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2011 new products extra! Manufacturers' new product offerings kick off the new business year!


Here is the second look at manufacturers' new product offerings for the New Business Year. Shooting Industry is eager to help dealers maximize sales in 2011, and the following pages provide dealers with the information they need to determine what to offer customers in the new year. These new products, along with information on the New Business Year and SHOT Show 2011, including the Exhibitors Guide and inserted Floor Map, provide the industry with invaluable resources to embark upon 2011.

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Remington Arms Co.


In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the 1911 design, Remington is offering a 1911 R1 Commemorative Model.

The Model 700 CDL Classic Deluxe with Detachable Magazine is the latest addition to the Model 700 family of bolt action centerfire rifles. It features high-polish blued finish, a satin-finish wood stock and is chambered in six calibers.

The sixth annual offering in the limited edition CDL SF series is the Model 700 CDL (Classic Deluxe) SF (Stainless Fluted) Ltd. Edition, chambered in 6mm Remington.



The Model Seven Synthetic bolt-action centerfire rifle series features five short-action calibers and is available in compact versions.

The VERSA MAX shotgun is now available in a 26" black synthetic version with gray overmolded grips and in a 26" Realtree AP fully camouflaged version. The 12-gauge, 3 1/2" autoloader is gas-piston operated.

The Model 700 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) Camo contains all the features of the Model 700 SPS with the addition of a Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity synthetic camo stock. The bolt-action rifles are available in six calibers and in compact versions.

In ammunition, Remington's Core-Lokt controlled-expansion, big-game bullet has three new offerings for 2011: 7x64 Brenneke 140-gr. Core-Lokt PSP, 7x64 Brenneke 175-gr. Core-Lokt PSP and 9.3x62mm 286-gr. Core-Lokt SP.

Remington Premier A-Frame centerfire ammunition presents new offerings in: 7mm Rem. Mag. 160 gr., .300 Win. Mag. 180 gr. and .300 Rem. Ultra Mag. 180 gr.


Volkmann Custom

(303) 888-4904


New for 2011 is The Centennial 1911, a hand-fit custom 1911 featuring a color case hardened frame, high polish blued slide with 24kt gold inlaid lettering and hand-carved engraving. Customer chooses sights, grips, triggers and safety. These hand-built pistols are a limited run.

C.O. Arms

(206) 888-2899

The AWP Extreme Combat 1911 is the latest model in C.O. Arms' custom 1911 lineup, combining the Carry-Tuff finish of the original with new components. Pistol features a 4140 all-black slide; 416 stainless steel frame with 24 line-per-inch checkered frontstrap; 3 1/2" bushingless stainless steel barrel with broach cut rifling; and XS Express Big Dot sights with front night sight. It has an 8+1 round capacity.



(603) 772-2302

The SIG SAUER P290 Sub-Compact 9mm pistol, in double action only, has a snag-resistant, sleek design for concealed carry and backup use. The stainless slide carries SIG SAUER serrations, and is finished in natural stainless finish or black Nitron finish. Features include engravable polymer customized grip plates in aluminum, wood and polymer. Overall length is 5.5" and sights are contrast/SIGLITE night sights.


MKS Supply

(837) 425-4867

The Chiappa .22 LR M-4 Tactical handgun is identical to Chiappa's .22 LR looka- like version of the U.S. military M-4 carbine, but with a 6" barrel and no shoulder stock. Handgun features a 28-shot magazine, weighs 4.1 lbs. and has an overall length of 14 5/8".


The Rhino is an ergonomically designed firearm featuring reduced recoil and muzzle flip, and a hexagonal-shaped cylinder, creating a flatter profile when carried concealed. Available in .357 Magnum and .38 Special with a 2", 4", 5" or 6" barrel. Frame is ergal aircraft aluminum alloy, finish is matte brushed electroless nickel and stocks are composite rubber or wood. Each Rhino comes with a handmade Italian calfskin leather holster.

Marlin Firearms


Marlin introduces the X7S Stainless series of bolt-action rifles. The X7S series is offered in six hunting calibers: .243 Win., .25-06 Remington, .270 Win., .30-06 Springfield, 7mm-08 Remington and .308 Win.

The XT Series of bolt-action rimfire rifles features the XT Pro-Fire Trigger System, which provides a fully adjustable trigger pull. The XT series is available in .22 and .17 calibers, wood and synthetic stock versions and an XT-Youth model.

The Handi-Rifle is now offered in .35 Whelen, ideal for big game.


Safety Harbor Firearms

(727) 726-2500

Safety Harbor Firearms has added single-shot only models to its SHTFR 50 Upper Conversion System. The SHTF 50 is a .50 caliber upper designed to drop into any standard AR-15 or M16 lower, converting it from a .223 rifle to a .50- caliber bolt action rifle. Magazine-fed version holds a 5-round box magazine; single shot is a traditional-style design. Both are available in 18", 22" and 29" barrel lengths. Barrel features a slim profile 8-port steel muzzlebrake.

The KEG12 (Kompact Entry Gun) Shotgun is now offered in Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 type actions. Both are available in 12-gauge with 7 1/4" or 10" barrels. Mossberg-type action is also available in 20-gauge. Kompact Entry Gun features a molded rubber pistol grip and folding grip, and matte black finish.


Colt's Manufacturing Co.

(860) 236-6311

Colt's Manufacturing adds three Sporter Rifles to its line. The Models SP6920 and SP6940, chambered in .223, feature 16" barrels, M4-styled birdcage compensators and ship with a 20-round magazine. The Model SP6920 has a removable carrying handle, and the upper receiver has an oversized, double-heat shield. The Model SP6940 has an adjustable folding front sight, backup rear sight, four-position sliding buttstock and a one-piece monolithic rail.

The Model SP901 Modular Sporting Rifle is available in .223 and .308. It has an ambidextrous magazine release, safety and bolt catch. Other features include a SEI Vortex compensator; four-position Vortex IMod buttstock; adjustable, folding front sight; and one-piece monolithic rail.



Bushmaster Firearms


The Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) platform has been expanded to include the ACR Optics Ready Carbine (ORC), ACR Basic Folder and ACR "State Compliant" versions. The ACR allows the changing of calibers, barrel lengths and stock without the use of tools.

The Bushmaster 308 Hunter Rifle, in .308 Win., is a modular repeating rifle designed for big-game hunters.

Bushmaster introduces a new line of semiautomatic pistols, the Bushmaster Pit Viper Pistol (PVP), which features the light weight and ease of handling of a Carbon Series pistol, with chrome-lined barrels and forged receivers. The Bushmaster PVP features standard AR rifle parts.



Winchester Ammunition

(618) 258-2365

Winchester's newest waterfowl line, Blind Side, features Hex shot and a diamond-cut wad system. It is offered in 12-gauge 3" and 3 1/2" options.

The Super X line is expanding to include the Power-Core 95/5 centerfire rifle cartridge. This lead-free cartridge features hollowpoint design and solid gilding metal jacket. Offered in: .223 Rem. 64 gr., .270 Win. 130 gr., .30-06 Sprg. 150 gr., .300 Win. Mag. 150 gr., .30-30 Win. 150 gr. and 7mm Rem. Mag. 140 gr.

The PDX1 Defender line expands to include four new offerings: .357 Sig 125 gr., .357 S&W Mag. 125 gr., .223 Rem. 60 gr. and .410-gauge 3".

Power Max Bonded ammunition, designed for whitetail hunters, features additional new offerings: .223 Rem. 64 gr., .325 WSM 220 gr. and .338 Win. Mag. 200 gr.

The E-Tip line now includes a .308 Win. 168 gr. offering.

The Super-X Xpert Steel Shot line now features a 12-gauge 3" offering.

The Super-X Lead Free Rifled Slug is the first lead-free (zinc) rifled slug developed for smooth bore barrel shotguns, according to Winchester. Offered in 12-gauge 3".

Winchester adds a 17 HMR 15 1/2 gr. offering to its Varmint LF line.

New to the Varmint HV line is a plastic-tip .22 Win. Mag.

The Varmint HE 3/1 Segmenting Core features a hollowpoint that fragments into three forward segments with a solid rear core. Offered in .22 LR 37 gr.

The M-22 is designed exclusively for modern sporting rifles in .22 LR, and is available as a 1,000-round bulk pack.



The newest addition to the Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel line is the Personal Protection 40-gr. .22 WMR hollowpoint. Optimized for use in 2" barrels, it provides less kick and reliable expansion. Nickel-plated for reliable feeding and extraction, the bullet has 9" to 10" penetration in factory testing.


DeepCurl Rifle Hunting Component Bullets are ideal for big game, and feature an electro-chemically bonded jacket to a lead core. This 30-caliber line extension features a soft-point design ensuring reliable expansion. DeepCurl rifle hunting bullets are available in numerous calibers and weights, including .308 165-grain DeepCurl SP.

Federal Premium Ammunition


New for 2011, Federal broadens its Prairie Storm lineup to include more 20-gauge options. Prairie Storm features the FLITECONTROL wad and FLITESTOPPER lead. Every box purchased supports Pheasants Forever.

Prairie Storm FS Steel with FLITECONTROL wad and FLITESTOPPER steel delivers steel options for upland birds in 12- and 20-gauge options, and supports Pheasants Forever.

The Black Cloud line has been expanded with Black Cloud High Velocity for duck hunters, featuring FLITECONTROL wad and FLITESTOPPER steel. Offered in 12-gauge 3" 1 1/8 oz. loads at 1,635 feet per second.

Mag-Shok Magnum HEAVYWEIGHT Turkey is offered in 2 3/4" 20-gauge, and is ideal for those who prefer less recoil. Features 1 1/8 oz. #7 HEAVYWEIGHT shot at 1,100 feet per second and FLITECONTOL wad.

Guard Dog Home Defense rounds feature an FMJ-like construction, with an expanding polymer that minimizes over-penetration, and low recoil and reliable feeding in semiautos. Offered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 Auto.


Gold Medal AR Small Rifle Match Primers feature Mil-Spec sensitivity, exact tolerances and consistent ignition.

The Speed-Shok Steel line is expanded for 2011 to include shot sizes T and BBB and 10- and 16-gauge offerings.

Top Gun Target 12-gauge Pink Hull supports the fight against breast cancer. As a limited-time 2011 offer, Federal is producing a pink hull 12-gauge 2 3/4" #8 load.


(913) 752-3400

Simmons has expanded its laser rangefinder line with the LRF600, which features an easy-to-use vertical profile with one-button operation. The unit accurately reads distances from 10 to 600 yards and has 4x magnification. The LRF600 is offered in black and ATAC Camo pattern.


Swarovski Optik


The EL 50mm binoculars with SWAROVISION technology feature HD field-flattener lenses, wide-angle field of view, removable twist-in eyecups and non-slip focusing wheel. Binoculars feature wraparound grip with rubber armoring and ergonomic thumb rests. All EL 50s come with water-repellent bag, lift carrying strap, protective caps for eyepieces and objectives and Snap Shot adapter. Offered in 10x50 and 12x50.




New for 2011 are the 3-15x50mm Illuminated Long Range Scope and 1-5x24 Illuminated Intermediate Range Scope. Both feature a 30mm argon-purged tube, fully multicoated lenses, 10 illumination settings and 5x magnification.

Classic Series Spotting Scopes, in 15-45x65mm, feature large ocular lens, are nitrogen filled, available in straight or angled eyepiece and are water- and fogproof.

The 8x28mm 1,000-Yard Laser Rangefinder is handheld, and features low battery indicator and scan mode, and is waterproof. Also offered in Buck Commander version.

The 40/44 Series 2-7x32 Scopes feature one-piece tube construction and fully multicoated lenses with a magnification range of 2x to 7x, and are available with Dual-X or Ballistic-X reticles.


The 40/44 Series 1x20mm Black Powder Scope is designed for hunters in states where magnification on muzzleloaders is prohibited. The 1-time power scope (no magnification) features one-piece tube construction, fully multicoated lenses and Dual-X reticle.

Buck Commander Binoculars by Weaver are offered in 8x42, 10x42, 8x25 and 10x25, and feature phase-coated roof prism system, fully multicoated lenses and rubber-armored finish.

Buck Commander 2-8x36mm Scopes by Weaver are available in 2-8x36mm with Dual-X Reticle and 2-8x36mm with Command-X Reticle, and feature 4x magnification.

In mount systems, the .22 See-Thru Dovetail Rings accommodate 1" scopes and mount on firearms with 3/8" dovetail receiver. The Multi-Slot Remington 870 1-piece Base features multiple slots. The T-22 Base Pair converts 3/8" grooved receivers to accept Weaver style rings. The two-piece Ring and Base Set is designed for 2010 (and newer) models of CVA muzzleloader rifles. Three new Top Mount Base/Scout Scope Mount are designed for Marlin models 1894, 1895 and 336.

AR-15/M16 Fixed Back-Up Iron Sight is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum main body with Type III hard coat finish and steel components feature Manganese Phosphate finish. Fully compatible with MIL-Spec front sights.

SPR 30mm Optics Mount is designed for AR-style rifles. Picatinny Riser Set adds 1/2" of rail height and features an additional mounting slot. AR-15 Flat Top Riser Rail features 20 MOA cant.



Bushnell introduces two new compact models of its Legend Ultra HD binoculars--8x26 and 10x26--which feature fully multicoated optics with RainGuard HD, wide angle porro prisms constructed of BAK-4 glass and twist-up eyecups. Binoculars are water- and shockproof with textured non-slip, non-glare rubber armor coating.

The BackTrack is now available in two new models: the Point 3 and Point 5. The Point 5 stores up to five locations, and features an integrated digital compass with latitude and longitude coordinates, time, temperature and altitude, and has a carabiner clip. The Point 3 marks up to three locations and comes with a key ring. Both feature improved screen graphics and the latest GPS technology.


The Sport 850 laser rangefinder features an operational range of 5 to 850 yards, and provides distance readings in yards and meters. Rangefinder features a 20mm objective, fully coated optics, 4x magnification, 430' field of view and 17mm eye relief. Unit is rainproof and weighs 5.8 oz.

The Trophy XLT Spotting Scopes are available in two models: 15-45x50 and 20-60x65. Both are water- and fog proof, and feature twist-up eyecups, fully multicoated optics and rubber armor coating.

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics


The 15-56x/20-75x eyepiece for the ZEISS Victory DiaScope T* FL Spotting Scopes functions as a 15-56x on the 65mm DiaScope and 20-75x on the 85mm DiaScope. Both models come in straight or angled bodies and feature Dual Speed Focus System, rubber-armored exterior, magnesium/ aluminum housing and FL lens system. Eyepieces for the DiaScopes are also available in Vario 15-45x/20-60x and Vario 30x/40x models. All DiaScopes are waterproof and nitrogen filled, and feature LotuTec water repellant coating and bayonet locking system.

Also offered is an aluminum tripod set for the DiaScopes with a state-of-the-art Photo/Video Head.


Alpen Optics


Rainier binoculars have been redesigned. Rainier 8x42 and 10x42 models feature open body design with twist-up eyecups, A-lock locking diopter adjustment system, HD ED optical design with UBX multilayer coating system, PXA phase coatings and SHR metallic prism coatings. Binoculars weigh just over 29 oz.

The Alpen Rainier Spotting Scope Series is available in two models, one of which features a straight eyepiece and another with a 45-degree eyepiece. Scopes feature HD ED optics, 20-60x zoom eyepiece, the ability to adapt SLR cameras and water- and fog-proof construction.

Alpen Apex Super High Performance Riflescopes feature designs tested to over 1,000 grams of recoil shock with 500 cycles. All models offer variable magnification ranges, WBDC reticles and include a 4" sunshade and scope cover.


AirForce Airguns


AirForce Airguns introduces red and blue versions of the Condor and Talon SS rifles, which feature Lothar Walther precision barrels in .177, .20 and .22, multiple mounting rails and velocity control system. Condor features a velocity of 600 to 1,300 feet per second. Talon features a velocity of 400 to 1,000 feet per second.


Air Venturi

(216) 292-2570

The Tech Force 87 is an under-lever springer available in .177 and .22. The Tech Force 89 is a break-barrel model. Both feature open sights and deliver 1,100 fps in .177.

The Tech Force 79 and 78 are powered by 12-gram CO2 cartridges. The 79 is for target shooters and features a peep sight. The 78 is ideal for plinking and small game. Air Venturi is the exclusive importer of Tech Force airguns, accessories and ammunition.


Goat Tuff Products

(520) 742-1701

The Equalizer Archery Release Aid from Goat Tuff Products allows the archer to increase draw length up to 3". Designed by Ric Clark for short draw archers, the Equalizer features adjustable wrist strap with dual tongue buckle, and fits in the palm with an In Line adjustable trigger. The release body is precision machined from billet aluminum with all internal parts made of stainless steel. Release will also work with standard string or D Loops configurations.



(810) 686-4035

The TomTaker 2 Blind features hub-style construction with Durashell PLUS fabric, which eliminates noise, and is weatherproof, UV protected and fade and wear-resistant. Blind is available in Realtree APG HD camo and features reinforced carbon-enhanced, shadow-guard laminated interior.

The Devastator Ground Blind, from the Hub-style Signature Series Collection, features a carbon-enhanced, scent-blocking laminated interior, easy setup and takedown with Spider Hub Technology and NS3 MICRO-TECH fabric, which eliminates shine and noise with a UV-protected micro-fiber shell. Blind is available in Ameristep Tangle 2.0, a hybrid camouflage incorporating digital pattern with high-resolution photos.


Moultrie Feeders


The 4.3" Picture Viewer from Moultrie Feeders allows users to view images and videos in the field directly from the SD card. Viewer features an LCD screen, dual SD card slots up to 16GB, ability to transfer images to storage SD card, mini USB connection, ability to zoom images and headphone jack allowing sound. Operates on 4 AA batteries.




Benchmade's 915 Rescue Knife includes a safety hook and glass breaker, and features N680 corrosion-resistant blade steel and G10 handles. Blade is modified sheepsfoot with ambidextrous thumb-stud opener. Blade length is 3 1/2".

The 403SBK Drop Point is a manual push-button knife weighing 2.8 oz., ideal for everyday carry. Blade is made of N680 corrosion-resistant steel with a diamond plate textured handle. Blade length is 3.3".

The 53 Bali-Song is designed by custom knifemaker Charles Marlowe, and features a ball-bearing pivot for smooth handle rotation, with textured green G10 handle and D2 steel blade. Blade length is 3.15".

The 480-1 Shoki is based on the classic 480 Shoki design. Knife features Nak Lok locking mechanism, M390 steel blade with flat grind bevel and carbon fiber handle. Blade length is 2.89".

The 746 Mini-Onslaught is 25-percent smaller than the 741. The Mini features AXIS locking mechanism, 154CM stainless steel clip-point blade and G10 handle scales. Blade length is 3.75".

The 860 Bedlam is a manual version of the 8600 Auto Bedlam, and features a 154CM stainless steel Scimitar blade measuring 3.95", black G10 molded handles and AXIS locking mechanism.


The 148 Tanto Nim Cub II is available in drop-point or tanto blade, and features Noryl GTX handle and 154CM stainless steel blade. Blade length is 3 1/2".

Caldwell Shooting Supplies

(573) 445-9200

The Deadshot FieldPod hunting rest features a fully adjustable dual frame with solid tripod base, length and elevation adjustments and a precision-cast aluminum hub system. Rest is fully compatible with detachable magazine rifles, has a height adjustment of 20" to 42" and weighs less than 6 lbs.


The Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong is made of durable 3/8"-thick AR550 steel designed to withstand repeated shots from all calibers of high-powered rifles and handguns. Gong is 10" in diameter, and the center of the target hangs 18" above the ground. Complete system weighs 25 lbs. Designed to be shot at a minimum distance of 100 yards.

Boker USA

(303) 462-0662

The Orca Outdoor Gen 2 features full-tang construction, N690BO steel blade and blasted green canvas Micarta 3-D contoured handle scales, providing a secure grip under wet and cold conditions. Handle scales can be detached. Blade length is 5 1/4".


The Boker Plus Nopal, by Texas knife- g maker Newton Martin, features a Wharncliffe blade, steel liner and textured G-10 scales. Blade is 440C stainless steel, and blade length is 2 1/8".

The Boker Plus SOB (Spec Ops Blade) by Jim Burke features a slim profile and pronounced finger groove with slightly curved blade belly. The 12C27 blade steel has a stonewash finish, and handle is canvas Micarta. Blade length is 3 1/2".



Cyclops introduces the Nexus HID (high-intensity discharge bulb), a rechargeable 3,200-lumen light with a burn time of 50 minutes that features a 25W HID bulb, a dual recharge 12V car plug adapter and 12V 300mA AC charger. Light comes with a 2x6V rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, and is black with a rugged exterior.


BLACKHAWK! Products Group


BLACKHAWK! Warrior Wear Ultralight Tactical Pants are made with a 5 1/2 oz. cotton/nylon blend with water repellant treatment. Pants feature YKK zippers and Prym snaps, silicone grip strip in waistband and extra-wide, reinforced belt loops.

The Tac Assault Boot is ideal for waterborne and hot-weather operations and features breathable nylon mesh and abrasion-resistant synthetic microfiber upper. The black boots feature high-grip, oil-resistant rubber outsole and waterproof, recycled, molded insole board with a built-in shank.

The Tall Tanto Boot is also ideal for waterborne and hot-weather operations, and features Vibram "Globetrotter" shock-absorbing rubber outsole, custom-molded OrthoLite footbed and breathable, nylon mesh upper. Available in desert tan and stealth gray.


BLACKHAWK! has modified its High Performance Fighting Uniform (HPFU). The HPFU V2 with I.T.S. (Integrated Tourniquet System) features a prepositioned tourniquet in the axillary area of each arm and the apex of each thigh. Line includes: Combat Shirt, Jacket, Vest (without I.T.S.) and Pants. Available in black, olive drab, desert digital and multi cam.


In tactical gear, the Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen II with forend features lightweight polymer and alloy construction, dual recoil-compensation systems, ergonomic pistol grip and ambidextrous single-point sling plate and quick-detach sling swivel.

The Body Armor Holster mounts to concealable body armor, providing a secure, accessible carry option with minimal weapon printing. Holster is available in black and is constructed of soft laminate suede nylon with a moisture-resistant laminate.

The M16 "Y" Thigh Rig is constructed of lightweight 500-denier ripstop and holds four M16 mags. Rig features Y-harness suspension system and is available in black and coyote tan.

The Omega Cutaway Vest features S.T.R.I.K.E./MOLLE webbing that allows 360 degrees of modular attachment capability. Vest is made of durable nylon mesh with HawkTex on the shoulder. Available in black, coyote tan and multi cam.

Crimson Trace


Crimson Trace introduces several new Laserguards for 2011. The LG-407 fits the Taurus TCP, and the LG-447 fits Taurus Slim Models 708, 709 and 740. Both feature polymer housing with a rubber overmolded activation pad, front activation pressure switch, 3.33mm diode, precise windage and elevation adjustments, and two screw, tab lock attachment. Dot size is .5" diameter at 50'.

The LG-448 fits the Springfield Armory XD and XD(M), the LG-645 fits Heckler and Koch 45c and the LG-491 fits Diamondback DB380. All Laserguards feature gold-plated battery and activation contacts, and 5.6mm diode.

The LG-449 fits the Ruger SR9c, features a 3.3mm diode and provides over 4 hours of illumination. The same texture pattern on the frame of the pistol is carried over to the texture of the LG-449.


In Pro Custom models, the LG-405, for the Smith & Wesson small J-frame revolver, is now offered in a chestnut finish. The LG-401 P14 is now available in a Chainmail III finish.

Mountaineer Sports



The Rescue One CDS II (Controlled Descent System) Full Body Harness features an 8mm safety tether line with 4,000 lb. tensile strength. The Rescue One CDS II is certified to TMA Standards and comes with Replaceable Back Cover, Lineman's Rope, Tree Anchor Strap and three carabineers, instructional booklet and DVD.

For 2011, the Rescue One CDS is also available in a Big Boyz model that will handle hunters weighing up to 400 lbs.

Champion Traps & Targets


Eyes and Ears Combo include ballistic-rated shooting glasses that meet military standard MIL-PRF-31013, and earmuffs featuring passive 26dB noise reduction. Available with dark green or pink muffs.

Slim Passive Hearing Muffs are lightweight with passive, NRR 21dB noise reduction.

In shooting glasses, Open Black Frame Interchangeable Ballistic Shooting Glasses feature scratch-resistant lenses in clear, smoke and yellow, and meet military standard MIL-PRF-31013. Open Black Frame Ballistic Shooting Glasses come in black and pink frames with rose or yellow lenses, and meet military standard MIL-PRF-31013. Full Black Frame Shooting Glasses feature smoke lenses and meet ANSI Z87.1 safety rating. Black Curve Adjustable Frame Shooting Glasses feature copper tint or yellow lenses, and meet ANSI Z87.1 safety rating.


WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap features two-wheeled frame with pull handle, 2-second cycle time, 50-target capacity and more than 3,000 throws from a 12-volt battery. Targets can be launched upwards of 55 yards.

In paper targets, Adhesive Targets are offered in orange, measure 6"x6" and 13"xl3", and feature removable stickers to replace shot marks and scoring rings. Champion 100- and 200-yard Benchrest Paper Targets are made out of 100-lb. tan paper, feature scoring rings and measure 8"xl6 1/2". Green LE B-27 Silhouette Targets measure 45"x24", and feature precision scoring rings and data table. Precision Insect Paper Targets, available in Fly Paper and Bug Slug, measure 11"x17" and are made of 60-lb. paper.



Duraseal Spinning Double Target is now available in wire ground mount. Green Duraseal Spinners are available in single 5 1/2" Diamond, single 7" Crow, single 5 1/2" Varmint, and triple 5 1/2" Varmint and Double Gong.

Wireless Single Voice Trap Release features a 100-yard range, water-resistant plastic housing and microphone-sensitivity adjustment.

Gunslick Pro


Gunslick Pro's commercial-quality Pull Thru Cleaning Kits are compact and mobile, and feature a durable nylon case with M.O.L.L.E.-compatible attachment webbing and belt loops. Three kit versions are available: Hunter's Pull Thru Cleaning Kit, Handgunner's Cleaning Kit and Shotgunner's Pull Thru Cleaning Kit. Kits include rods or pull-through cables, brushes, tips, patches, polishing clothes, cleaning solution and more.

Also in cleaning accessories is the 44" carbon fiber cleaning rod, which eliminates particle pickup and possible barrel damage. The extended-length cleaning rods ensure efficient cleaning for longer precision guns, and contain ball bearings for smooth rotation. Two versions are available: .22-26 caliber and .270-30 caliber.




Hoppe's BoreSnake Venom features the same one-pass, pull-through technology and compact storage size of the original BoreSnake, with the addition of an extra cleaning brush for a total of three. Boresnake Venom comes in gun cleaner and gun oil varieties. Both are available in 2and 4-oz. bottles.

Hoppe's brushes and swabs are now offered in "dry" cleaning kits for those who already have Hoppe's #9 Solvent and Gun Oil. The Universal Kit is for 12- and 20-gauge shotguns and .30, .22 and 9mm guns. The Rifle Kit is for .30, .22, .243 and .270 calibers. The Pistol Kit is for .22, .38 (9mm) and .40/.45 calibers. The Shotgun Kit is for .410, 20- and 12-gauge shotguns.




In apparel, Browning announces the return of Hydro-Fleece with HMX bi-component waterproof, breathable outer shell fabric, OdorSmart antimicrobial lining and PrimaLoft Sport insulation. Line includes PrimaLoft Parka, Jacket, Bib and Pant, and Hydro-Fleece Soft Shell Jacket and Pant in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

The Bird'N Lite Upland line features a weight distribution system with shoulder straps, adjustable side straps and padded adjustable waist belt. Line includes Jacket, Vest, Pant and Strap Vest, which are constructed of cotton/polyester shell fabric in khaki with blaze shoulder overlays and optional Pheasants Forever embroidery.

In women's apparel, the Full Curl Wool Parka and Pant "For Her" are constructed of a washable 7 oz. wool blend featuring WindKill laminate. Available in AllTerrain camo. The Wasatch Shirt and Pant "For Her" feature 7 oz. cotton/poly twill fabric in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity with pink trim.

New in Browning's knife lineup are the Independence knives designed by Russ Kommer, offered in folding and fixed-blade models with blades made of USA 154 CM stainless steel. Folder blade length is 3 1/8" and fixed blade length is 3 3/4". "For Her" knives include fixed blade and folder models with Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blades. Handles are aluminum with Dura-Touch Armor Coating or genuine bone with mosaic pins. Blade length for folders is 2 3/4"; fixed blade length is 2 7/8". Available in Mossy Oak Pink and White Bone.



In flashlights, the Hunt Master VXT features a 70-lumen green Cree XP-C LED and two 225-lumen Cree XP-E LEDs in white. The VXT features adjustable spot-to-flood lens, all-aluminum construction and is 6.6" long. The Pro Hunter Twin Beam+ features a 100-lumen main beam Cree XP-C LED in white and a 70-lumen green Cree XP-C LED. Soft-Sunlight 5mmLED is also included. Length is 5.1".

MOA Shooting Sticks are constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with powder coat finish and carbide steel tips. Collapsible Bipod and Tripod and Fixed Leg Bipod and Tripod models are offered.

The Gunslinger system allows users to carry a rifle or shotgun comfortably and securely, and includes a Holster, Rifle Belt and Backpack Accessory constructed of high-quality nylon webbing.

Laredo Leather Slings feature heavy-duty brass hardware. One model features a knife in a sewn-in pocket; another model features a removable sheath and knife. Knife is 3" drop-point blade.

In safes, Browning has added the Model PP65F with extra wide body to the Platinum Plus line. It measures 72" tall x 56" wide x 28" deep, weighs 1,845 lbs. and holds up to 66 long guns. Safe features DPX storage system, five layers of fire-resistant insulation, 28 locking bolts, Grade VI Interior and Axis Adjustable Shelving. Available in five colors.

The Gold G65F in the Gold Series line is an extra wide body model measuring 72" tall x 56" wide x 28" deep and weighing 1,665 lbs. It features 28 locking bolts, Axis Adjustable Shelving, Uni-Force Locking System, OmniBarrier Lock Protection System, five layers of fire-resistant insulation and holds up to 66 long guns. Available in five colors.


Howard Leight by Sperian


The HL800 Sharp-Shooter Multi-Pack features two pairs of economical eyewear with clear and amber lens tints. Flexible temples fit a variety of face sizes, and rubber nose bridge is non-slip. Lenses are polycarbonate with anti-scratch coating, and meet ANSI Z87+ impact standards.


Slate Sharp-Shooter eyewear features a durable gunmetal frame with flexible spring hinge temples adapt to a variety of face sizes and an adjustable saddle pad nosepiece. Lenses are wraparound polycarbonate, available in clear and amber, and meet ANSI Z87+ high impact standards.


Howard Leight, official supplier of USA Shooting Team, presents the Super Leight USA Earplugs, single-use, soft polyurethane foam earplugs made in the USA. Earplugs feature a noise reduction rating of 33, are bell shaped for comfort and have a red/white/blue color design. Available in 10-pair pack and 100-pair tub with earplugs in individual bags.



The RCBS AR Series, for AR-style and semiauto rifle shooters, features a small base sizing die and taper crimp seating die.

New for 2011 is the Shell Holder #49 for use with Ten-X headstamped .40-60 and .45-60 Win. cases.

New Group D Dies are .264 LBC-AR and 6x45.

In powder handling products, the Powder Trickler 2 adds a height-adjustable, nonskid base and powder tube extension that accommodate most electronic and mechanical scales. The Powder Trickler 2 Upgrade Kit converts existing Powder Trickler to include these functions. Pistol Powder Expanders Pro 2000 allows users to combine case mouth expansion and powder drop stations on their press.


In case prep products, the Carbide Replacement Tools line includes replacement carbide-tipped cutters for case trimmers, 3-way cutter and trim mate chamfer or debur tool. Military Crimp Removers have been redesigned to speed up case processing and reduce the amount of primer pocket being cut away. The Accessory Handle 2 is a larger, more ergonomically designed handle for use with a variety of RCBS accessories. The .50R Pilot/50-caliber Cutter are for use on rotary or trim pro case trimmers. Primer Pocket Swager Tool 2 fits a larger group of cases, and swaging rods are now made from stronger high-tensile steel.

Pistol Bullet Feed Die allows users to leave the feed die set up on the removable die plate for quick caliber changeovers.



Blow-Molded Maroon Case Universal Gun Cleaning Kits are rigid, durable hard cases that stow and organize a 32- or 62-piece assortment of gun-care products. Kits include solid brass rods with high-quality tips, mops, brushes and patches. Also available are the Soft-Sided Case Universal Gun Cleaning Kits, also in 32- or 62-piece sets, with a lightweight case with wraparound, dual zippers.

Foaming Bore Cleaner dissolves copper and powder residue quickly with no harsh chemicals. Spray bottle is designed for fast, accurate application, and foam turns blue as debris is removed.


Shooters Ridge


The 30-Round Metal Head 10/22 Magazine is provides fast and smooth loading of .22-caliber long-rifle rounds, and features a steel header and double-stack configuration with removable bottom panel in a rugged polycarbonate body.

The 25-Round Magazine for Marlin .22 rifles features a single-stack design and constant force in a clear body. Magazine fits Marlin 795 models and similar style rifles.


Prois Hunting And Field Apparel

(970) 641-3355

Prois' Pro-Edition Soft-Shell Line, built specifically for females, features Mossy Oak Infinity Patterns and includes Soft-Shell Pants, Vest and Jacket. Pants feature polyester Soft-Shell fabric, warm microfleece lining, oversized cargo pockets with silent magnetic closures and 9" boot zippers. Vest and jacket feature Soft-Shell fabric with compressed microfleece and nylon lining system, scapular drop pockets, lumbar compartments and deep-set hand pockets with zippered closures and snap-down sliders. Jacket includes a removable hood with visor.


Shooter's Choice

(440) 834-8888

The Barrel Wizard stores in the barrel when not in use. It is compatible with all 12-gauge break-open, pump, semiauto and bolt-action shotguns. The rod telescopes from 27" to 40", and the spring-loaded, snap-cap handle contains an oil reservoir. Additional 12-gauge snap-cap handles are available separately, and 16- and 20-gauge snap-cap handles will be available in the near future. The Barrel Wizard features a patented paper towel-holding device. A wrapped paper towel tightly conforms to the inside of the barrel. The towel holder is threaded to accommodate all universal 5/16"x27" standard cleaning accessories, . and converts into a chamber and choke tube cleaning tool.


Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner is a concentrated formula that is non-abrasive and safe for all firearms. It is non-flammable, non-hazardous and non-corrosive. The Bore Cleaner is water-soluble, harmless to finishes and has no harsh chemical odor. It is designed to remove copper, lead, carbon and powder fouling. It is available in a 4 oz. size with applicator spout and by the gallon.

The Universal Gun Care Pack contains a 2-oz. bottle of MC #7 Bore Cleaner, a 4-oz. bottle of FP-10 Lubricant Elite and a 6-oz. aerosol can of Rust Prevent Corrosion Inhibitor.


Predator Innovations


The Hang-On Buddy Treestand Mounting System is a two-part system with a steel mounting base secured to the tree and universal mounting hooks bolted onto the treestand, allowing easier, faster and safer installation and removal of the stand, and greater versatility in treestand placement. The Hang-On Buddy is made of 1/8" plate steel and is validated to over 1,400 lbs.


PDA Holsters


The PDA-Personal Defense Accessory holster can be worn exposed without a jacket or loose shirttail, and features safe quick-draw capability, is lightweight and comfortable, ideal for left- and right-handed shooters and is laser-sight friendly. Closure is magnetic. Offered in multiple sizes and models.


Revision Eyewear

(252) 288-5805

Revision introduces the redesigned Sawfly Military Eyewear System featuring Comms Compatible arms, comfort nosepiece, extended lens and new retention system. Redesigned frame facilitates lens changing; Comms Compatible arms are leaner and longer with overmolded undercarriage for shock absorption and grip; comfort nosepiece features softer durometer nosepad; and extended lens provides greater lateral lens coverage for full side-impact protection without compromising airflow and anti-fog performance. Secure-Snap keeps eyewear in place. Eyewear exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 and military ballistic impact requirements MIL-PRF-31013 and MIL-DTL-43511D.


Rinehart Targets

(608) 757-8153

The newest addition to Rinehart's 3-D line of targets is the Woodland Buck, which features Solid FX Foam technology with no fillers. The core of the target is constructed of solid "self-healing" foam and features a replaceable locking insert. Vitals are outlined, and buck is lightweight, with a simulated weight of 120 lbs., and is resistant to sun, moisture and extreme temperatures.


Primos Hunting Calls


The Black Out Truth Cam delivers 50' night photo range and produces no visible light. Camera features 2 1/2" full color screen with 7MP resolution and 1-second trigger speed that captures photos and video.


The Chick Magnet call features two magnetic paddles that allow the user to change from sweet to raspy tone.

The Crusher ground blind, created by Primos and Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, features 3-ply sonic welded fabric, a layering of cotton/poly, PVC and black poly fabric, resulting in no shine and natural shadowing. Blind is water resistant, scent tight and eliminates hunter profile. Double Bull hub system reduces the force required to open the blind, and magnesium hub produces a high-tension framework. Comes with our new Double Bull Frame Pak.

Red Spot mineral site igniter is a sustained release formula that features Vitamins A, E, D, copper and beet-root powder to help deer absorb minerals.

Security Equipment Corp.


SABRE Red 1.8 oz. Pepper GEL is less affected by weather conditions than traditional spray and has a 15' range.

SABRE Red 1.8 oz. DUATHLETE Pepper Spray straps onto the user's bicep with an adjustable armband featuring tear-away design. Stream has a 15' range.

SABRE 600,000 Volt Pen Stun Gun comes in pink, purple and black with options from 120,000 up to 800,000 volts. Stun Gun is compact, with a carrying holster and LED light included.

SABRE also has pink offerings for 2011. SABRE Red 3/4 oz. Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray is compact and more modern looking than traditional pepper spray. SABRE Red 3/4 oz. Pink Runner/Jogger Pepper Spray features an adjustable hand strap.

FRONTIERSMAN Bear Bells prevent users from startling bears, reducing likelihood they will charge or attack. Available in black, red, blue, green and yellow.


Sentry Solutions

(603) 654-3001

Sentry Solutions' Tuf-Glide, the quick-drying, powerful rust inhibitor and lubricant that delivers microbonded protection, is now available in a 4-oz. spray bottle. The quick-drying lubricant will not wash or wipe off, nor will it thicken in the cold or thin out in the heat. It will protect hard to reach parts of guns and gear against rust, friction and wear, and will not attract dust or dirt or leave a slippery film.


Skull Hooker

(541) 884-3177

The Skull Hooker European mounting brackets are available in two sizes, the Big Hooker and the Little Hooker. The Big Hooker supports larger game, and the Little Hooker showcases smaller game. Both brackets are fully adjustable to accommodate most horns or antlers, and feature a prong system that requires no drilling into the skull. Mounting arm allows hunters to display their trophy at any angle and location. Brackets are available in powder-coated graphite black or brown finish.




Spyderco and Jason Breeden's most recent collaboration, the Spyderco/Breeden Rescue, features a VG-10 Sheepfoot-looking hollow-ground blade with black G-10 handle scales with a Walker LinerLock, pocket clip and piped lanyard hole. Overall length is 7 7/8" with a blade length of 3 3/8" and a weight of 4 1/2 oz.


The Spyderco SuperLeaf features a broad VG-10 PlainEdge blade with a flat grind. Jimping at the blade's spine and choil and an expansion at the end of the G-10 handle create coordinated grip and control. Inside the handle is a hard-use rated Compression Lock, skeletonized steel liners, piped lanyard and a pocket friendly left/right-hand, tip-up wire clip. Overall length is 7 15/16", blade length is 3 7/16" and weight is 4.7 oz.

Triple K Manufacturing Co.


The Shotgun Shoulder Scabbard is made of hand-selected, top-grain cowhides, and designed to accommodate pump action, over and under, side by side, single breech and autoloader shotguns with barrel lengths of 16" to 22", left and right handed. Scabbard is top notched for easy weapon access. Adjustable sling with shoulder pad ensures proper fit and comfort. Weight is 2.6 lbs.

The Turkey/Waterfowl Hunter's Belt Slide Shot Shell Carrier is made of top-grain cowhide, and is designed to carry an extra 10-round box of heavy loads, loose or still in the box, comfortably on the belt. One size fits all 12-gauge shells up to 3 1/2". Carrier fits belts up to 3" wide.


Victory Archery

(760) 496-2121

Victory Archery's newest entry into the carbon arrow shaft market is the VAP (Victory Armor Piercing) Series featuring Victory's Penetrator Insert, available in 5/16 and 9/32, allowing a stronger fit for target points and broadheads. This updated version of the NanoForce shaft blows material out of the way so the small- diameter, thick-walled shaft can drive penetration.


Umarex USA

(479) 646-4210

In airgun offerings, Umarex introduces a line of Browning Air Rifles featuring two barrels in . 177 and .22. Available in wood or synthetic stock. The Browning Leverage is an underlever model with a fixed barrel.


New to the Ruger line of airguns is the break-barrel Air Magnum, a magnum-powered pellet rifle, and a C02-powered pellet rifle, a single-shot bolt-action rifle with wood stock that uses two 12-gram C02 capsules, both offered in .177.

Under the Hammerli brand, the Pneuma ElitelO features a 10-round rotary magazine. Also new is the Hammerli CR20.

New to the Walther line is the PPQ, which shoots .177 pellets or steel BBs. The Lever Action rifle has been upgraded to accept an 88g CO2 capsule.

New to the Smith & Wesson brand is a replica M&P 45 pellet pistol and an M&P R8 BB revolver, both with 8-round magazines.

In airsoft offerings, the Beretta Elite II is a CO2-powered airsoft pistol. Also under Beretta are the electric 92A1 pistol, the Model 90 Two, the 92A1 and the Px4 Storm. The Combat Zone brand adds a MAG-9, a full-auto AEG and a MINI-5, a miniature variant of an MP5.

In the "advanced" airsoft line is the Tactical Force-branded M4 CQB.

In firearms, Umarex USA offers a Colt replica in .22 LR, available as a standard 1911 and a Rail Gun model. The Regent .45 ACP, now offered in a stainless model, is a 1911 series pistol made in Turkey.



WRB's Mini Range Bag features four padded, removable pistol inserts with mag pouches for full-size autos: two inside the bag and one in each large outside pocket. Bag also features heavy-duty YKK zippers, abrasion-resistant materials and padded shoulder strap.


The Pretender combines a shirt-tuckable, inside-the-pants holster with a cell phone pouch for total concealment of small and medium-sized handguns. Cell phone pouch adjusts with Velcro to fit any phone. Available in a variety of sizes.

The Discrete Pistol Pouch is a waist pouch for carry of small automatics. Weighted swing-away tab provides instant access yet allows guns to be totally covered. Pouch is constructed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon.



The TRU XTREME line is based on TRU-SPEC's TRU (Tactical Response Uniform), and includes Uniform Pant and Shirt, Combat Shirt and Vest. Uniform Pant and Shirt are constructed of CORDURA 50-50 nyulong cotton rip-stop with external knee and elbow pockets made of SuperFabric. Combat Shirt features a 60/40 cotton nylon CORDURA base layer body and 50/50 CORDURA nylon cotton rip-stop sleeves. Vest is made of CORDURA 50/50 nylon cotton rip-stop. All components are available in black, khaki, olive drab, navy and MultiCam.

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