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2013 IAIE World Conference.

I hope you all enjoyed the IAIE World Conference as much as I did. I know all the conference organizers in particular Sue Bowen and our new executive director; Joan Fretz worked tirelessly to make it successful as evidenced by our excellent keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

As I write this, Thanksgiving for us in America has recently passed. It is one of my favorite holidays and time to give thanks for the many gifts we have in our lives.

My face is usually behind my camera at our conferences, so I want to thank the many of you for the photographs you took and shared, especially Ivy.

Enormous thanks to Clio for her patience, tenderness, and TALENT.

Peter Wong deserves extraordinary recognition for his assiduous contributions to IAIE. Lest I forget his tremendous gentlemanly tolerance and forgiveness for enduring my silliness.

A special thanks to Charles English for asking me to co-MC with Clio Chan.

How does one find the words to express our gratitude to William, Betty, and John? There would be no alliance without them. That includes all of the past and present IAIE staff and members of the Board of Trustees.

A Future Focus for the Alliance

In the summer of 1982 at Lehigh University, the Alliance for Invitational Education (AIE) was founded by a group of fourteen educators and helping professionals who deeply believed in and were committed both personally and professionally to a base set of interrelated humanistic principles. The AIE later evolved into the organization we now know as the International Alliance for Invitational Education (IAIE). The set of interrelated humanistic principles were and still are; to employ the perspectives of Perceptual Psychology and Self-concept Theories/Theorists, to seeing all people as able, valuable, and responsible; valuing the democratic ethics of cooperation and collaboration, appropriate transparency and genuineness; viewing process as product in the making, creating, maintaining, and enhancing truly welcoming environments, while facilitating the release of untapped potential in all the multidimensional areas of worthwhile human endeavours.

Is this the definition of Invitational Education (IE) or Invitational Theory and Practice (ITP)? It need not be an either or situation. I suggest that IE is subsumed in ITP by the significant overlapping conceptual areas of each. From a functional viewpoint, applying ITP within the specific context and environment of education, ITP may be synonymously labelled as IE. Simply put, utilizing ITP within the realm of education yields IE. As I reflect on what I have just written, I might be suggesting we slowly drop the use of the term IE as we increase our focus on the larger concept of ITP.

My point is that the mission, goals, and objectives of IAIE might be better served by advancing the public's awareness and understanding of ITP. This includes all of us as members of IAIE. To do otherwise, I believe would be limiting the beneficial impact/outcomes of ITP in all the multidimensional areas of worthwhile human endeavours.

With social globalization--the, the widening, intensifying, speeding up, and growing impact of world-wide interconnectedness--it may be time for our organization to once again evolve, undergo a metamorphosis, and begin anew as the "Alliance of Invitational Theory and Practice" (AITP).

The Last Word

This is my last issue of the JITP as editor. I have too many plates spinning at my paying job and I must let the next editor take over to keep this one spinning. I hope to be staying on as a member of the Board of Editors and continue to review manuscripts. I extend another round of thanks to the Board of Editors (BOE) to whom I am deeply indebted for all their outstanding contributions during my five-year tenure as Editor.

Like our colleagues in Hong Kong say when taking pictures, "One more!" I must give extra special thanks to my Associate Editor, Dr.Kenneth Smith. You taught me so much. Along with the BOE, without his faithful assistance, I could not have done this job. I trust that all of us, authors included, have elevated the JITP.

Stay well,

Daniel E. Shaw, Ph.D., M.Ed.


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Author:Shaw, Daniel E.
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Date:Jan 1, 2013
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