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2012--2013 SCJAS Board.

2012--2013 SCJAS Board

The Following SCJAS members have been elected
to serve on the SCJAS Board for 2012-2013:

President:             Arjun Aggarwal        Lexington HS
Vice President:        Erin Doll             Spring Valley HS
Treasurer:             Ayan Dasgupta         Hammond School
Secretary:             Habiba Fayyaz         Spring Valley HS
Board Director:        Preston Levy          Hammond School
Newsletter Director:   MacKenzie Sumwalt     Heathwood Hall
Registration:          Stella Wang           Hammond School
Membership:            Janki Dalal           Dutch Fork HS
Social Media:          Shivani Kapur         Lexington HS
                       Himabindu Vinnakota   Spring Valley HS
                       Stefanie Martin       Spring Valley HS
                       Jamie Nishnimura      Hammond School
                       Michael Zalesne       Hammond School
                       Grace Smith           Heathwood Hall Episcopal
                       Sam Nassab            Heathwood Hall Episcopal
                       Shauntia White        Timberland HS
                       Denice Elswick        Timberland HS
                       Kate Hoffman          Heathwood Hall Episcopal
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Title Annotation:South Carolina Junior Academy of Science
Publication:Newsletter of the South Carolina Academy of Science
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Date:Jun 22, 2012
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