacom

Indiana University at Bloomington

Paul J. Gleason

Boston University

Joshua Gerding

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Melanie Morello

Western Michigan University

Christopher Stone

High Point University, High Point, NC


NDTA offers three scholarship/tuition assistance programs to NDTA members and their financial dependents.

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM A: to encourage good college students to study the fields of logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services.

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM B: to assist high school graduates achieve their academic goals in the fields of business/management, logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services.

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM C: to encourage good distance learning college students to study the fields of logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services.

NDTA scholarship/tuition assistance funds can only be disbursed to an academic institution on behalf of the successful applicant. If the institution is not known at the time an application is submitted, the successful applicant must submit documentation showing that he/she has in fact been accepted by an institution as a full-time student before disbursements can be made.


APL Limited

American Shipping & Logistics Group (ASL)

Avis Budget Group

Baggett Transportation Company

Bennett Motor Express, LLC

Chalich Trucking, Inc.

DHL Global Forwarding

Echo Global Logistics, Inc.


FMN Logistics, Inc.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

Landstar System, Inc.

Lockheed Martin

Maersk Line, Limited

National Air Cargo

R & R Trucking

Ridgeway International

Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)

Southwest Airlines

Supreme Group USA, LLC

The Hertz Corporation

The Pasha Group

The Port of Virginia

TOTE, Inc.

Transportation Institute

Truva International Transportation and Logistics

Universal Truckload Services, Inc.



LTC Bert Aben

Benelux Chapter

Ms. Tara Feilmeier

Scott-St. Louis Chapter

Mr. Prentice "Neil" Fox

North Pole Chapter

Ms. Kristin Haggard

Dallas-Fort Worth

Mr. Campbell "Scott" Hood

Tampa Bay Chapter

Ms. Teryn Kilgore

North Pole Chapter

Mr. Paul Kozak

Scott-St. Louis Chapter

Ms. Sandra McKinzie

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter

Col Roger Neumann, USAF

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter

Mr. Barry D. Noe

Baltimore Chapter

Col David Pollard, USA

Scott-St. Louis Chapter

Mr. Doug Siemonsma

Scott-St. Louis Chapter

Mr. Timothy M. Robinson

Atlanta Chapter

Col Dirk Verhaegen

Benelux Chapter


American President Lines, LTD

American President Lines (APL) is a leading Ocean Carrier and a valued service provider for DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA. By utilizing its vast fleet of US Flag container ships, the company provides unparalleled, mission-ready transportation for the Department of Defense (DOD) freight routing to the Pacific Rim. During calendar year 2012, APL successfully moved a total of 1,918 containers with a total line count of 110,895. In providing this outstanding service, APL has met the Required Delivery Date (RDD) 99% of the time. Our Military customers rely on this timely delivery of expected logistics. This company, a solid DOD partner, strives and succeeds in meeting these RDDs that are critical to the wartime commanders and troops on the ground.

APL has been the designated carrier in support of DLA Distribution San Joa-quin's annual military exercises "Balikatan" in the Philippines and "Cobra Gold" in Thailand. These exercises are for the deliveries of Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs) to support the military while they are training. This requires close coordination with APL in order to meet the sailing and delivery to these remote areas. APL's government cargo and government logistics teams in Denver have gone beyond the call of duty to make certain the operation group in Oakland, CA knew these were high visibility Pacific Command (PA-COM) exercise loads, and that space on the vessel had been allocated in order for these containers to get loaded. In addition, APL's Philippines Team discharged these containers first to ensure Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery to the exercise.

APL consistently demonstrates a willingness to elevate service beyond normal expectations and takes a proactive approach to solving shipping problems to satisfy the requests and needs of its military partners. APL demonstrated this capability when it received several Central Command (CFNTCOM) retrograde surface containers in error. Without any hesitation, APL partnered with DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA to get the containers moved to the correct destination. APL delivered a total of 514-40' CENT-COM retrograde surface containers.

American President Lines is an active member of the National Defense Transportation Association (N DTA). APUs Director of Military Sales serves as the president of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. APL is also a valued supporter of the San Joaquin Valley NDTA Chapter.

API, is recognized for providing excellent customer support. APL's employees maintain close working relationships with their military customers, and are readily available and always willing to provide assistance pertaining to inquiries on bookings, billing, schedules, and timely furnished equipment. The entire APL team is quick to respond to any unusual requirements. DLA Distribution San Joaquin takes great pleasure in nominating API, as the Over Ocean Carrier for the 2013 NDTA Quality Award.

Federal Express Corporation

Federal Express (FedEx) is the primary carrier used by DIA Distribution San Joaquin, CA for Continental United States (CONUS) express packages. This critical freight is expeditiously moved in accordance with the Domestic Express Small Package (DESP) program. FedEx, along with two other commercial carriers, also transports the depot's international express small packages. This special freight falls under the Worldwide Express (WWX-5) contract under which FedEx has shipped 22,010 requisitions during 2012. Also during calendar year 2012, FedEx successfully moved a total of 604,258 express domestic and 340,703 ground domestic packages, totaling 944,961 combined package shipments that fall under the DESP and Surface Small Parcel (SSP) contracts. In providing this outstanding service, the FedEx average on-time delivery performance metrics for 2012 are well above 95% for all small parcel categories.

A dedicated FedEx team of employees are stationed at DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA. This team of professionals' sole mission is supporting the depot. The team works multiple shifts, including weekends and holidays. DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA Transportation Division depends on FedEx expertise for insight to critical data affecting inbound, outbound, and third party shipments. These shipments are processed using an automated FedEx device that provides transparency and accurate data to the depot. This FedEx tracking product, In Transit Visibility, is made available for all depot shipments.

FedEx Corporation has a long history of using its global network to deliver important and life-saving aid and support to victims of natural disasters. A clear example of this occurred when FedEx committed nearly $1.5 million in cash and in-kind transportation to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts across the northeast corridor of the United States. In the two weeks following the storm, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Custom Critical networks transported more than three million pounds of disaster relief supplies and continued support in response to the ongoing needs of national non-profit relief organizations.

FedEx is a huge supporter of the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) and donates $10,000 each year to the NDTA Scholarship Fund. FedEx Express and FedEx Freight also donated transportation and logistical services to the Christmas Spirit Foundation/National Christmas Tree Association. For the eighth consecutive year, FedEx took part in delivering holiday cheer to the troops and military families around the world.

FedEx is consistently ranked among the world's most admired and trusted employers. It inspires more than 300,000 team members to remain "absolutely positively" focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards, and the needs of their customers and communities.

Green Valley Transportation, Inc.

Green Valley Transportation Inc. has an excellent quality record for 2012. This is due to its consistent adherence to the conditions under the Spot Bid Process and solid application of quality criteria. Green Valley Transportation has proven to be an extremely reliable carrier, not only for DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA, but for other Department of Defense (DOD) customers as well.

Green Valley Transportation's actions reconfirm the company's solid commitment of timely support to the Armed Forces through its customer-focused business philosophy. It is a contributing stakeholder in DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA's efforts to extend improvements in the supply chain to the customer's dock. During workload surges requiring dromedary or specialized equipment for sensitive, protective shipments, or household goods, the company quickly adapts. It provided the correct equipment and service to expediently deliver 628 shipments to meet critical warfighter mission deadlines during 2012. It has an outstanding reputation for on-time deliveries without loss or damage. Green Valley Transportation partners with DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA to meet customer requirements and expectations, ensuring deployments and missions can be safely completed. The communication, professionalism, and partnership between DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA and Green Valley Transportation, at all levels, are exceptional. Due to the company's close proximity to the depot, it quickly responds to any disaster relief efforts as needed.

Green Valley Transportation is an active participant in the local National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) chapter. It provides leadership for the chapter to raise funds for annual scholarship awards and promote community service, membership, and professional development of DOD shippers and carriers through high quality speakers at monthly NDTA meetings. In 2012, Green Valley Transportation was a loyal contributor for the 20 scholarships sponsored by the local NDTA chapter, totaling $20,000 to facilitate the development of future transportation leaders and logisticians. It hosts an annual NDTA scholarship Open House Dinner which funds two of the NDTA scholarships. Green Valley Transportation has been a "mentor" for new carriers corning into the world of DOD Transportation/Logistics.

Green Valley Transportation Inc. continuously lends support to several military organizations, hospice organizations, American Red Cross, CALFIRE relief support programs, and educational programs. It transported the 9-11 Memorial Exhibit for display throughout the United States.

Green Valley Transportation Inc. continuously demonstrates their commitment to quality by providing San Joaquin, DDC, DLA, and DOD with exceptional service.

Miramar Transportation, Inc.

Miramar Transportation is a small business carrier for the US Navy's Advance Traceability and Control (ATAC), retrograde transshipment program. To date, it has handled over 161,000 shipments exceeding 1.23 million line items with a combined weight in excess of 285 million pounds. Miramar demonstrates an intense focus on scalability, allowing ATAC operations to fluctuate, while maintaining a high rate of on-time delivery performance. The company maintains reliable transit times for all types of shipments, including those with routine, expedited, and non-routine delivery times. It also provides superior quality, on-site customer service, and process improvements. This includes implementation of the DOD mandated passive Radio Frequency Identification (pRFID) program at the ATAC Hub in San Diego, and being one of the key contributors to the development and deployment of the new ship manager online transportation program (all completed without Miramar raising its original price structure).

Miramar brings its own innovative in-house solutions, while decreasing the overall cost to the government. It has been extremely responsive to the Navy's transit requirements within the continental United States and Canada. The company's consistent performance with vital mission critical retrograde shipments has far exceeded the expectation of the men and women in the field. Miramar has been proactive in resolving US and Canadian government customs issues, and by doing so has ensured on time deliveries. Miramar has also worked with the United States Navy to develop and maintain an expedited engine transportation program throughout the country. As a result, it successfully managed the increase of mission critical requests for expediting aircraft engines.

The company provides Proof of Receipt (POR) and Proof of Delivery (POD) through EDI into the government's Electronic Retrograde Management System (ERMS), as well as Ship Manager, to provide accurate performance data. It provides Third Parry Logistics (3PL) services including warehouse personnel, management, and IT support. These services are fully capable of supporting RFID requirements when they become mandatory throughout the DOD supply chain. Miramar is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), ensuring a higher level of cargo security. It provides local area pick-up in San Diego, CA; Norfolk, VA; Jacksonville, FL; Cherry Point, NC; and Honolulu, HI, which reduces DOD cost of transportation by bringing material into centralized warehouses for further consolidation. Miramar also provides expertise in managing the specialized moves for FRC equipment.

Miramar has consistently met transit time standards and delivery requirements to its customers, enabling ATAC to continuously decrease customer wait time for CONUS shipments. Miramar has shown an overall on-time delivery rate of 96%. Using a professional team of transportation specialists, Miramar personnel partnered with ATAC personnel to quickly resolve problems and implement a national physical distribution plan that has optimized delivery speed, cost, and improved the DOD's national and global physical distribution process. Miramar has proven its ability to consistently meet and exceed ATAC's expectations.

Pilot Freight Services

Pilot Freight Services has an outstanding quality record of providing transportation services for DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA. Strict adherence to their Global Freight Management (GFM) tender specifications and vigorous application of quality criteria are hallmarks of this company's quality success record.

Pilot Freight Services has an outstanding reputation for on-time delivery. During 2012, it delivered over 1,165 domestic critical expedite air shipments, with some deliveries being made to remote areas. Pilot Freight Services has met the performance requirements when it comes to delivering shipments intact and without loss or damage. It has performed well by providing timely equipment and drivers from pick up to delivery, consistently within the terms to reduce Customer Wait Time (CWT). The critical supplies or parts are quickly delivered so the warfighters can safely complete deployments or missions.

Pilot Freight Services actions reconfirm the company's solid commitment to timely support of the Armed Forces through the company's customer-focused business philosophy. It is a contributing stakeholder in the depot's effort to extend improvements in the supply chain to the customer's dock. The company's drivers and dispatchers work with DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA and its customers when there are unexpected events that interfere with scheduled deliveries. The company works around weather problems of snow, rain, or fog; access problems to destination installations; and minor manpower or facilities problems. To minimize the cost and delivery time, Pilot Freight Services also makes a daily delivery to Travis AFB for priorities weighing less than 150 lbs. The communication, professionalism, and partnership between DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA and Pilot Freight Services, at all levels, are exceptional.

Pilot Freight Services personnel serve on the Board of Directors in the local chapter of the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA). It provides leadership for the chapter to raise funds for annual scholarship awards, support local charitable organizations, and improve the professional development potential of DOD shippers and carriers through high quality speakers at monthly NDTA meetings. In 2012, Pilot Freight Services representatives assisted with the local NDTA chapter's efforts to achieve the goal of awarding 20 scholarships totaling $20,000 to facilitate the development of future transportation leaders and logisticians.

Pilot Freight Services continues to support the United States through charitable contributions to military organizations, children's foundations, and medical research. In support of Hurricane Sandy Relief, it collected and shipped pallets of food, supplies, and blankets.

Pilot Freight Services continuously demonstrates its commitment to quality, by providing DLA Distribution San Joaquin, CA, DDC, DLA, and DOD with exceptional service.

Secured Land Transport

Innovation: Secured Land Transport (SLT) set the standard high in innovation during the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, providing Navy Munitions Command Detachment Earle (NMC Det Earle) with outstanding service both personally and professionally. SLT not only offered its services to NMC Detachment Earle, but to the Installation Commanding Officer by contacting the Naval Weapons Station Earle Emergency Operations Center to see what needs there were and to offer its services. During normal deliveries, depending on space availability, drivers filled their vehicles to capacity with desperately needed food and supplies for displaced employees and local residents on station. The humanitarian efforts SLT provided proved that it is a company with heart. It is not only concerned with the best interest of its customers, but it displayed that concern for the surrounding communities as well. The company is on the verge of increasing its fleet of vehicles to increase the amount of AA&E service support to and from government facilities.

Quality of Service: NMC Detachment Earle is highly impressed with SLT's outstanding dependability and superb efforts in meeting the detachment's needs and requirements. SIT always supports NMC CEO Det Earle and displayed extra dedication to customer service by providing a recent site visit from two of its highly enthusiastic representatives. The company's drivers arrive in a timely fashion and rarely have to reschedule pickups. They are extremely reliable and can always be counted on, which is extremely important in the attainment of mission requirements.

Partnership/Team Work: NMC Det Earle was deemed in a condition of "Force Majeure" as a result of Hurricane Sandy and the quick striking Nor'easter, which impacted the ability to off-load trucks in a timely manner due to various ship schedule changes. SLT displayed excellent support, team work, and partnership with the detachment and the United States government during this period by waiving $20,200 in detention charges that occurred after the storms passed. This effort enabled the detachment to shift focus more toward Hurricane recovery efforts and meeting mission requirements, loading critical assets onboard deployable ships.

DOD-Wide Application: SLT has excellent equipment availability and great rates. Due to recent budget cuts and sequestration, these rates are very reasonable and should fall in line with any new budgetary constraints in the future. In the long run, these rates should fare well with all DOD entities. SLT's dispatchers work extremely well with the detachment's transportation branch, keeping the workforce informed on delivery/pickup status. In the event there are any delays, SLT dispatchers are very proactive in notifying NMC Detachment Earle to enable it to shift its daily operating schedule to avoid downtime for the crews.


The International Chapter of the Year Award was initiated in 1977 to recognize chapters that have excelled in fostering the goals and objectives of NDTA; promoting an understanding of the importance of transportation to the security of the nation; participating in community service programs; developing quality educational programs for the chapter membership; and providing for chapter growth through effective membership recruiting and retention programs.


Tampa Bay Chapter

The dynamic Tampa Bay Chapter is once again presented with the prestigious International Chapter of the Year Award as a result of its exceptional programs and excellent community involvement. Its programs, which include a wide range of professional, personal, and humanitarian events, have been recognized on both national and local levels during the past year. Chapter membership is actively engaged with the local community, its home military installation MacDill AFB, and two Combatant Commands located on the base (HQ, Central Command and HQ, Special Operations Command). Together, these groups are at the tip of the spear when it comes to fighting the global war on terror, and thus some of the nation's highest-level defense leaders are found at MacDill. During this award period, the chapter participated in four socials, a scholarship fundraising golf tournament, it played a role in the Joint High Speed Vessel Spear Head visit, presented a guest speaker program, a CENT COM HQ tour, and multiple community outreach programs. The Tampa Bay region is a huge logistics hub that includes the Port of Tampa, Tampa International Airport, and an interstate system that reaches military and civilian ports of embarkation from Florida to Canada. The chapter's membership base ranges from current and retired flag officers, to the innovative and creative leaders in the civilian transportation fields that support the nation's transportation infrastructure, defense policies, and global applications. The chapter members are a true example of the civilian and joint-Service mindset, as they include Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guard members that provide a broad and unique perspective on Service-specific actions. The distinctive accomplishments of the Tampa Bay Chapter reflect credit upon themselves, MacDill AFB, the entire Tampa Bay community, as well as the ideals set forth by the NDTA.

CATEGORY III Scott-St. Louis Chapter

The Scott-St. Louis Chapter is recognized as the NDTA 2013 International Chapter of the Year, Category III, for outstanding service to its local community, the NDTA, and the United States. NDTA Chapter 82 has had a banner year, leading by example in serving chapter members, sponsors, the community, Department of Defense (DOD), and Headquarters NDTA. Throughout the year, Chapter 82 provided a slate of leading speakers, experts in a variety of disciplines from military, commercial industry, academia, and government to enhance the professional development of its membership. Through an active partnership with St. Louis University Center for Supply Chain Management Studies, Chapter 82 remains connected to both local and national level thought leadership in supply chain management. Through ongoing fundraising efforts and the generosity of its membership, the chapter provided financial contributions to charities serving critical needs in the veterans' community. In December, as it had done in the previous year, Chapter 82 held a successful holiday toy drive and birthday recognition program in partnership with the Children's Foundation of Mid America; providing 300 presents and over $1000 in donations to less fortunate children. Chapter 82's active partnership with local grade schools produced the NDTA national level National Transportation Week (NTW) poster contest winners, and further strengthened the already close ties between the chapter and local community. Its recognition of NTW also included a luncheon featuring a leading transportation academic, scholarship awards dinner, and charity golf outing, which raised over $12,000 for scholarships and veterans outreach support. The activities of the past year truly epitomize what it means to be an NDTA Chapter in terms of community outreach, DOD support, member support and recruiting, A-35 activity, and engaging chapter sponsors. The distinctive accomplishments of the men and women of Chapter 82 are representative of the highest ideals held by the National Defense Transportation Association and as such, they are richly deserving as this year's NDTA International Chapter of the Year Award, Category III.


The International A-35 Chapter of the Year Award was instituted in the continuing endeavor to involve young people in the varied programs of the NDTA and to recognize those chapters that make significant contributions to the furtherance of this goal.


San Antonio Chapter

The San Antonio Chapter is recognized as the 2013 International A-35 Chapter of the Year, Category II, for outstanding achievement in meeting the goals of the chapter and national association. The San Antonio Chapter Action-35s (A-35s) eagerly arranged and coordinated several chapter events, in addition to being highly active in other parts of the association. A-35s serve as San Antonio Chapter officers and, as members of its board of directors, they chaired and served on several chapter committees. The A-35s aggressively promoted the spirit and mission of the NDTA by direct involvement in planning chapter and community activities. As part of the Nation's 2013 celebration of National Transportation Week, A-35s arranged for the Mayor to proclaim May 1 2-1 8 as San Antonio Transportation Week for the year 2013. Additionally, to honor the Nation's military, the A-35 members sponsored, arranged for, and served breakfast to Wounded Warriors and their families at the Lackland Fisher House in San Antonio. The A-35s' involvement directly impacted the San Antonio Chapter's ability to provide four thousand dollars in scholarships and educational support for deserving students. The San Antonio Chapter's A-35s have made long-lasting and significant contributions to further the objectives and goals of the NDTA. The chapter is extremely proud of its A-35 members, just as the A-35s are proud of being a part of the NDTA. They are the very reason the San Antonio Chapter has truly earned the prestigious award of Category II International A-35 Chapter of the Year for 2013.


Scott-St. Louis Chapter

The Scott-St. Louis Chapter 82, is recognized as the 2013 NDTA International A-35 Chapter of the Year, Category III, for its outstanding service to the local community, development of young professionals, NDTA, and the United States. The Scott-St. Louis Chapter strives to make a positive impact on the surrounding community every day by connecting with young military logistics professionals from Scott Air Force Base and engaging them in chapter activities. Chapter 82 recognizes the significance of A-35 involvement by offering robust Mentor-Protege events, providing young professionals the opportunity to foster enduring positive relationships with military and industry stewards. The Scott-St. Louis A-35 Committee provided professional development opportunities where young professionals could interact with other young professionals, as well as a variety of interesting mentors including leaders from the Joseph Center, local civic leaders, senior military, and senior executives from NDTA Corporate Membership. The committee also showed extraordinary community involvement through volunteer events, which also fostered professional growth and provided networking opportunities. Chapter 82's A-35s partnership with the Children's Foundation of Mid-America made a significant and lasting difference in the lives of less fortunate children and their families. The A-35 chair and committee leadership were integrally involved in broader chapter activities, showcasing their leadership abilities to the Scott-St. Louis defense transportation community. Chapter 82 increased its A-35 membership over the last year and continues to set high membership benchmarks for the upcoming year. These programs are the critical lifeblood of the A-35 committee and Chapter 82's A-35s are indeed deserving of this award.


Since 1966, NOTA has honored units of the military Services that have performed outstanding service in transportation or a related field. These units are selected for this recognition by each of the Services.



73rd Transportation Company (Floating Craft)

10th Transportation Battalion

Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia

Since June 2012, the 73rd TC Soldiers and crews of the LT-805, ST-911, and ST-913 have sailed in excess of 11,450 total nautical miles. On 12 June 2012, LT-805 sailed 3,150 nautical miles to Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, FL to tow the Navy Helicopter Landing Trainer (Hun Ix 514 to King's Bay, GA, saving the US Navy over $1,000,000 in civilian contracts. That same month, the Soldiers of the ST-911 were called to assist a disabled civilian vessel and brought the disabled vessel to a safe haven for repair and further assistance. On 26 July, LT-805 responded to a distress call from Reserve unit, 949th Transportation Company to pull both the ST-915 and the BC Barge to Baltimore, saving the US Army $100,000 in towing costs. In August, Joint Logistics Over The Shore (JLOTS) Operation in Norfolk, VA, LT-805 recovered a Landing Craft Utility (LCU) vessel that lost both main engines. The ST-911 and ST-913 assisted in docking the Logistics Support Vessel (LSV), two LCUs, and a Navy Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) to the pier. The ST-913 towed the 1,200 foot floating causeway trident pier off the shore to Joint Base Langley Eustis. In December 2012, the ST-911 crew sailed over 130 nautical miles towing a barge consisting of navigational buoys and aides from Little Creek Amphibious Base, VA to Tall Pines, MD, for the US Coast Guard, saving over $120,000 in civilian over the road contracts.

LT-805 assisted Reserve Floating Craft Company, the 467th Transportation Company small tug, ST-905, during one of its missions with the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment (SOAR) saving the 467th TC having to incur additional mission costs. From March to May 2013, thirteen Soldiers sailed over 2,000 nautical miles from the 11-805 and BD1151 crews deployed to Yokohama, Japan, and Pohang, South Korea for a Combined JLOTS Operation. This was the first successful open ocean tows of the BD115T in nearly a decade.

In addition to sailing missions, in October 2012 soldiers represented the unit and Fort Eustis in the Army Ten Miler in Washington, DC, with two teams to represent the unit and representation on the Fort Eustis Post Ten Miler Team. Soldiers also participated in May 2013 in the Virginia Run for the Fallen; a run to pay tribute to every Virginia Service Member killed in the Global War on Terror.


1244th Transportation Company (IL-ARNG)

1144th TMT BN

North Riverside, Illinois

The 1244th TC has nothing less than an impressive record of success. Its mission success rate, dependability, and enforcement of logistical policies and procedures support this claim. Upon returning from its most recent deployment to Southwest Asia, the unit has continued its success and drive.

In those 12 months, the unit amassed over 120,000 miles of CONUS convoy operations with zero accidents or injuries. The 1244th provided invaluable support to the 33rd BCT's XCTC certification training. Its high level of readiness allowed the unit to be proactive in combining training with the needs of the supported unit. This reduced commercial transportation costs by utilizing the organic assets of the 1244th to efficiently execute line-haul movement of 145 containers, 85 vehicles, and general sustainment assets, saving thousands in taxpayer funds. This was while the unit was in Reset Status of the ARFORGEN Cycle. The unit and its soldiers remained competitive, setting the standard for Logistic Operations within the 108th Sus-tainment Brigade and the 1144th Transportation Motor Transport Battalion.

The 1244th TC leads the way in administrative and supply functions. The unit is consistently the first in completion and implementation of mandated projects and policies. Illinois recognized the 1244th TC as having the top family readiness group during combat and garrison environments. This recognition further supports that the 1244th TC is a battle ready, proficient, motivated, and well-rounded unit. The unit meets and exceeds the mandates required of a United States Army Transportation Unit, the soldier, and transportation creeds. The soldiers of this unit are irreproachable role models and meet these standards while upholding the Army values.


HHC, 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)

79th Sustainment Support Command (SSC)

San Antonio, Texas

The HEIC, 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) added to its lineage of honor while serving as the HHC, Joint Sustainment Command--Afghanistan (JSC-A). From the onset of receiving the order to deploy in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, the HHC quickly assembled deployment teams of trained individuals ready to handle deployment/redeployment operations (D/ROPS), HAZMAT, load planning, unit movement, and logistics SME's to ensure the expeditious and seamless movement of over 100 short tons of equipment and over 250 soldiers, via STRAT-air, sea, and contract air to meet their RDD and proudly report boots on ground in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Within days of arriving in theater, the HHC had imbedded the company members with their predecessors and took control of current operations alongside the outbound unit to ensure that a timely and successful RIP/TOA would be achieved. During the tenure as the HHC JSC-A, the company would go on to amass an exceptional track record of excellence to include assisting and or being directly involved in: moving 6,800 passengers per month for R&R; distributing over 4M pounds of mail per month; fortifying a perimeter that facilitated over 400 troops; returning over $15,345,082 in equipment and supplies found on KAF; Class I--11M meals per month valued at $140M; Class V--over 320 pallets per month, based on demand; and establishing a W6U CRSP yard to facilitate a massive endeavor for material reduction.

Its mission success rare, initiative, and enforcement of logistical policies and procedures cement the accolades and add to the Fidelity of this command. In both peacetime serving at home or deployed serving abroad, the HHC 4TH Sustainment Command sets the standards high to bring great credit upon the unit and the US Army Reserves.

Marine Corps


Combat Logistics Battalion 1 (CLB-1)

1st Marine Logistics Group

Camp Pendleton, California

Throughout 20 1 2, Combat Logistics Battalion 1 (CLB-1), currently based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA, set itself apart as the premier logistics battalion within the Department of Defense. While performing duties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and at its home station, the battalion members developed a reputation as the quiet professionals that could be relied on to accomplish any mission, anywhere, at any time.

CLB-1 deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 11.2 from October 2011 to April 2012. During this period, CLB-1 provided direct support to Regimental Combat Team 5 (RCT-5), its subordinate units, and all other coalition forces conducting operations in the Southern Helmand Province of Afghanistan. In the course of accomplishing its mission, CLB-1 conducted 302 combat logistics patrols (CLP); traveled over 315,800 miles; and transported 1,292 personnel, 350,300 gallons of water, 234,300 gallons of fuel, and 3,410 twenty-foot equivalent units. The battalion also processed 2,220 Logistics Support Requests and conducted 32 Helicopter Support Team lifts. CLB-1 processed 2,100 equipment repair orders that encompassed approximately 31,500 man hours of work.

Upon return from supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, CLB-1 was given the responsibility of being the Direct Support (DS) CLB to the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB). As a result, CLB-1 provided direct logistical support to the First Marine Regiment and other participating units. In order to prepare for this demanding task, the unit conducted a strategic Mobility Exercise (STRAT-MOBEX), a Motor Transport Company Field Exercise (FEX), a Battalion FEX, and participated in Exercise Steel Knight 2012. During these four exercises, CLB-1 conducted over 150 CIA's, drove over 14,500 miles, and transported over 4,000 personnel. In addition, CLB-1 provided over 25,000 gallons of water, 80 pallets of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), 13,000 gallons of fuel, and 76,735 of various rounds of ammunition to First Marine Regiment and other supported units.

In summary, CLB-1 has continually displayed a sustained level of superior performance and has set the standard for logistics units throughout the Department of Defense. The battalion is routinely recognized for its actions and is sought after for its support. The unit's members have proven themselves in the most difficult of situations and continue to find ways to improve. CLB-1 will continue to set the standard for years to come.


4th Landing Support Battalion (4th LSB) 4TH

Marine Logistics Group

Joint Base, Lewis-McChord, Washington

The 2012 Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) campaign plan directed the development and conduct of one Large Scale Exercise (LSE) per year, able to facilitate the training of a MEB-sized Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). TECOM recognized that 29 Palms provided the Marine Corps with the perfect venue to conduct such training, and identified Javelin Thrust -12 as the proof of concept for this newly designed LSE. While the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) Command Element (CE) existed, it did not have the subordinate units assigned, nor did the active component have the available units to assign to the MAGTF, due to ongoing combat operations. Therefore, US Marine Corps Reserve (MARFORRES) units, assigned to 1st MEB during Javelin Thrust-12, trained together as a fully integrated MAGTF and conducted LSE-1 in August of 2012.

4th Landing Support Battalion (4th LSB) was appointed as the lead Battalion within 4th Marine Logistics Group (4th MLG) for planning and executing 4th MLG's role as the Logistics Combat Element (LCE) of LSE-1/Javelin Thrust-12 (JT-12). The LCE was an 0-6 led Combat Logistics Regiment (CLR-4) that consisted of over 950 Marines and sailors sourced from 63 separate Home Training Centers (HTC). CLR-4 included over 900 end items, sourced from 37 HTCs and shipped via 150+ TOT shipments, spanning from HTCs on the East and West Coasts of the Continental United States.

Within CLRA, 4th LSB was responsible for establishing the Arrival/Departure Air Control Group (A/DACG) in the Ontario, CA International Airport. The A/DACG was responsible for receiving and tracking all personnel who deployed ISO of the 5,000+ person MAGTF that participated in LSE-1 from 110 HTCs nationwide. Key highlights of the A/DACG included the reception and processing of the Main Body movement of over 3,500 Marines and Sailors from across the country during a three day time period. Marines were flown into Ontario airport via standard commercial flights and contracted air, processed through the Joint Reception Center, then transported over 100 miles to the training area, where they were joined to the exercise force. At the conclusion of the exercise, the A/DACG transported and out-processed the 3,500 Main Body Marines and Sailors, ensuring 100 percent accountability and no missed flights, but accomplished the feat in only two days. Overall, during the conduct of the exercise, 4th LSB received, processed and successfully redeployed over 5,000 Marines and Sailors in support of LSE-1/JT-12.

Furthermore, 4th LSB was tasked with establishing the Equipment Reception Point (ERP) at Camp Wilson, 29 Palms. The ERP was responsible for receiving and accounting for an additional 350 pieces of equipment on behalf of the MAGTF, then ensuring that all Transportation Of Things (TOT) requests were in place for the retrograde of all of the equipment received. During the retrograde process, the ERP successfully shipped over 350 pieces of equipment to over 50 HTCs with no loss of equipment or missing shipments.

During the RSO&I phase of LSE-1/JT-12, 4th LSB was responsible for drawing equipment for the Logistics Combat Element (LCE) of the MAGTF from the Exercise Equipment Allowance Pool (EEAP) and the Division Equipment Allowance Pool (DEAP). This equipment was drawn in order to minimize the overall costs of TOT shipments for LSE-1/JT-12. 4th LSB successfully drew 20 pieces of equipment from the DEAP, located in Camp Pendleton, CA and coordinated the shipment of this equipment to 29 Palms, CA. 4th LSB also drew over 180 pieces of equipment from the EEAP aboard Camp Wilson, 29 Palms. Upon the conclusion of the exercise, 4th LSB ensured that all equipment was cleaned, all JLTIs were completed, and equipment was returned to the EEAP and the DEAR This task was done simultaneously while the ERP successfully shipped the above mentioned equipment to their respective HTCs.



Navy Cargo Handling Battalion One (NCHB-1)

First Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment

Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, VA

US Navy Cargo Handling Battalion ONE (NCHB-1) is the Navy's only active duty cargo handling battalion. It is a rapid response, forward deployable logistics support team tasked with conducting expeditionary cargo handling, air terminal, ocean terminal and shipboard cargo operations; they are the Navy's 911 Cargo Handlers.

NCHB-1 is capable of providing independent mission-tailored detachments or entire command deployment as a self-sustaining unit to any region in the world. Its unique capability and flexibility placed NCHB-1 in key roles during numerous real-world contingency operations and training exercises during 2012. NCHB-1 conducted cargo handling and expeditionary logistics support on four continents, deploying personnel globally in support of three Maritime Prepositioned Squadrons, all three Marine Expeditionary Forces, both Naval Beach Groups, maintenance for Maritime Prepositioned ships, the National Science Foundation and others.

For NCHB-1, 2012 was a successful and high operational tempo year. This was evidenced by the successful completion of 25 operations and exercises, to include two community relations operations. NCHB-1 is a one-of-a-kind, truly remarkable unit that is most deserving of the recognition afforded by this award.


Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Ten (NCHB-10)

Second Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment

Yorktown, Virginia

A Navy Cargo Handling Battalion's Air Cargo Company provides expeditionary, air cargo handling and support capabilities to geographical combatant commanders in support of the National Military Strategy. During the last 12 months, the efforts of Navy Cargo Handling Battalion TEN's (NCHB-10) Air Cargo Company efficiently and effectively provided outstanding support during its ten-month deployment to Afghanistan. From January to October 2012, 24 members provided direct joint logistical and transportation support to operational units located in Afghanistan.

Providing direct support to the 3rd Marine Air Wing (3rd MAW) Forward and Marine Air Logistics Squadron Sixteen (MALS-16), the company successfully maintained accountability and control of 31,483 mission essential items. Company members meticulously tracked and processed 8,602,879 pounds of parts and supplies, valued at $1.1B, significantly contributing to increased aircraft readiness across the 3rd MAW and MALS-16 (by 11 percent).

These Sailors were always under the threat of indirect fire; however, during an actual attack by insurgents, the Sailors of the Air Cargo company quickly reacted by escorting troops to safer locations, transporting casualties to the Aid Station, and protecting the Quick Response Team as they cleared areas.

NCHB-10's Air Cargo Company truly represented the spirit of Reserve forces during 2012. No other Reserve unit so proudly represents the noteworthy prestige of the NDTA's 2012 Military Unit of the Year Award, US Navy Reserve.

Air Force


721st Aerial Port Squadron

521st Air Mobility Operations Wing

Ramstein Air Base, Germany

The exceptional airmen oldie 721st Aerial Port Squadron (APS), the largest aerial port squadron in the USAF, continue a legacy of operational excellence in support of the global air mobility mission. The 495 dedicated aerial port professionals of the 721 APS provided world class air transportation support to three Combatant Commands, serving as the linchpin to strategic and theater air mobility operations throughout Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia.

True to the Latin motto emblazed on their squadron emblem, "Aut Viam Inve-niam Aut Faciam," meaning "I Will Either Find a Way or Make One," the 721 APS "Port Dawgs" stop at nothing to support the warfighter. Despite a 10-month terminal roof renovation project that displaced its entire cargo processing operation, the highly motivated personnel of the 721 APS moved 101,000 short tons on 14,000 aircraft missions and 10,000 surface movements. As a strategic passenger hub, the 721 APS executed seven Patriot Express passenger channel missions per week to include a US European Command validated mission, which rerouted 25,000 passengers from Frankfurt International Airport through Ramstein Air Base, improving force protection for service members and their families. The 721 APS made significant facility, customer service, and baggage handling process improvements to make the Ramstein Passenger Terminal the "Crown Jewel" and better serve its 242,000 total passengers moved in 2012.

The 721 APS airmen executed the busiest workload in the en route system with exceptional skill and professionalism. During the 2012 Air Mobility Command Logistics Compliance Assessment Program inspection, the 721 APS earned an "Outstanding" rating with an astounding 97.6% pass rate. Additionally, as citizen airmen, 721 APS personnel were actively engaged in their community and ensured that 534 fallen warriors were provided dignified and swift movement home to their loved ones. The 721st Aerial Port Squadron is recognized as the US Air Force's Active Duty NDTA Military Unit of the Year.


81st Aerial Port Squadron

315th Airlift Wing

Joing Base, Charleston, South Carolina

The 81st Aerial Port Squadron, Joint Base Charleston, SC, is the winner of the National Defense Transportation Association's US Air Force Reserve Component Military Unit of the Year Award for delivering outstanding results in both the area of responsibility and at home station.

With 63 members deployed for over 11,200 man-days, the impact of the 81st was felt across the theater in Thumrait, Manas, Bagram, and Kandahar. The combined efforts of its team enabled the safe transportation of over 146,000 tons of cargo and 506,000 passengers on over 22,000 missions. In Thumrait, not only did squadron members supply key equipment and cargo to Kandahar and Bagram, but they also pushed opportunistic cargo movement, transporting 729 tons ahead of schedule and saving 13 C-17 missions worth $1.2 million. Members also supported the massive deployment and redeployment of six fighter and rescue squadrons, transporting all support equipment and personnel to enable the swap-out of every F-16 and A-10 within four days. Finally, members airlifted 307 Mine Resistant All Terrain Vehicle kits to forward operating bases within 24-hours, fulfilling the Secretary of Defense's number one priority and protecting ground combat troops. All of this was done while simultaneously increasing passenger capacity at Thumrait by 250 percent, and leading convoy mitigation by optimizing C-130 airlift to eliminate the need for 120 convoys to pass through improvised explosive device areas.

The 81 APS was also at the forefront of innovation. Members instituted new processes to airlift blood and plasma to 14 forward operating bases within 30 minutes of receipt, saving lives with the new process. Another innovation was a new passenger visibility metric for planners to clearly see "Boots on Ground" conditions, reducing backlog by 20 percent. Additionally, these porters were key players in improving the movement of high priority unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopter transportation in theater.

Most notably, the 81 APS also invests in improving the effectiveness and safety of its most important asset. Not only did the unit have a 90% Fit-to-Fight passing rate, they managed the Reserve "Super Shuttle" for 480 wing members across three states and participated in village and orphanage events for the Manas Air Base Outreach Society. Overall, the professionalism of the members and their commitment to top performance in the area of responsibility, in innovation, and in quality of life programs make the 81 APS deserving of NDTA's Military Unit of the Year Award.

Coast Guard

US Coast Guard Container Inspection Training and Assistance Team (CITAT)

US Coast Guard Force Readiness Command Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Container inspection Training and Assistance Team (C11'AT) is a 10-member unit tasked with training personnel and assisting Coast Guard units with enforcing the requirements of the Federal Hazardous Material Transportation Regulations and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. CITAT also directly supports and trains Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Transportation, multi-national agencies, and the transportation industry in the safe transportation of hazardous materials.

During 2012, CITAT trained a total of 722 people and assisted countless others; many of those trained are Coast Guard inspectors assigned to Sectors and Marine Safety Units tasked with carrying out the mandated National Container Inspection Program. CITAT also trains the Redeployment Assistance and Inspection Detachments (RAID) that deploy to assist DOD units in Afghanistan and Kuwait for Operation Enduring Freedom, significantly improving the safety and security of multimodal hazardous materials shipments.

Deployed 539 days, assisting 14 separate Army units across the United States, CITAT's direct support greatly increased the efficiency and proper shipping of vital war fighting equipment and supplies to Afghanistan, ensuring it reached its destination without delay. In 2012, CITAT expanded its support of the Army by participating in the first-ever "TRANS WARRIOR" exercise designed to improve coordination among the Army's transportation mission specialties in the deployment and distribution of cargos in port areas. The three-day exercise led to significant improvements in the transportation mission capabilities of the Army and was recognized nationally in Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

Expanding its reach to the international transportation community, CITAT has also conducted training for military, customs and port authority personnel in Guyana, Uruguay, and Belize. These international training missions not only strengthen the regulatory enforcement programs of these partner nations, but also provide for increased safety and security to the entire international maritime community. In 2012, the importance of this program was highlighted as inspectors from Guyana interdicted 350 kilograms of cocaine in a shipping container, with an estimated street value of $30 million. Guyana directly attributed the discovery of the narcotics to the training received from CITAT.

CITAT is tirelessly improving training programs and ensuring delivery of courses to units with improved cost savings. During 2012, CITAT saved more than $30,000 in instructor travel expenditures through various cost saving methods. The unit's professionalism and unmatched expertise in hazardous materials transportation safety has earned the respect and admiration of the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and the transportation industry at large.




Ms. Natasha L. Boucicaut

Communications-Electronics Command Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland


Mr. Todd Zuidema

NMC CONUS East Division (CEO) Detachment Mayport, Florida


Gunnery Sergeant Anabell Nevels

Distribution Management Office Camp Pendleton, California


Master Sergeant Renee L. Munshower

Joint Personal Property Shipping Office--South Central Joint Base San Antonio, Texas


Mr. Floyd Edmonds

Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, Alabama


Sergeant First Class Nicholas L. Braddock

Defense Fuel Support Point Charleston, South Carolina


Ms. Chris L. Taylor

AAFES Kandahar, Afghanistan


Mr. Bradley MacPherson

DCMA Transportation Group, Southwest Team San Antonio, Texas


SFC Mark A. Woodward

Deployment & Deployment Systems Department US Army Transportation School Fort Lee, Virginia


SSG David C. Hughes

2nd Battalion (Modular Training) 196th Regiment (Regional Training Institute) Sioux Falls, South Dakota


SFC Angel T. Jackson

8th/108th BN (TC), 2nd Brigade, 94th Division (FS) Jackson, Mississippi


Sergeant Brian 0. Braxton

Ground Supply School Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools Camp Lejeune, North Carolina


Mr. Charlie Carter

Navy Supply Corps School Newport, Rhode Island
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