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2011 Company Capabilities: Expo In Print part 1.

This special annual section features advertising and advertorial material written by industry suppliers. Designed to give Nonwovens Industry readers the opportunity to learn a little more about the companies with which they deal regularly, these profiles allow advertisers to highlight select products, technologies and services.

Known previously as the Expo In Print, this special advertising section, now in its 29th year, is now known as the Company Capabilities section to better reflect its goal of giving advertisers a forum to voice the latest products and services available from their companies. The participants in this year's Company Capabilities range from manufacturers of machinery and raw materials to roll goods producers and suppliers of commission converting services. A directory of companies featured in this year's Company Capabilities can be found on the opposite page.
            Company             Page No

A Celli Nonwovens                  36
Advanced Fabrics (SAAF)            38
Aeroglide/Buhler                   39
Ahlstrom                           40
Albany International               41
Andritz Perfojet                   42
Atex                               44
Chase Machine                      45
Cellulose Converting Systems       46
Chicago Cutting Die                48
cei (Coating Excellence)           50
Converted Products                 51
Conwed Products                    52
Dienes                             53
Dow Construction Chemicals         54
Edelmann                           55
Falu                               56
Fameccanica                        57
Focke & Co                         58
GDM                                60
Hangzhou Creator                   61
Heng Chang                         62
Hills Machinery                    63
Hollingsworth & Vose               64
International Cutting Die          66
Investkonsult                      67
ITW Dynatec                        68
KNH Enterprises                    70
Kleen Test                         72
Kraton Polymers                    74
Leigh Fibers                       76
Mathec                             77
Lenzing                            78
Lydall                             80
Norafin                            82
NSC nonwoven                       83
Optima Machinery                   84
Osprev                             86
Quanzhou Chuangda                  88
Quanzhou Dachang                   90
RKW                                92
S&S Machinery                      93
Sanming PNV                        94
Shuenn Bao                         95
Sonobond Ultrasonics               96
Techadhesion                       97
Texol                              98
Tredegar Film Products            100
Truetzschler Nonwovens            102
Velcro                            104
Wellman International             106
Xingshi Equipments                108

Our Company

ACelli Nonwovens is the world's leading producer of customized winders and slitterrewinders for nonwovens. It is also a leading supplier of integrated roll handling and packaging systems and specialist in the supply of airlaid web forming technology. Headquartered in Italy, the company has machines installed in more than 30 countries over five continents.

Our Capabilities

Winding and Slitting Machinery Since its entry into the nonwovens industry in the early 1980s, 250 in-line winders and 200 off-line slitter-rewinders and 10 nonstop unwind stands have been sold to serve nonwovens production lines around the world for different fabrics and applications, with a leading position particularly in the field of production lines for hygiene and medical applications.


Roll Handling and Packaging Equipment

A.Celli Nonwovens has been providing the industry with top performing winding and slitting equipment for over 30 years. Therefore the expansion of its product portfolio into engineered solutions for processing and packaging nonwovens was a natural progression. Since its introduction to the market in 2006, more than 25 roll handling and packaging systems have been installed at different roll goods producers' facilities worldwide. Slittopack is the revolutionary system developed by A.Celli Nonwovens, which integrates winding, slitting and roll packaging into a unique cost saving operational concept for nonwovens plants.

Printing Technology

Anticipating and recognizing market trends has influenced the company to strengthen its capabilities in the field of high speed multifunctional lines equipped with printing capabilities. The integrated combination of unwind stand/s, printing machine, in-line slitting winder and/or offline slitter-rewinder allows printing on different types of nonwovens to create sophisticated decorative materials that enhance the consumer experience. A.Celli Nonwovens offers different printing techniques which include the traditional water based and solvent based and the revolutionary UV Flexo printing.


Airlaid Web Forming Technology

The company also specializes in airlaid web forming technology, which draws on its expertise in the nonwovens industry, combined with the group's 65 years of experience in machinery manufacturing for the pulp and paper industries. In fact A.Celli's group's sister company, A.Celli Paper, is a leading company in designing and manufacturing high performance tissue plants and rewinders. The Wingformer is a revolutionary solution for airlaid web formation and includes unique, fully patented technology that guarantees exceptional results in terms of operating efficiency7, flexibility and, most of importantly, productivity.

Our Commitment To Customer Care

A.Celli Nonwovens has always put a strong emphasis on the level of service and support offered to its customers. Recognizing its importance, the company continues to invest in its Customer Care department to be able to provide a comprehensive range of flexible service assistance that delivers fast answers and efficient problem solving. A.Celli works with its customers to overcome the challenges and make the necessary changes needed to its machinery. The branch offices situated in Coral Springs and Shanghai enable us to be close to our customers in the U.S. and China.

A. Celli Nonwovens

Via Romana Ovest, 252

Porcari Lucca 55016 Italy


Fax: 39-058-329-9340

At INDEX 2011, Advanced Fabrics (SAAF) announced the purchase of an additional 6-beam Reicofil line as it continues to expand its capabilities. The line is designed for optimal production of both Hygiene and Medical fabrics as SAAF continues to increase sales in both its core markets and will complement the present two Reicofil lines, a 4.2m SMMMS and a 3.2m SSMMS.

Also at INDEX, SAAF introduced its new Medalon Lite product to further enhance the well-accepted Medalon[TM] -treated fabric range. Medalon[TM] Lite is a Medalon[TM] base fabric treated for alcohol repellency 6-8, thereby giving SAAF's customers in the medical market a further price/performance option alongside standard Medalon, which has an AR level of 9/10, and standard SMS treated to AR 6-8. This addition will further consolidate SAAF's position as a key supplier in the worldwide market for medical barrier fabrics utilizing state-of-the-art base fabric technology and SAAF's own in-house treatment line.


SAAF's philosophy of developing long-term win-win partnerships with customers and suppliers, based on honesty, speed of response and consistent quality continues to pay dividends in offering value throughout the supply chain in an ever evolving market where value is a key driver.


P.O. Box 1065, Al-Ahsa 31982

Saudi Arabia

966 3 532 4000

Fax: +966 3 532 4004



Buhler Aeroglide provides equipment for through-air drying, thermal bonding, heat setting curing and finishing for the nonwovens and fiber industries.

Applications for the nonwovens industry include spunlace-hydroentangled, air laid, wet laid, spun bond (SMS composites), coated and foam impregnated webs. Applications in the fiber industry include staple fiber and tow, cotton, nylon, rayon and polypropylene.

Single and multi-pass conveyor through-air dryers are available for either a continuous web or loose fiber nonwoven applications that require gentle through-flow processing and support throughout the heating processes.

Process Features

* Energy Efficient - Integral heating and air handling components

* Tension-free web control capabilities

* Numerous full-height perimeter access doors

* Efficient, non-conductive panel design minimizes heat loss up to 750[degrees]F (399[degrees]C)

* Zoning and advanced airflow management guarantee uniform processing and high quality product

* Heating configurations include electric, gas, steam, and hot oil.


Please visit or call +1-919-851-2000 for more information.

Buhler Aeroglide

100 Aeroglide Drive * Cary, NC 27511

919-855-2000; Fax: 919-851-6029 *

Ahlstrom is a high performance materials company, partnering with leading businesses around the world to help them stay ahead. Our products and technologies arc backed by worldwide production facilities.

In 2010, Ahlstrom's net sales amounted to EUR 1.9 billion.

Ahlstrom continues to focus on strategic growth in its value added businesses and geographically focus growth on Asia. In 2010 Ahlstrom acquired a transportation filtration plant in China and announced a joint venture for making crepe papers in China. Additionally, net sales rose by 47% in the Asia-Pacific region. Customers in the region are supported by Ahlstrom's expanding platform of manufacturing sites and sales offices.


Sustainable Future

For Ahlstrom, sustainability means a balance between economic, social and environmental responsibility. Our Code of business conduct forms the basis of our corporate responsibility. This means that Ahlstrom supports sustainability from raw material sourcing to end-use applications.

BioWeb[TM] is just one of Ahlstrom's sustainable offerings thanks to an investment in a spunmelt infusion line in Chirnside, Scotland. BioWeb[TM] is a silky, fine filament web made from biopolymer Polylactic acid (PLA). Using this 100% renewable biopolymer ensures BioWeb[TM] provides an option for tea marketers who want to improve their sustainable options.

Ahlstrom's diverse range of green wiping fabrics helps to support a more sustainable environment. No other manufacturer offers so many easy and innovative ways to produce environmentally friendly wipes for baby, homecare, personal care and industrial applications. Our sustainable offerings include biodegradable, dispersible or reusable wiping fabrics integrated with natural or recycled materials.

Single-use medical substrates are the responsible choice fight against infections, designed for health care applications such as surgical drapes and gowns, face masks, sterilization wraps and other infection control products. Choosing a single-use substrate rather than a reusable one is an environmentally responsible choice, as a Life Cycle Assessment has proven a lower Environmental Burden Index (EBI) compared to reusable linens, saving large amounts or water and energy forlaundering.

Among key filtration innovations are Ahlstrom's Disruptor[R] and Disruptor[R] PAC, high performance water filtration media that rival UF and MF membrane filters in terms of retention and efficiency. Disruptor[R] and Disruptor[R] PAC technologies can be used to reduce or remove a wide range of contaminants from water: viruses and bacteria, chlorine, iodine, iron, lead, tin, copper and membrane biofouling contaminants. Applications include beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical make up water, point of use and point of entry filters. Disruptor[R] and Disruptor[R] PAC have received several awards for innovativeness as they provide sparkling clear water without objectionable tastes or odors.

Ahlstrom EasyLife[TM] nonwovens offer the most comprehensive range of substrates for the global walkover market. Ahlstrom EasyLife[TM] nonwovens range has been enhanced to provide new 3D opportunities for designers.

With their unique textures and suitability for high quality printing, they've opened up endless opportunities for creative exploration. In addition their ease of hanging and removal outstrips anything else on the market - as evidenced by a number of global manufacturers and distributors. Mater-ials are based on a mix of natural and synthetic fibers and their textile like touch is an important factor in consumer choice. The portfolio now covers the entire walkover spectrum--with unrivaled performance.



Salmisaarenaukio 1

P.O.Box 329

FI-00101 Helsinki



Ahlstrom Nonwovens LLC

Two Elm Street

Windsor Locks, CT 06096



Albany International Corp. is a global advanced textiles and materials processing company.

Founded in 1895, the company is headquartered in Rochester, NH and employs approximately 5000 people worldwide. Our 26 manufacturing operations are strategically located in 13 countries to serve our global customers.

Core Competency

The company's core business is the production of custom-designed engineered fabrics and process belts. These consumable fabrics are used to manufacture all grades of paper from lightweight technical paper to heavyweight containerboard.

Strategic Diversification

In its family of emerging businesses, Albany applies the technologies of paper machine clothing to the development of unique materials and structures for a variety of other industries. These include composite structures for the aerospace industry, belting for corrugator and tannery applications, high-performance industrial doors, specialty fabrics for nonwovens, pulp, building products, textile, and fiber cement industries, and PrimaLoft patented "synthetic down" insulation for the technical outerwear and home furnishings markets.

Delivering Value

Through the Albany Value Concept, we are able to document and communicate the economic value of the products and services provided to our customers. We are committed to being the highest-value supplier of critical products and services delivered on time to our customers, as well as the committed technology leader with strategic new products that increase customer profitability.

Visit us at

Albany International Corp.

1373 Broadway Albany, NY 12204

518-445-2399 Fax:518-445-2264

System Solutions For Nonwovens

ANDRITZ has successfully entered the nonwovens industry by joining two well established companies--Kusters and Perfojet. The innovative technologies of both companies complement one another ideally in excellent process solutions for a great variety of applications.

ANDRITZ is one of the world's leading suppliers of technologies for the nonwovens industry'. Its key competencies lie in wetlaid, spunlace, spunbond and spunjet technologies.

Long years of experience in the hands of Kusters and Perfojet form the foundation of the ANDRITZ technology. By uniting forces in engineering and process development, ANDRITZ can provide unrivalled expertise to the benefits of their customers. Complete lines, rebuilds, upgrades and automation are part of the portfolio, as well as business with individual machines. The nonwoven excellence brand stands for certified high-quality performance from forming to finishing, top-class service and prompt, smooth project execution.

As one of the pioneers in hydroentanglement, ANDRITZ Perfojet now has more than 160 machines and complete production lines in operation worldwide. Perfojet's expertise in the spunlace industry has lead to the development of the spunjet process. This new technology is particularly suitable for technical applications such as geotextiles, roofing, synthetic leather and many more. Spunjet fabrics unite the strength of spunbond and the softness of spunlace.

ANDRITZ Kusters looks back on an equally successful history in innovative calendering and wet finishing processes: more than 2500 calenders and 24,000 deflection controlled rolls sold to the nonwovens and textile industries. Innovation awards (such as the INDEX award in 2005 and 2008) underline the achievements in continuous research and development to meet the demands of the market.


Today, the trend in the spunlaid industry is moving towards lightweight webs in high-speed production. With the neXline finish, ANDRITZ for the first time combines all technologies from bonding to finishing. The new complete process solution begins with the twin thermobonding calender and includes dosing, application of low add-on, drying, and process control.


Also the wetlaid nonwovens technology is increasingly gaining importance and offers almost infinite options for the development of new and innovative products from a great variety of fibers: natural and synthetic fibers but also carbon, microglass, aramid, and many more manmade fibers. Thus, it is possible to produce filter material that features temperature resistance, chemical resistance, controlled porosity, high tensile strength or static and anti-static character. ANDRITZ is now able to offer wetlaid lines with hydroentanglement units. The product range includes mono-material wetlaid nonwovens without any chemical additives, nor using thermal bonding; in addition, layers of different fiber types can be entangled with each other.

Two Technical Centers Dedicated To Nonwovens

With state-of-the-art installations at the Technical Centers in Krefeld (Germany) and Montbonnot (France), ANDRITZ expert process engineers work as partners to nonwovens producers in product development. Evaluation of new processes and the definition of parameters for product guarantees are another main focus. The Technical Center in Montbonnot has complete spunlace and spunjet pilot lines, whereas the Krefeld site is equipped with a wetlaid pilot line, production and pilot calenders, as well as various wet finishing machines.

ANDRITZ Nonwovens

Krefeld, Germany (Competence Center)

Montbonnot, France (Competence Center)

Spartanburg, USA (Competence Center)

Shanghai, China (Sales / Service)

Foshan, China (Engineering / Manufacturing)

Mumbai and Bangalore, India (Service)

ATEX offers a variety of nonwovens and solutions to a wide range of converters and manufacturers. With the development of new and often unexplored nonwoven solutions, ATEX is committed to keeping innovation as a strategic mission. The vision of ATEX is to deliver quality and technically advanced non-woven products by focusing on research, technology, exceptional quality and certified production processes to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and innovative solutions. Flexibility and a global market strategy complete this commitment. Multibeam technology, fine filament spunbond, composites, meltblown, treatments, modified PP polymer nonwovens and spundyed webs are options currently available. ATEX constantly seeks to identify niches or large markets to deliver unique products, which allows the group to remain a leading competitor in the market.


ATEX has two locations in Italy (Milan and Borgo Ticino) and one location in the U.S. (Gainesville, GA). The Gainesville and Milan manufacturing facilities produce nonwovens made from Polypropylene polymers in a wide range of weights, colors and treatments. These are tailored for many end uses. The solutions ATEX offers are more economically feasible and mechanically engineered for many end uses and advanced applications.

The Borgo Ticino manufacturing facility produces microfibers, composites, elastic nonwovens and wipes. The ATEX group's continuous innovations for the wipes market are focused in offering competitive and modern solutions with particular attention to the environment and capability of recycling all components. ATEX has been successful in reducing the weight of its nonwoven wipes by almost 30%, offering similar or better functions than those from other technologies.


ISO 9001:2000 certification confirms the ATEX group's commitment to a quality management system, with the goal to enhance customer satisfaction by consistently providing a quality product that will meet or exceed specified requirements. Each manufacturing facility maintains continual mechanical and chemical product testing according to EDANA and INDA.

Atex srl

Via C. Colombo 2 - 20090 Settala (MI) Italy


Fax: 39-02-95242010

Atex Inc.

2600 West Park Drive

Gainesville, GA 30504


Fax: 770-536-7246

See ad on page 11.

Where leading brands turn for custom web solutions

Chase Machine and Engineering is the world's largest manufacturer of custom web handling equipment. Since our founding in 1954 as a manufacturer of equipment for the textile industry, we have expanded our capabilities to include complete machine and manufacturing system design. Today, Chase partners with leading manufacturing companies to produce application-specific equipment from packers, spoolers and blockers to ultrasonic slitters, bonders and cut-off machines to hollow fiber machines and membrane coaters. We serve a wide range of customers in the medical, converting, textile, and geotextile industries.

Chase is a vertically integrated company that offers mechanical and electrical engineering services using state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling software, PLC programming, electrical panel building, machining, welding fabrication, painting, and final machine assembly. We also provide installation and start-up services, as well as routine maintenance.

Test products without stopping production

Chase Machine can help you test materials and assembly methods to ensure final product quality - and without stopping production machines. Our Materials Application Lab gives you easy access to ultrasonic bonders, laminators, slitters, and rotary drum embossing machines, as well as impulse and hot air sealing equipment. We combine 50 years of machine and product development experience with a broad array of pilot line equipment to create production equipment that is newer, faster, more efficient, and more reliable. You may reserve our Materials Application Lab by the hour, day or week. All Chase machines are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. Call us at 401-821-8879 for more information.


1324 Washington St. West Warwick, RI 02893


Fax: 401.823.5543

CCS is an Italian company working in the field of engineering and installation of complete lines for disposable hygienic products manufacturing. The company founded by the merger of a leading investor and two groups of technicians and designers with thirty-year experience in the production of machines for baby diapers, incontinence products, lady sanitary napkins, bed underpads, fluid absorbing pads, and bibs for babies and adults.

CCS works with passion and competence, setting the target to create new technologies able to support every idea; namely to offer to its own customers a concrete realization and implementation of their needs, also the most complex.

CCS proposes a complete range of production lines with high technological content satisfying the following areas:

* sanitary napkins lines

* panty shield lines

* light incontinence lines

* baby diaper lines

* incontinence lines

* bibs lines

* underpads lines

* fluid absorbing pads lines

* milk-breast cups lines

The company stands out on the market also as leader for the engineering and manufacturing of:

* textile backsheet lamination equipment

* diapers individual wrapping equipment

* sanitary napkins and panty shields individual wrapping with "easy wrap" method equipment

* fluff pads drum forming equipment for diapers and sanitary napkins machines

* "side panels" realization and application equipment for diapers and incontinence products



The new "Pull On" adult incontinence diaper manufacturing line, realized during the past year, is presently satisfactory working in industrial production.

Besides, our workshop is now involved in the erection of a new, high speed, double fluff core lady napkins production line.

This equipment will complete our range for the lady care, granting a working speed of over 1200 pieces per minute.


Cellulose Converting Solutions

Registered office:

Via A Maj 14

24100 Bergamo, Italy

Manufacturing premieses:

Viale Kennedy 40--

C. da Valle del Molino

65010 Moscufo, Italy

39-085-975601 Fax: 39-085-97560200

You have demanding high-speed production needs. Precision manufacturing, superior performance and rapid turnaround are a must. No matter how big, small, complex or sophisticated, you want the absolute finest product available.

From specialty rotary dies to turnkey machinery solutions, more and more of the world's greatest companies rely on Chicago Cutting Die to transform nonwo-ven materials into their products.


Chicago Cutting Die is one of the largest cutting die manufacturers in the world. Since the business was founded in 1923, it has grown with the manufacturing of specialty rotary dies, equipment for the non-woven and medical industries, rotary-die presses and ancillary equipment for the disposable, packaging and other diversified industries.

Started by two Swedish immigrant blacksmiths, William and Frank Anderson, the company began manufacturing dies for the apparel, shoe, envelope and label industries. In 1929, CCD diversified into the manufacturing and development of other products - the first upright handle grass shears and the first spray paint gun for automobiles.


Today we are owned and operated by Jim and Lyle Archer, the grandsons of Frank Anderson.

Rotary Cutting Modules

Speed. Precision. Customization. Why manufacturers from all over the world partner with Chicago Cutting Die. Our rotary cutting modules are custom-engineered to meet all your exacting specifications - cutting and shaping non-woven materials and specialty material within precise tolerances of .0002 or better. Whether you need sanitary napkins, baby-diapers, medical products, non-woven or plastic and paper products, we can develop a module that will maximize the highest return on your production investment.




We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective precision machining and fabrication products and services. We conduct our business with honesty, integrity, mutual trust and a genuine concern for the customers we serve.

With over 85 years of experience, Chicago Cutting Die is well equipped to handle all your cutting die needs. From segmented rotary dies to bonding rolls to turnkey machinery solutions, we always craft with the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost. Take a virtual tour of our facility at

Chicago Cutting Die

13555 Woodhead Drive Northbrook, IL 60062-1489



Who We Are

cei (Coating Excellence International) is a market leading flexible packaging and technical products company specializing in wide web extrusion coating and laminating of film, foil, paper and nonwovens in a number of diverse industries.

Our History

cei was built on a greenfield site and we opened our doors for business in 1997. In 2011, just 14 years later, cei has expanded several times, opened two additional facilities and has nearly one million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space.

Innovation has been at the forefront of our rapid, organic growth and success, cei specializes in developing innovative solutions that meet customers' unique business needs.

Despite rapid expansion, cei continues to hold true to its customer and quality focused strategy, and is the preferred supplier of many of its customers.

Our Capabilities

cei is a proven performer in the manufacture of a variety of nonwoven converted products. Our extensive experience with lightweight, high performance coating and a broad array of substrates yield products that deliver strength, durability and results--timely, efficiently and cost effectively.

* Wide web extrusion coating and laminating

* Award winning flexographic printing up to 10 color and 77 inches wide

* On-site graphics--including design, layout and digital plate production

* Lightweight, high performance coatings

* EB coating and laminating

* High speed slitters / rewinders


* Single use medical fabrics - for use in a variety of health care applications including surgical drapes and gowns, face masks and sterilization wraps.

* Diaper landing zone - light weight, flexo printing with water based inks and consistent peel

* Feminine hygiene liners


Sustainability Leader

cei is an industry leading sustainable manufacturer and printer. Our environmental management and sustainable business practices are key components to ongoing commitment to Operational Excellence. That commitment is anchored by the fact that we are dedicated to being an environmentally responsible leader. That leadership is evident in our broad portfolio of sustainable solutions. We manufacture products optimally designed to meet market needs of performance and cost through clean production technologies, renewable resources and recyclability.

* Renewable energy

* Water based inks

* Recyclable products

When Quality, Service and Innovation matter

At cei, we're continually thinking outside the box to develop new process improvements, product innovations and production efficiencies. We will do what it takes to find an innovative solution to meet your most demanding or challenging requirements.

* Product development and technical team with over 100 years combined experience

* Multiple facilities providing backup manufacturing processes and logistic efficiencies

* Ongoing"next generation" innovative R&D

* State-of-the-art converting equipment

* ISO 9001-2008 quality program




(Coating Excellence International)

975 Broadway

Wrightstown, WI 54180



Converted Products, Inc. is a leader in the Contract Converting Industry. We work with our clients to create the most innovative and cost-effective converting solutions for their individual projects. Whether you are looking for basic converting services or have a complex, multi process application, we offer the flexibility in our equipment to fit your needs.


We convert a wide variety of nonwoven materials with our diverse range of services, which includes: slitting, rewinding, laminating, traverse winding, spooling, die cutting and warehousing. Each project may be different, but our commitment to quality and service remains the same.

Our services and experiences with non-wovens markets include filtration, building materials, automotive, sorbents and health care related.

Company Capabilities

* Slitting -Widths from 1/4" to 136" Max OD: 60", Can handle ID's from core-less or cored 1" to 12" ID, Slitting styles include score, shear, razor and single knife.

* Hot Melt Laminating - Add On as low as .5 gsm. Adhesive types include PSA and Heat Activate.

* Ultrasonic Laminating - Widths up to 120". Patterns available upon request.

* Die Cutting - Rotary and Flat Bed

* Traverse Winding (Spooling) - Slit widths from 1/4" to 1.5". Package sizes up to 13" Face, 20" OD.

* Sheeting - 72" wide up to 1,000" long

Contact Converted Products, Inc. today. Our experienced staff is prepared to work with you to develop the right plan for your converting project.

Converted Products

8501 West Tower Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53244


Fax: 414-354-4333

Conwed[R] is a global company specializing in total netting solutions from concept to commercialization. Conwed[R] manufactures a complete line of high-performance netting used in major markets ranging from hygiene, medical and consumer-packaged goods to furniture, bedding, construction and filtration applications.


More than 40 years of experience developing stretch, reinforcement, lamination, protection, separation, containment, grip and packaging capabilities make Conwed[R] the partner of choice in your product development opportunities.

To learn more about Conwed[R] capabilities visit:[R] core technologies include extruded square, diamond and flat netting, extruded tubes, oriented netting, co-extrusion, bi-component, knitted and elastomeric netting.


Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Conwed[R] has six manufacturing plants located in North America, Latin America and Europe. Our commitment to sustainability led us to join the Chicago Climate Exchange (CXX) and become the first plastic netting company to achieve carbon neutral status.


Conwed Plastics

1300 Godward Street, NE

Suite 5000

Minneapolis, MN 55413 U.S.A.


Fax: 612-623-2500

Dienes began supplying slitting components to the European paper industry in 1913. Since then, as an engineering based company, Dienes has dedicated its resources to the development of slitting innovations and technologies to improve paper slitting and converting processes.

Dienes Corporation in Spencer, MA, USA, and Dienes Werke, Overath, Germany manufacture quality slitting knife blades, slitting knife holders and customized slitting systems; from simple manual designs to fully automatic positioning units.

In addition to technical field and lab support Dienes offers slitting educational programs to its customers.

Innovative slitting technologies developed by The Dienes Group include:

* Constant Side Load top knife holders where separate air lines provide high pressure vertical stroke and adjustable side-load pressure to lessen knife contact forces.

* Driven top knife holders with precision motors providing flexibility in web speed matching.

* Simultaneous positioning of all knife holders and bottom knives to reduce knife setup times to <15 seconds.

* Knife life monitoring to automatically warn operators of blade life failure, thereby preventing slit quality problems.

* Self aligning crush knife holders to greatly extend blade life and expand web speed capability.

* 50mm (2") wide, motor driven bottom shear knives allowing the maximum number of cuts within the shortest possible frame widths.

* Knife holders with exchangeable blade heads providing on-line flexibility to cut with shear, crush or razor blades.

The Dienes Group successes are based on an engineering philosophy with a marketing strategy, not a marketing philosophy with an engineering strategy.

The Dienes Group

27 Dewey St.

Spencer, MA 01562-2498 USA



Fax: 508-885-3452




As the demand for increasingly sustainable, cost-effective, differentiated building and construction materials continues to rise worldwide, The Dow Chemical Company established a strong business unit with a 40-year track record of helping manufacturers and formulators develop innovative, high-performance products for a wide range of construction applications.

Dow Construction Chemicals is an innovative global powerhouse with deep and broad technology platforms and application know-how in acrylic, redispersible latex powder and cellulosic technology.

Dow Construction Chemicals has more than 35 years of experience in the industrial nonwovens field. Its reputation for customer-focused innovation and technical excellence began when it introduced the first two acrylic-based binders for a variety of industrial mat applications. Today, the business continues to lead the way with its environmentally advanced waterborne acrylic binders and coatings that meet the needs of the rapidly evolving industrial nonwovens industry.

Our Products for the Nonwovens Industry

RHOPLEX[TM] Binders and Coatings

The business' extensive experience in the chemistry and manufacturing of emulsion binders enables rapid development of customer-specific products that meet challenging product attributes. Properties such as water and solvent resistance, mechanical and chemical stability, strength and flow can be easily modified to meet individual requirements.

Leveraging a leadership position in acrylic chemistry enables Dow Construction Chemicals to achieve the right balance of product properties in coatings for industrial mats, while helping to maintain trouble-free operation at fast line speeds.

AQUASET[TM] Thermoset Binders

This technology is an excellent alternative for customers looking for ways to reduce plant emissions or to develop low-VOC emitting products. In particular, AQUA-SET[TM] benefits materials that go into interior applications, where indoor air quality (IAQ) is important.

Dow Construction Chemicals also offers a wide portfolio of high-quality additives, including rhcology modifiers, dispersants and biocides that help customers develop a more robust formulation.

Applications Our Business Serves

Fiberglass Insulation

AQUASET[TM] technology offers insulation manufacturers a formaldehyde-free technology platform for binding fiberglass filaments used in building insulation systems. The technology imparts excellent rigidity and dimensional stability and produces an environmentally advanced insulation blanket. Roofing Shingle Mats RHOPLEX[TM] technology offers excellent runnability, formulation flexibility and improved tensile strength and tear resistance for this segment.


Specialty Mats

Both AQUASET[TM] and RHOPLEX[TM] technologies can be used to achieve a favorable environmental profile--particularly important for indoor applications--while imparting the required product properties.

Dow Construction Chemicals Also Provides:

Technical Support

* Expansive network of Technical Support Centers

* Analytical, toxicological and environmental capabilities

* More than 20 highly dedicated scientists devoted to high-performance nonwovens

Manufacturing Excellence

* One of the largest fully integrated acrylic monomer and emulsion producers in the world

* Multiple production facilities in North America making high-performance non-woven binders

* Manufacturing locations close to the customers


* Commitment to quality and consistency

* More than 50 years of experience making acrylic polymers

* Dow's manufacturing know-how helps meet customer expectations efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Dow Construction Chemicals

100 Independence Mall West

Philadelphia, PA 19106-2399


Fax: 215-592-3004

Edelmann Technology GmbH & Co. KG has been producing winders and slitters only for the nonwovens industry since 1972. All developments since then have been focused on producing the best roll quality considering the special material characteristics of nonwovens.

Started as a mid-size company from Bavaria, Edelmann has developed during the last couple of decades into a worldwide known manufacturer of exceptional winders and slitters for the nonwovens industry. Our customers are located worldwide.

Edelmann Technology developed into the technological leader for winders and slitters in the nonwovens industry, being the only manufacturer offering:

* In-Line,

* Off-Line, and

* Hybrid winders.

Through a strategic alliance, fully integrated packaging solutions for all three winding systems are available only through Edelmann.

Besides high speed Off-Line winders for a throughput of about 1000 meters per minute and a width of 5.6 meters, Edelmann is also offering very attractive inline winders achieving a winding and slitting speed of 800 meters per minute. In-Line winders are also available for a width of 5.60 meters and a roll diameter of up to 2.20 meters.

Thanks to the extensive experience in both, the Off-Line and In-Line winding, Edelmann Technology has been able to combine these two and thus be able to provide the benefit of both systems in one machine, at the same time it also provides a winding throughput not seen in the nonwoven industry until now.

It goes without saying that these can be equipped with highly appreciated technical details like the:

* simultaneous positioning of all knives reducing the set-up time to 30 seconds, and

* the fully hands-off core-cutting and positioning system avoiding spacer rings and the need of protection sleeves.

All-in-all Edelmann Technology is your best choice for winding, slitting and packaging nonwoven.


PSA Technology

In January 2011, the Edelmann family and scope of supply has been extended by PSA Technology GmbH from Bitburg Germany.

PSA Technology is specialized in slitters, rewinders, turret winders and core cutters. Its core competence is in the area of customized winding and slitting solutions not only for the nonwoven industry. This is best described with the slogan "Your slitter rewinder perfectly designed!"


Edelmann Technology

Daimlerring 11

Kleinwallstadt D-63839 Germany


Fax: 49-6022-66-44

Contact: Dominic Prompler


Swiss based Falu AG, formerly known as K. Fassbind-Ludwig + CO AG, is one of the leading companies in the production of high speed machinery to produce cotton swabs and cotton pads.

The company has been established 45 years ago. This considerable experience enables FALU to develop machines of exceptional quality and efficiency.



Falu has established its leading position in cotton swab machines as well as cotton pad machines including packing machines due to its reliable after-sales service during the exceptionally long lifetime of its machines. The considerable experience enables FALU to develop an exceptional quality of modern, efficient machines.

Since it patented the first swap machine in 1971 it has won customers all over the world in more than 100 countries. Many of the leading manufactures in the non-woven industry are FALU customers.

Joweid Zentrum 5

CH - 8630 Ruti, Switzerland


Fax: 41-55-225-51-59

Fameccanica is the leading equipment supplier for the hygienic disposable absorbent converting industry worldwide. Since 1975, it has been devising, designing, manufacturing and installing over 800 complete lines for the production, stacking and packaging of baby diapers, training and youth pants, lady napkins, panty liners, adult and light incontinence products. With over 650 employees and over 75 Companies served today, Fameccanica is the world benchmark for Innovation, machine reliability and product quality and is present worldwide with headquarters in Italy and plants in China, Brazil and U.S.



35 Years of High Performance Innovation

As a sign of NON STOP INNOVATION Fameccanica is ready to introduce its unconventional High speed machines, covering the complete finished products range and meeting all the market requirements for companies aiming at the best: largest production capacity along with highest efficiency.

Introducing FIX P5: Speed & Flexibility in the Adult Incontinence segment

FIX P5 is the Fameccanica high capacity-machine for the manufacturing of adult incontinence products (500 pieces/min). This platform has been designed with the aim to guarantee high flexibility for manufacturing different product structures on the same machine with pre-defined and fast product change operations, simplify the retrofitting of future upgrading kits with short delivery time and reduced installation effort and prioritize efficiency and waste levels for the lowest unitary finished product cost.

Designed for running all Inco products with narrow chassis like multi-pieces diapers with rectangular and/or shaped side panels, as well as Anatomic Pads and belted briefs, this platform shares the same platform and the main design concepts with its sister high speed baby machine, called FA-X PI 0.

Introducing FA-X P10: SPEE& EASY RETROFIT in the Baby Diaper segment

FA-X P10 is the Fameccanica high capacity machine for the manufacturing of baby diapers (1000 pieces/min). The machine guarantees high performance in speed, efficiency and waste levels for the lowest unitary finished product cost. Also, this new machine introduces a new design concept to simplify the retrofitting of future upgrading kits with short delivery time and reduced installation effort, so that your future product updates will be much easier.

Fameccanica designed the platform for running all the main products demanded by the market with different structures, producing either classic leg-shaped diapers or rectangular diapers with shaped ears available in the zero trim or reduced trim versions.

Introducing U-Forming System

Fameccanica unveils the new"U-Forming System'" Design; through this feature, a Fameccanica Line is capable of producing ultra-thin pads with high SAP content. Thanks to the most accurate pressing technology installed, the pad also maintains very high integrity and a very low weight variation.

Fameccanica.Data S.p.A.

via Aterno 136

66020 Sambuceto di S. Giovanni

Teatino (Chieti) Italy


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Focke & Co., one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging machinery, was founded in 1955 by Dr. Heinz Focke in Vcrden, Germany. His passion for quality and attention to detail in every aspect of the business, resulted in some of the world's most successful packaging machinery and project installations. The same standard of excellence on which the company was founded is embraced by its employees worldwide, ensuring creative and reliable solutions to the markets' packaging machinery requirements. With over 16,000 machines shipped to more than 80 countries, the company's name is synonymous with performance and reliability.

Besides the company's major focus in the tobacco sector, the General Packaging division provides packaging machinery and line automation solutions in the "Dry Foods", Paper/Hygiene", and "Consumer"product sectors.


The company is one of the few globally which can produce & manage complete line projects within the Non-Wovens industry by supplying equipment directly coupled to converting equipment with stacking and bagging solutions as well as to flow wrapping and cartoning solutions.

With the continued efforts to bring to market superior designs with maximum flexibility, Focke & Co. has further broadened horizons with revolutionary packaging automation for the femcare and diaper arenas.


With a corporate culture of being a market leader, Focke & Co. has developed new approaches to high speed and low count market requests. Modular solutions with optimal flexibility allowing the linking of a common production stream to multiple secondary packaging schemes can be provided to fulfill a magnitude of diverse requirements. Drastically reduced footprints are possible when comparing to traditional solutions on the market. Focke & Co. has proven once again that its focus and impact will be clear and present for many years to come.

Consistent development and introduction of technology advancements have changed the landscape of the paper/hygiene sector by creating a paradigm shift in packaging automation. Higher speeds, reduced footprints, expanding flexibility, sustainability solutions, all can be had from a single source. Focke & Co.'s product portfolio is completed with case and tray packing, bundling, palletizing, and stretch wrapping solutions.


The vendor-client partnership is highly valued by Focke & Co., as it aligns itself to the future needs of its customers. With a commitment to its clients for the long term, this serves for a win-win relationship. There will sure be more to see from Focke & Co. as the company secures its future in the markets it serves.

Focks & Co. Inc.

General Packaging

5730 Millstream Road

Whitsett, NC 27377 USA

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Fax: +1 336-449-5444

GDM was established in 1995 and inherited from two formerly existing companies (TEKMA and NUOVA RED ITALIANA) the successful tradition in studying, designing, manufacturing and testing machinery for hygiene disposable products. The attention to the most precise design, the careful assembly and accurate testing of each line before delivery, took benefit of a wide and modern space of 22,000 square meters in the main facility in Offanengo, Italy.

GDM is part of COESlA, a privately owned group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally in the sectors of Advanced automated machinery; Quality inspection & printing systems; Precision gears.


Coesia Group has a global presence, consisting of 36 operating units, of which 29 with production facilities, providing sales and after sales service in all major industrial regions.

Presently GDM manufactures complete lines and upgrade kits in Offanengo (Italy), Sao Paolo (Brazil), China(Suzhou)and provides after sales services in Richmond, VA (USA), Pune (India) and local spare part services in all main worldwide regions.


Coesia's mission is the creation of long term sustainable economic, social and environmental value for its stakeholders.

The Group's values are:

* Respect (for people, rules, local communities, environmental and economic resources)

Respect implies rigor and integrity

* Responsibility (for the consequences of one's own decisions and actions, responsibility to lead by example, to practice fair leadership, to be committed, to achieve results, to grow talent, to reward merit)

Even collective responsibility starts with individual accountability

* Knowledge (comes from culture, from the territory, relationships, experience, research, training and education; knowledge as professional and personal growth)

Sapere Aude: dare to know

* Passion (for the product, for innovation, excellence, beauty, work and performance)

Passion allows us to envision results even before achieving them.

The Value Generating GDM concepts are the following:

1. Global Coverage, to be your partner everywhere, every time

2. Customer Oriented Organization, to develop better ideas, together

3. Customer Care, to listen to your needs

4. After Sales Services, to protect your investment

5. High Technology Solutions, to give you our best

6. R&D and Continuous Innovation, to aim beyond expectations

7. Sustainability, because we care

8. Value generating, to build a true competitive advantage for our customers


Via Ciconvallazione Sud

26010 Offanengo (CR) Italy


Fax: 39-0373-247164


AccuSentiy provides Integrated Machine Vision solutions for discrete products, continuous web, sheet, and surface Inspections. We deliver turnkey actionable intelligence solutions for a wide range of applications. Our mission is to help manufacturing enterprises increase product consistency, reduce product waste, improve machine up time and optimize production performance. We focus in attaining sustainable improvements in efficiency through real-time automated product inspection.

Our team invented the key software and hardware technologies that comprise the core of the automatic inspection system. Different components of the system are innovatively designed to deliver a complete inspection solution for a wide range of applications.

Our Sentry 9000 system offers extensive processing and interfacing tools, visual displays, and reports in a versatile and scalable environment. The flexibility of the product is ideal for addressing changing requirements in dynamic manufacturing environments. The Sentry 9000 supports multiple cameras integration with Area and Line Scan cameras. The Line Scan Technology is ideal for inspecting continuously moving web, and performing inspection with tight space constraint.

Inspection results along with essential information from other sources are consolidated to produce valuable production intelligence with instant graphs, charts, and tables for analyzing defect, down time cause, and process efficiency.


We achieve breakthrough performance by equipping the production personnel with relevant intelligence and instant views of the production process. We have extensive experience converting the wealth of data from 100% product inspection into Actionable Intelligence.

Since 1991, hundreds of AccuSentiy Inspection Systems are operating 24/7 in manufacturing facilities worldwide. Companies such as SCA, 3M, Tyco, Attends Healthcare, Irving Personal Care, First Quality Products, Kimberly Clark, Owens Corning, Panasonic, Ciba Vision, HON, and Grupo Antolin have benefited from AccuSentry's actionable intelligence solutions.

This is what Patrick M. Duerr of 3M said about us: "AccuSentiy systems provide us with the power and flexibility we require for our inspection needs. The flexibility and power of an AccuSentry inspection system allows us to solve very challenging and demanding applications. The system is also a great tool for analyzing manufacturing performance allowing us to understand and improve our manufacturing processes. The large set of available tools and fast processing speeds means 1 am only limited by what I can imagine. AccuSentry understands the importance of good customer support. Whenever we have run into problems they are quick to offer assistance and solutions. They take the time to understand the nature of the problem and then provide us with timely solutions."

Serving enthusiastically is our first core value. We believe in team work and partnership with our customers to achieve a common goal for success. Our team of experienced personnel is committed to work closely with our customers. We stay engaged through ever)' phase of a project. We are dedicated to be your partner to achieve success.

Hangzhou Creator Machinery Manufacture

Pingyao, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China PC.: 311115

86-571-8854 8358/8854 8359

Fax: 86-571-8854 8379;

Sales Direct line:

86-571-8854 8358/8854 8378

Our servo driving synchronizing with the world's technology, international standard equipments and optimum rate of price and performance will bring the biggest benefit to you wherever you are in the world.

Heng Chang Machinery Co., Ltd (HCH) is a top-ranking professional manufacturer of complete production lines for disposable hygiene products who has the biggest scale in China. HCH, Located in Anqing, a famous city with historical civilizationn beautiful landscape and convenient traffic which abuts on Mount HuangShan (the world famous scenic spot) and Jiuhua Mountain (the famous shrine of Buddhism), was founded in 1988 and had become a well-known corporation which has 110000[m.sup.2] of whole plant area more than 500 staffs of all kinds of professional knowledge and more than 100 machining tools under the supporting of persons in line of business for years.


HCH's tenet is "Quality is the ultimate, credit standing is the first of all". HCH had built a strict management system and obtained customers' consistent evaluation by the advanced manufacturing techniques, self-contained processing measure and good after-service In the past several years, in order to improve working efficiency and make precision, we bought numerical control machine centers to replace the traditional processing measure and HCH has the ability of making 60 machines per year. To the famous domestic producers of disposable hygiene products, HCH has been the first choice of converter suppliers and possess a comparative bigger market share. HCH's machines are used by domestic High end user, and others exported to Europe, America, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle east, Africa and so on.

To adapt international market, HCH develops a series of disposable hygiene products automatic converters with high technology to fit market requirements. All these machines' technology and safety targets accomplish European Standard. We sincerely hope we can take this opportunity to create bright future with all the domestic and overseas customers.


See ad on page 19.

Heng Chang Machinery

Tel: +86-556-5357442/5325888

Fax: +86-556-5357893


Hills, Inc. has been a respected supplier of fiber extrusion equipment and technology since 1971, and is now the world leader in development and commercialization of high value, specialty fibers and nonwovens. Customers work in Hills'extrusion laboratory (and in other institutions having Hills equipment) to develop sophisticated multicompo-nent and nanofiber meltspun products. Hills' core technology is its patented"printed circuit board" method of manufacturing precision polymer flow passages to extrude exquisitely complex fiber cross sections containing two or more polymers (up to 4 polymers so far, but there is no practical limit).

Range of Extrusion Equipment

Hills offers equipment to manufacture specialty spunbond and meltblown fabrics, mul-ticomponent staple fibers, continuous multi-component filament yarns, and monofilaments. A full range of research, pilot, and commercial machinery is in operation, with particular emphasis on multicomponent fiber structures.

Spunbond Machinery

Hills provides the highest technology available to the specially spunbond manufacturer, including the most sophisticated bicomponent extrusion technology, temperature separation for the two polymers, high pressure capability, ultra-high-spinning-speed slot draw units, and characterizable forming tables. Hills provides: a) complete spunbond ma-chines (presently operating in the U.S., South Korea, and Japan), b) key components for companies building their own machines, and c) bicomponent extrusion technology for the excellent bicomponent spunbond machines manufactured by Reicofil[R]. Complete machines by Hills are making microfiber and nanofiber spunbond webs via bicomponent splittable fibers and islands-in-the-sea fibers. Nanofibers under 500nm are easily produced at rates that are orders of magnitude greater than that of any other method. Polymer, cross-section, and process flexibility permit many different products to be made on the same machine. Some high-value markets being served are artificial leather, industrial fabrics, and filtration media.

Meftbfown machinery

Hills machines make a variety of bicomponent and homopolymer products for filtration, breathable barriers, and other high-value uses. Low- and sub-micron fibers are particularly useful in creating HRPA filter media, and in minimizing the weight of meltblown fabric needed. Hills' unique technology. ..patented thin plates used to create special extrusion dies...permit great design and operating flexibility. Hills dies offer very high polymer pressure capability, hole count to >100 hpi, and unlimited capillary L/D. Thus, our customers' dies may be designed to make specific, high-value products (choice of polymers including high-viscosity polymers, fiber average sizes from under 250nm to 10+ microns in diameter, and/or bicomponent fibers). Hills specialty meltblown machines are operating in the U.S, Europe, Korea, Japan, and India.



Staple Machinery

Hills offers high-capacity mono- and bicomponent staple fiber machinery, and also affordable conversions of existing "blended polymer" staple machines to true bicomponent production of dividable and islands-in-the-sea fibers, for such uses as artificial leather and microfiber wipes manufacture. Many machines are in service in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Hills'sendees include access to our in-house pilot equipment, product development, cost studies, turn-key plants, upgrades of existing extrusion machines, and small-scale, high-value fiber and fabric contract manufacturing. Hills offers the technical support and the most advanced extrusion equipment to help you develop and manufacture high-value products.

Hills, Inc.

7785 Eills Road

Melbourne, FL 32904

Product Information: 321-724-2370

Fax: 321-676-7635



Company Profile

Established in 1843, Hollingsworth & Vose Company is one of the world's leading engineered papers and nonwoven materials manufacturers. The company operates manufacturing sites and research centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Media and Materials for Many Applications

H&V is a recognized leader in filter, battery separator, and industrial materials. Major markets include:

* Automotive battery

* Electronics

* Engine and industrial filtration

* Gaskets and sealing

* HERA and ULPA filtration

* Home furnishings


* Indoor air quality

* Industrial-Telecom & UPS batteries

* Liquid filtration

* Military and aerospace

* Respiratory protection

Available Process Technologies

H&V offers the widest selection of process technologies and pilot machines for air and liquid filtration applications and battery separator substrates:

* Wet laid

* Dry laid

* Polymer-to-web

* Laminated composites

* Aqueous and solvent-based saturation

New Products

H&V drives value in customers' products by inventing next-generation materials that exceed present performance benchmarks in the industry. Examples include the following:

* Molecular Filter Media (MFM) - Combines molecular and particulate filtration in one revolutionary, patented filter technology for air and fluid filtration. Now filtration manufacturers can remove and control odors,VOCs, toxic gases, and airborne pollutants.

* CycleGuard Battery Separator Media--New proprietary synthetic glass fiber technology is the first battery separator designed specifically for partial state of charge applications. CycleGuard can increase cycle life up to 20% while providing for better change acceptance.

* Nanowave [R} Extended Surface Synthetic Filter Media--New synthetic alternative offers the same efficiency and resistance in an uncharged state as glass mat media, without fiber shedding during filter processing, installation, and use. H&V's proprietary media is designed specifically to meet ASHRAE bag standards.

Latest Products Updates

* Inviscint [TM] Hydraulic Filter Media - Revolutionary high flow / low restriction hydraulic filtration media can reduce fluid flow restrictions by up to 50%. Inviscint cuts overall system energy requirements, while increasing reliability, decreasing maintenance, and extending component life.

* Teehnostat [R] Plus Electrostatic Filter Media - Reformulated and improved electret air filter media offers high sub-micron efficiency, high dust holding capacity, extremely low pressure drop, and a stable shelf line. Aerosol penetration levels are as much as 40% lower than standard Teehnostat grades at the same basis weight.

For more information please visit our website or e-mail us at:

Hollingsworth & Vose

112 Washington Street

Walpole, MA 02032


U.S.: +1-508-850-2000

Europe: +49-610-98167-0

Asia: +86-512-6767-8600

International Cutting Die, Inc. manufactures high quality dies and completes cutting systems for the Nonwoven and Converting industries. Our systems are made using the highest quality steel available. Our product is machined to the closest tolerance and finest surface finishes obtainable


As an added value, ICD offers full design capabilities, including reverse engineering die maintenance, rebuilding product evaluation and the most knowledgeable technical support in the industry.

Our modern manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art. It includes machinery for: precision three, four and five axis-machining, turning, precision grinding, dynamic balancing and precision sharpening.


International Cutting Die, Inc. was founded by a group of young, aggressive and skilled professionals. This team is totally committed to providing top quality products and services. ... demonstrating clearly why they continue to stand "A Cut Above the Rest."

International Cutting Die

2045 N. 15 Avenue

Melrose Park, IL 60160


Fax: 708-343-8970

Investkonsult is a family-owned, Swedish-based company, operating world-wide. Since 1976, it has has gone from traders of conventional second hand textile machinery to professional consultants with a strong focus in the nonwoven and hygiene industries.


Our mission is to determine the objective and correct value of your equipment - and to assist you in obtaining full value when and if you decide to sell.

As we are in this business for long-term relations the most important thing for us is to give you, our client, a transparent professional analysis and counseling about your equipment. If the best alternative for you is to keep an existing machine or production line, instead of buying new, then we will tell you so.

Line & Set-Up Guidance

With our extensive network of professionals and knowledge in used machinery we can quickly assess which second hand machines are available on the market and help you to make them a part of your production line.

For existing nonwoven and hygiene producers, we can draw on well-documented experience from over 30 years in the textile industry to guide you through the steps you need to take in order to make successful investments that will strengthen your production. The company can also advice you on potential investments by assessing new equipment and comparing it with your current machinery.

For new ventures in nonwoven or hygiene manufacturing, Investkonsult can guide your new venture in the right direction.

Investkonsult has a history as one of the oldest and most well-established brokering companies in textile and nonwoven machinery and has the expertise and necessary contacts to make sure both buyer and seller enjoy mutual benefits when we are involved.

Investknosult Sweden

Hospitalgaten 8

602 27 Norrkoping



Fax: +46-11-124026

ITW Dynatec has been leading through innovation for over 45 years by providing quality products that exceed customer expectations in performance, efficiency, savings and more. Offering a wide variety of fluid and adhesive delivery systems to meet the most demanding production needs, ITW Dynatec provides the best in class whether you require a precisely metered, high-speed, intermittent or continuous hot melt application. Our proven systems are supported by a global network of expert sales and service, quality engineers, and regional proof-of-process laboratories.


Industry Leaders in Innovation

Advanced Vector Metering Technology

ITW Dynatec's Vector Platform, which received the coveted "Most Innovative and Successful Equipment Technology" IDEA award in 2010, is the most advanced adhesive application system on the market today. Vector's unique ability to accommodate slot, spray and strand coating applications along with its patented metering station provides savings and efficiencies previously unknown to the industry.

The Vector Platform is capable of reducing the following system components, derived from actual customer data:

* Hot Melt Hoses by a minimum of 30-40%

* Motors & Drives by a minimum of 40-50%

* Filters by a minimum of 40-50%

* Hot Melt ASUs by a minimum of 10-30%

* all data is compared to existing lines

Additional advantages of the Vector Platform compared to conventional systems include:

Reduction of system components:

* Higher overall reliability

* Lower capital investment

* Improved sustainability, lower energy consumption and smaller waste stream

Superior performance:

* 0.5% cross-web lay-down accuracy

* Average 50% reduction in adhesive consumption using variable volume control (every 25mm)

* Superior system ramp-up, reaching rated accuracy' in 1 RPM to minimize waste

Modular design features that provide:

* Easy conversion between slot, spray and metered applicators

* Increased production/uptime with 2-3 minute pump changes

UFD Fiberized Spray Technology

ITW Dynatec's patented UFD Fiberized Spray technology provides superior accuracy as well as adhesive savings with its one-of-a-kind hot melt adhesive applicators. Laminated, stainless steel plates produce monofilament strands of adhesive while super-heated air elongates those strands and lays them down in random or ordered patterns. In many cases, using our UFD fiberized spray technology can cut adhesive usage by 20-50% without affecting bond strength or durability.

* Adhesive savings of up to 50%

* Precise pattern control and placement

* Improves or maintains bond strength

* Long-lasting stainless steel nozzle construction

* Consistent coat weights

Focus: Global Service & Support

At ITW Dynatec we maintain a strong emphasis on providing unparalleled service and support for our customers. Our teams of certified and dedicated technicians are available to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From our preventive maintenance programs that save you money, to our 24/7 customer support network, it's easy to see why so many have trusted their hot melt services to ITW Dynatec for over 45 years.

ITW Dynatec

ITW Dynatec Americas

31 Volunteer Drive

Hendersonville, TN 37075


ITW Dynatec GmbH

Industriestrasse 28

D-40822 Mettman, Germany


Founded in 1969, ISO 9001/ISO14001 certified, Kang Na Hsiung (KNH) is a leading manufacturer of specialty and technical nonwoven.

With production sites and R&D centers based in China and Taiwan, KNH has constantly advanced its technology platform covering from personal care hygiene to skin care and later into industrial and filtration specialty arena.

KNH has 89 issued patents. Its non-woven technology platform covers air-through, calendar bond, melt-blown, air-laid, composite air-laid, circular needle punch, Spun lace, SAP sheet, and composite coating. KNH is committed to continued investment in technology innovation.


KNH's facility in both Taiwan and China are being strategically coordinated to supply the greater China and the Pam-Pacific markets. Since 2008, KNH added two more new sites, one in Taiwan and the other in China. By the end of 2011, its annual production will exceed 1.5 billion square meters. 90% of its capacity serves market in China and Pam Asia, the rest splits between US and Europe.

Through dedicated research and development, it has brought a wide range of products to the industry.

Currently, KNH has more than 10 product categories including the following:


- Air-Laid

- Air-Through

- Calender Bond

- Circular Needle-Punching

- Composite Coating

- SAP Sheet

- Spunlacc

- Melt-blown

- Personal Care Products

- Sanitary Napkins

- Maternity Pad

- Baby Diapers

- Adult Incontinent Care Product

- Wet Wipe

- Pre-moistened toweletts

- Facial Mask

- Cosmetic puffs

Environmental Care Products

- Face Mask

- Filtration Media

- Wastewater Treatment

The current chairman of board, JC Tai, ex chairman of ANFA (INDA equivalent in Asia), is the backbone of KNH's technical Excellency. JC has dedicated more than 30 years of his career to the development of nonwoven innovations. KNH's business growth has been R&D driven and service focus. KNH delivers tailored products for both personal care and industrial sectors through technical team works with its customers.

In addition, KNH has worked closely with its suppliers and vendors to deploy its green strategy by Reduce, Recycle, and Reclaim. At Index 2011, KNH presented its latest development in the area of anti bacteria, elastics, All PET wipe substrates, dust free absorbent material. Mr. Kevin Chen, Director of Business Development, is leading the advance nonwoven business growth initiatives at KNH and can be reached at

KNH Enterprises Co.

27FL No. 456, Sec. 4, Sin-Yi Road

Taipei, Taiwan





Kleen Test Products is one of the world's largest contract manufacturers and packagers of wet wipes, dryer sheets, nonwoven and liquid products. For more than 65 years, Kleen Test has been helping companies of all sizes save time and money by discreetly manufacturing and packaging their consumer products. They provide seamless outsourcing, with the highest regard for the confidenliality of their customers.

Kleen Test's state-of-the-art FDA and EPA registered manufacturing plants have the ability to efficiently handle many diverse manufacturing and packaging needs. With five plants in southeastern Wisconsin and two more in Ohio, they are able to segregate confidential products and flexibly staff peaks in demand. Kleen Test has the resources and the technical expertise to take your ideas from conception to completion, shortening your lead time to market. Using pilot production lines, Kleen Test can economically develop new product ideas and help make your ideas a reality.


People give Kleen Test their competitive edge. A close-knit management structure means decisions are made quickly. Dedicated, skilled workers compliment sophisticated automation. Mary Sattler, customer service coordinator at Kleen lest, said, "From the beginning of a client relationship, we make sure we sit down as a partner and share their expectations of success. We understand that our customers are entrusting us with their most valuable assets: their brand and their reputation."

Wet Wipes--Kleen Test Products is one of the world's largest manufacturers of wet wipes. In fact, many of the wet wipe products launched during the last 30 years were manufactured by Kleen Test. Kleen Test can pack wet wipes into canisters, tubs, cartons, single packs, rigid and flexible packs, and has the ability to cut and cross-fold, flat fold and interleave substrates.

Kleen Test recently joined forces with Taiki USA to expand the use of Taiki's patented"D Cap" flow wrap fitment products. The "D Cap" flow-wrap and fitment were strategically designed to maximize product life by keeping products fresh and moist.

Dryer Sheets--For over 30 years, Kleen Test Products has been a major player in the fabric softener sheet market. Today, they are

one of the largest manufacturers of fabric softener sheets in the world, with shipments to North America and beyond.

Die-Cutting--Kleen Test is the world's largest precision die cutter of pads for cosmetic, OTC and personal care applications. Utilizing their in-house die-cutting and liquid-filling capability, they can be your one-stop shop for jar-filled products.

Liquid, Tube & Jar Filling--Kleen Test Products has a 210,000 square foot facility dedicated to liquid filling of household, personal care and OTC products. They fill jars, bottles and tubes with capacities ranging from one ounce to five gallons. They also custom blend for shipment in drums, totes and tankers.

Specialty Packaging--Kleen lest has custom and secondary packaging capabilities company-wide, allowing customers to simplify supply chains by having their promotional packaging done online. Kleen Test demonstrates their flexibility in the wide array of packaging options available, including thermoformed blisters, cartoning, tipping, multipack, display, and sampling vehicles.

Kleen Test Products is constantly finding new ways to respond to new challenges in the world of contract manufacturing.

Simple but pervasive principles guide Kleen Test's production, their business and their values. Kleen Test Products relentlessly strives to exceed customer expectations in quality, deliver)" and value. "We actively foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and trust - with our employees and our customers. We continually challenge ourselves to create better practices and processes," said Bill Ahlborn, president of Kleen Test.

Kleen Test Products

1611 Sunset Road

Port Washington, Wl 53074


Fax: 262-284-6623

nonwovens @

A New Generation Of Elastic Nonwovens

Kraton Polymers' innovation gives you a competitive edge in the design and production of elastic nonwovens. The new technology offers superior softness, improved elasticity, better breathability and three grades for bicomponent spunbond and meltblown applications. This exciting advancement in fiber technology breaks through the processing barriers of conventional polymers. Potential applications and innovative uses include:

* Medical surgical gowns, drapes, and bandages

* Protective coveralls and apparel,

* Personal care products such as diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine care products,

* Industrial composite layers and specialty textiles

Kraton Polymers has invested more than 40 years of research and development in cutting-edge innovation that continues to revolutionize the nonwovens industry. This focus and commitment has allowed the company to deliver advanced products that continue to revolutionize the nonwovens industry.


Advanced Elastic Nonwovens

Kraton Polymers recently announced the introduction of three product grades: MD6705, MD6717 and G1643. These products are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of spunbond and meltblown applications. Kraton MD6705 and Kraton G1643, spunbond grades, are the foundation of the elastic core in bicomponent construction of an elastic yarn or elastic nonwoven with sheath materials such as PP, copoly-ester, nylon and blends of PP. Kraton MD6717 has been developed for meltblown applications where strength and elasticity are. desired. The competitive advantage of Kraton Polymer's product lies in the design and optimization of the copolymer to retain its elasticity, while still making it suitable for high-speed processing. Kraton-based elastic nonwovens are proven to be drapeable, non-tacky and breathable with a dry hand, enabling the creation of products that are soft and discrete. In addition, Kraton polymers exhibit excellent process stability and no pre-drying is required. Fabric elasticity can be further enhanced by pre-stretching. Dyeing and/or printing are also possible with the proper choice of sheath material.

About Kraton Performance Polymers

Kraton (NYSE: KRA) is a leading global producer of styrenic block copolymers (SBCs), which are highly engineered synthetic elastomers used to enhance the performance of end use products that touch our daily lives. The original inventor of SBC chemistry in the 1960s, Kraton has a history of innovation dating back almost 50 years. Kraton has a broad portfolio of value-enhancing polymers that are used in a wide variety of applications including consumer and personal care items, adhesives and coatings, electronics, medical supplies, automotive components and paving and roofing materials. Kraton offers approximately 800 products to more than 700 customers in over 60 countries worldwide, and has a pipeline of new application innovations which it believes will drive future growth. Its production facilities are located in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil and Japan.

For more information about Kraton Polymers, please visit us at

Kraton Polymers

15710 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Houston, TX 77032


Fax: 281-504-4849

Leigh Fibers is a global leader in reprocessing fiber-based materials, with a record of diverting some 14 billion pounds from landfills so far. We custom-blend them into high-quality products for a variety of markets, using natural, synthetic and technical fibers, textile by-products, shoddy recycled carpeting, and even plastics.


Most blends are made to suit specific customer requirements and all meet the most demanding quality standards. Proprietary brands include SafeLeigh[TM] fire-resistant shoddy, made primarily of recycled meta-aramids, and QuietLeigh" shoddy for acoustical padding.

A family-owned business for over 90 years, Leigh provides a wide range of reprocessing solutions and services. Examples include wastestream management, tollwork, salvage, product destruction, and closed loop conversion. Our facilities in South Carolina and Montreal recycle more fiber by-products and textile waste than anyone in North America, and have earned the industry's only ISO-9001:2008 certifications. Ongoing imports and exports with 25 countries assure customers of a stable supply chain.

When it comes to fiber reprocessing, Leigh sets the standard for experience, capacity, quality systems, and customer service. If you need a good source of reprocessed materials, or someone to manage the waste you generate, give us a call.

Leigh Fibers

1101 Syphrit Road

Wellford, SC 29385


Fax: 864-439-4116

Nonwovens Converting Machinery

Mathec, an engineering and development company created in 1997 designs, manufactures and installs modules and complete machines for the hygiene and nonwovens converting industry. Present in world markets, Mathec diversifies its products as much for market leaders as for up-and-coming producers.

Leader In Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Machinery

Facing a worldwide growing request since 2006, Mathec has strengthened its place as leader in Europe in the market of personal protective equipment (PPE) machinery. Our high-tech complete automatic FFP2 face mask or surgical mask production machinery were approved unanimously among great industrial producers through the world and particularly in Europe. Entirely designed and patented by Mathec according to the client requirements, our lines have a great reliability and a simple utilization.

Hygiene Division Machinery

Mathec keeps developing its skills and process for the hygiene industry with modules and complete machines that contribute to its success: rotary dies units, SAP applicator, unwinding units, ultrasonic leg cuff units and panty shield, underpad and light incontinence machines.

Mathec's Policy

Conscious of market evolutions, Mathec continually conducts research and development actions. "Innovation is the tool that enables us to stand out and retain a technological lead." For further information, contact our marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luc Piperno.

Many thanks to all our clients and visitors during the INDEX 11 exhibition!


ZAC de la Petite Camargue

34400 Lunel France

+33 (0)4 99 62 27 51

Fax: +33(0) 4 99 62 27 54

Lenzing fibers. Excellence in nonwovens.

The Lenzing Group is an international group of companies with headquarters in Austria, production sites in all major markets and a global network of sales offices. With more than seven decades of experience Lenzing is the key supplier of man-made cellulose fibers to the nonwovens industry. The unique combination of consistent customer focus and leadership in quality, innovation and technology is the foundation for the success of the company.


In 2010 the Lenzing Group set the course for the future dynamic expansion of its fiber production capacity. The expansion program responds to the growing demand for man-made cellulosic fibers and will further secure Lenzing's leading world market position.

With fibers made from the renewable resource wood, the company has a natural advantage in offering sustainable products. The cellulosic origin of Lenzing Viscose[R] and TENCEL[R] combines sustainability with natural functionality. Lenzing fibers are pure, soft and highly absorbent. Hence, they are ideally suited for sensitive applications such as wipes, hygiene or medical products. Beyond this, Lenzing fibers are tailored to provide optimized performance in technical applications. After use, Lenzing Viscose[R] and TENCEL[R] can biodegrade fully - Nature returns to nature.

Engineered solutions for technical nonwovens

TENCEL[R] and Lenzing Viscose[R] enhance both process and product performance in technical applications. Tailor-made fiber solutions offered by Lenzing are the ideal basis to realize new market opportunities.


Lenzing fibers offer unrivalled performance which is a clear benefit in both industrial applications and consumer goods. Beyond this, the company is focussed on niche applications with future potential, bringing to reality the products of tomorrow. The end uses of TENCEL[R] and Lenzing Viscose[R] range from advanced electrical devices through liquid and gas filtration to carbon precursors for high temperature insulation.

Leading Fioer Innovation

Intense product development customizes fibers to individual and specific consumer needs and optimized technical performance. Numerous innovation projects enhance and improve the new-age fiber TENCEL[R]. Cellulose precursors for carbon and graphite fibers as well as fiber fibrillation are but two examples:

Hot stuff ...

Their cellulose structure makes Lenzing fibers an ideal precursor material for carbon and graphite fibers. Carbonized TENCEL[R] combines low thermal conductivity and low levels of metal ion impurities. This offers an essential advantage for high performance thermal insulation applications.

TENCEL[R] - the fiber of choice for the fast-growing markets of the aerospace, solar and electronics industries.

... and maximum performance

Filter systems need to comply with stringent specifications - especially when it comes to industrial or automotive applications.

Refined fibrillated TENCEL[R] allows filter media suppliers to create customized solutions for specific requirements. The fiber's circular cross section increases both durability and performance. Fibrillated TENCEL[R] - the fiber for the highest demands in liquid and air filtration.

Contact Lenzing Fibers

Are you ready to find out how Lenzing's innovative fibers can make your product special?

Chris Potter

Technical Segment Manager of Lenzing's Business Unit Nonwovens

Phone: +44 (0) 1332 832367



Lydall[R] Performance Materials provides innovative filtration media and specialty insulation solutions for a vast array of applications through its global sales and production facilities in USA, France, The Netherlands, China and Japan.

Industrial Liquid Filtration/Separation

Lydall has leveraged its extensive technical expertise and applications knowledge into a suite of media products covering the vast industrial liquid filtration landscape across the fluid power, transportation and coalescing fields. For fluid power and transportation applications, Lydall offers LyPore[R] and LyPore[R] Defender microglass filter media. Our newest development, the LyPore Defender series of microglass media, offers the highest liquid filtration performance available today for hydraulics, automotive, industrial fluids and fuels. Our LyPore[R] Unity microglass coalescing series consist of grades optimized for liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescing.

Air Filtration

Lydall air filtration products include LydAir[R] MG (microglass), LydAir[R] MB (meltblown), LydAir[R] SC (synthetic composite) and our newly introduced Arioso[R] membrane composite media. These products constitute the critical media component of clean-air systems for applications in clean-space, commercial, industrial and residential HVAC, power generation, industrial processes and protection/respiratory devices.

Arioso is a high performance air filtration composite media incorporating Solupor[R] membranes, a proprietary UPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) membrane technology. These composite structures deliver high efficiency products with low resistance to air flow, tailored to individual application and processing needs.

Engineered from a chemically inert and highly durable polymer, the Solupor membrane is laminated to a support layer to form a composite that is mechanically robust. Arioso microporous membranes are available in efficiencies ranging from traditional ASHRAE through ULPA for a wide range of applications including HVAC, dust collection, gas turbine, clean rooms, respiratory devices and vacuum cleaners.

Life Science Filtration

Lydall Filtration offers numerous FDA filter media grades for biopharmaceutical pre-filtration and clarification, food and beverage and drinking water. For filtration applications, Lydall offers LyPore[R] FDA microglass, LyPore[R] MB (Meltblown) and LyPore[R] SC (Synthetic Composite). Additionally, LyPore[R] Clarity binder-free microglass is designed specifically for diagnostic applications such as drug and pregnancy test strips.

The newest addition to our liquid life science portfolio is Solupor[R] specialty microporous membranes. They are utilized in various markets and applications including air & liquid filtration, batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors and transdermal drug delivery. Solupor membranes are based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and incorporate an uncommon combination of mechanical strength, chemical inertness, and high porosity in a unique open structure.

Specialty Insulation

The Lydall specialty insulation product portfolio offers a diverse offering of specialty engineered thermal and acoustical products spanning high and low temperature performance extremes. High temperature protection is provided by Manniglas[R] fiberglass papers, appLY[R] Mat needled fiberglass mats, Biotherm[R] biosoluable ceramic paper and Lytherm[R] ceramic paper for a variety of cavity, gasket, sealing and surface protection applications primarily in the home appliance, industrial HVAC, energy and petrochemical markets. The Cryotherm[R] and Cryolite[R] "super insulation" products perform at the opposite temperature extreme in cryogenic containment vessels for liquid gas storage, piping and transportation.

Lydall Performance Materials

One Colonial Road Manchester, CT


Norafin, an innovative solution provider for specialty and technical nonwovens, provides tailor-made solutions which respond to the market needs by:

* Translating customer needs into product functions

* Turning innovative ideas into valid products

* Targeting the entire product development process--from the product idea to the product launch

We serve the specialty and industrial markets offering high-quality, innovative spunlaced, needlepunched and composite nonwoven roll goods as well as specialty products targeting a vast range of market segments such as filtration, performance apparel, composites, industrial and medical applications, automotives, flooring and roofing.


Our proprietary technology permits a great deal of flexibility allowing us to:

* engineer multi-layered roll goods

* create a sophisticated fiber mix from standard fibers such as PET and viscose up to high performance fibers such as meta- and para-aramides as well as natural fibers such as flax

* run both very large campaigns and

* run smaller, special product campaigns

* offer a variety of in-house after treatment options


* provide calandered, aperturcd, scrim supported webs of various colours according to customers' requirements.

Norafin (Americas) Inc.

+1 / (828) 654-7477

Fax: +1 / (828) 393-0921

NSC nonwoven supplies turnkey nonwoven lines for spunlacing needlepunching and ther-mobonding. They are equipped with a supervisory control assistance system, which includes production recipes, maintenance and assistance to line management.

NSC nonwoven (Asselin-Thibeau) is well known for such nonwoven equipments as the Excelled) cards, crosslappers, IsoProdyn[R] weight distribution regulator, drafters, needlelooms, winders and slitters-rewinders.


To meet all nonwoven producers' targets, the above NSC nonwoven machines are available in several level of performances.

Thanks to the combination of Axcess and Excelle[R] equipment, NSC Nonwoven answers major customers' expectations such as production lines adapted to local market size, cost reduction with faster production lines, lower average fabric weight, lower maintenance requirements and also customized products with in line combination of technologies.

Visit our new website aimed at a very wide target audience, it provides you with corporate, financial and commercial information.

Asselin-Thibeau/NSC Nonwoven

41 Rue Camille Randoing BP 421

76504 Elbeuf Sur Seine Cedex France

+33 (0)2 32 96 42 42

Fax: +33 (0)2 32 96 42 43

Since 1970, Optima Group Nonwovens has been one of the industry's trendsetters, indisputably exerting a powerful impact on the improvement of automation processes.

This tradition lives on in each and every new packaging project. Optima lines are designed to serve highly specific requirements. Optimized implementation of specific features such as output, machine reliability, degree of automation and marketing at the point of sale are self-evident, and manufacturers directly profit from the benefits of these innovative, yet technically mature machines.


There are countless different paper hygiene products for home use. Consequently, the sector needs highly flexible machine solutions. Packaging lines from Optima Group Nonwovens cover all standard formats - very often from small to large-size packages with only one machine type, allowing customers to fully benefit from the cost savings and leading design of this modular approach to machine engineering. The machine program of Optima Group Nonwovens is also suited for startup of fully automated packaging.

* Tissue products (Paper towels, industrial wipes)

* Roll products (Toilet paper rolls, kitchen paper towels ...)

* Cotton pads

* Wet wipes

* Bed pads

For packaging diapers, high performance and reduced package dimensions are in demand. Adapted to these requirements, only the best machinery offers maximum flexibility and ideal product protection. Semi and fully automated machinery by Optima Group Nonwovens packages diapers with the utmost precision and if required, at such speeds that the human eye is no longer able to follow the machine's movements.

* Diapers

Innovative strength of an experienced company: Its active involvement in a series of research groups ensures that the mechatronics competence of Optima Group Nonwovens is always current. The perfect interaction of software, electronics, and mechanics are a crucial factor for successful machine engineering. Another aspect: Packages of sanitary products are considered sales packages. Machine engineering by Optima Group Nonwovens takes this aspect into account - especially in the personal care segment.

* Incontinence products

* Feminine hygiene products (Panty liners, sanitary napkins ...)


The cnd-of-line automation range receives the primary packages of the paper hygiene products and transfers them to further processing from the secondary sales package to final packaging. Certified quality for customers - by fully controlled manufacturing and packaging processes. End-of-line automation systems are delivered as turnkey solutions from a one-stop provider, resulting in significant commercial rewards to users.

Optima Machinery

Steinbeisweg 20

Schwaebisch Hall 74523 Germany


1330 Contract Drive

Green Bay, WI 54304


Fax: 920-339-2233

Osprey Corporation is both an engineering firm and manufacturer of air filtration and waste recycling systems. Process air and waste management systems are integral parts of many manufacturing processes.

Our equipment provides clean and safe environmental solutions while providing cost saving functions as well. Osprey systems are used in air filtration, material separation, reclamation, size reduction, and fiber metering.


Since 1974, we have designed, manufactured, and installed more than 2,100 Osprey filters worldwide. Over the years, the Osprey has set the standard by which other filters are measured.

Our goal is successful integration of our systems with our customer's production demands. With resources such as the new Osprey product development center, an experienced engineering department, professional and responsive field technicians, complete parts department, and sound financial stability, we have the ability to accomplish our goals.

We are dedicated to improving our products by striving to lead and innovate in the ever-changing markets we serve.


Osprey stands behind its products and accepts complete project responsibility from conception through startup and training. We are confident of the performance of our systems. We also remain keenly aware that our most important assets are our people and loyal customers.

We would like to thank you our customers and representatives for your trust and commitment over the past thirty-three years. Now as in the past, we are determined to improve and expand our product line in order to best serve our customers. New and practical solutions such as the Reject Product Destruction System, next generation FS Separation, and the SHV Air Systems series are examples of our continued focus on you.


1835 Briarwood Road

Atlanta, GA 30329


Fax: 404-634-1401

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of wet tissue machines, CHUANGDA Machinery is a privately held company with over 3,000 intalled machines worldside.


Given our long experience over the 10 years in market analysis, we appreciate that "the devil in the detail", to this end, we concentrate on end-users, particularly have a group of professionals and experts in the design, production and testing of our products, eventually CHUANGDA achieves the favors from customers of home and abroad by the high quality and competitive price.

Nowadays, it grows up very fast, CHUANGDA has a large standard workshop more than 6000 square meters.


Being our customers' required, based on old model wet tissue machine, in 2010, the engineers create the new model machine: CD-2000 Full auto wet tissue machine, which speeds up to 40 bags from 50 bags per min. The machine is equiped with full servo motor, PLC control system and color touch screen. All the cover of machine and the parts with touch of liquid are made by stainless steel, which also makes the appearance delicate. All the electric parts of machine use good brand in the market, such as from German, Japan, korean etc.. CD-150I Full auto wet can tissue machine is another kind of good reputation and comments from customers that is running well, and less labor required, also has good efficiency for the production of precise patterns.



CHUANGDA Machinery determines to supply the high quality of wet tissue machines to all over the world !


Quanzhou Chuangda

TEL:+ 86-595-22461615

+ 86-15905990107

FAX: + 86-595-22461918



Dachang, the first professional manufacturer who researched and developed full automatic wet tissue machine in China since 1998 years.


Established on the purpose of leading the wet tissue machinery line and becoming one global brand as our strategic idea, Dachang always works hard in the heavy competitive world market till now. Experienced people in Dachang are active in promoting the scientific development by top-grade international technology.

From years, Dachang is always growing up accompanying the customer with the slogan of service and attitude "excellence, strive for perfection", and the accurate ability of grasp to customer.

Dachang has got a remarkable achievement in this field, meanwhile, it grows up very fast. Nowadays, dachang has a large standard workshop more than 10000 square several high-tech processing equipments. One the base of strong technology innovation, developing ability, and strictly demand on quality control, dachang always presents the newest & advanced wet tissue machines in this circle. Dachang machines meet the customers' high demands and sell well over 60 countries and the areas as well.

With 13 years hard work, Dachang as the leader of wet wipes machine industry in China. Now, Dachang machine provide tissue solve solution with more than sixty countires in the whole world. As the keep moving enterprise, this is Dachang warpath of trend mature.



Dachang Paper Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd

Jiangnan New Hi-Tech

industrial Zone, Quanzhou, China

Tel: +86-595-22427665

Fax: +86-595-22465663



Solutions in Film 'n' Fiber

The RKW-Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality films and nonwovens made from polyethylene and polypropylene. The company employs over 2800 people at 21 locations worldwide and achieved a turnover of around [euro]700 million in the 2010 business year. With over 54 years' experience in this field, the name "RKW" is synonymous with reliability and competence.


Diverse solutions from one source

RKW has achieved its internationally leading position in the films and non-wovens sector not just by continually bringing innovative solutions to its markets. Customer-focused product development draws on the natural synergies between the five Global Business Areas within the RKW-Group and this, in combination with the state-of-the-art technology, is reflected in the company slogan: "Solutions in film 'n' fiber." The ability to combine both film and nonwoven technologies has earned RKW its unique position in the market.

As a consequence, RKW offers a wide range of different film and nonwoven products to the hygiene and medical business sector: breathable and non-breathable films, semi-elastic and highly elastic films, textile backsheets and perforated films, stable fibers, spunbonded nonwovens, carded thermo-bonded nonwovens and the brand new hydroentangled spun-bonded nonwovens (in-line) as well as a whole range of laminates and composites. In-line and off-line printing, in up to eight colors, provides the "finishing touch."

RKW ProLife[R] - Our brand for hygienic and medical products

RKW's established customers include household names from all over the world and our films and nonwovens are used for the manufacturing of brand-named products for the hygiene and medical sectors. Think of the well-known brands in baby diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene and RKW is proud to be there!

In the medical and surgical area of our business, customers use our films and laminates in the construction of breathable disposable surgeons' gowns, as well as a wide range of complex patient drapes for the operating theatre. To complete the range, the wound management sector is served by innovative films, nonwovens and laminates in highly specialized and demanding environment.

RKW HyJet[R]--The new generation of hydroeritangled spunbonded nonwovens

The RKW-Group expanded its product range to include hydroentangled spunbonded nonwovens and it is now the only manufacturer of these specially strengthened continuous fibers in Europe. The unique aspect of this nonwoven is the way that it is produced: In contrast to thermal bonding which reinforces and bonds the fibers together using heat, this process operates with water jets (during the in-line process) which join the continuous fibers together using high pressure. RKW will continue to grow and expand its global presence. Tapping into new markets from within the framework of its core areas of expertise, the company expects to enjoy new organic growth that will be supported as always by significant investments in the future. Innovation and customer focus point the way forward.


Nachtweideweg 1-7

67227 Frankenthal / Germany

Tel: ++49-6233-8709-136

Fax: ++49-6233-8709-138

Total Equipment Solutions ... Built for Your Success

S&S Specialty Systems, a subsidiary of CG Bretting Mfg., continues to make its mark in the nonwoven industry thanks to its diverse nonwoven converting equipment portfolio. S&S equipment produces a wide variety of folded, flat, and rolled products. With over 30 years of industry experience in equipment design and build, S&S has innovative technologies that continue to push the industry.


Solutions with Flexibility

As a primary design goal, S&S strives to offer quality converting equipment that will allow you to change and move with new industry trends. S&S equipment is designed to offer our customers unmatched production flexibility.

Quick changeovers are also a core design objective; an example of this is found in the Road Runner family of cross-folders. These machines can change product length within a seven inch (178 mm) range in minutes, reducing machine down time and increasing your bottom line.

Solutions Built With Quality & Reliability

Designed and built within the United States, S&S equipment has a strong global reputation of outlasting the competition. Built with quality components coupled with robust designs our equipment can be found in some of the most demanding processes.

Along with stout mechanical design, S&S has the ability to integrate your preferred in-house automation packages, creating an electrical platform that is user friendly for your organization. Standard with S&S electrical packages are remote diagnostics capabilities for troubleshooting assistance.

Featured Equipment Solutions

From wet wipes, industrial wipers or core-less rolls, S&S offers a wide range of equipment to manufacture your at-home, away- from-home, and specialty products.

* Cross-folded products- Flexibility with a push of a button. The Roadrunner series offers product length flexibility up to 7 inches (178 mm). Complementing the Road Runner technology is our new cross folded wet wipe technology.

* Rolled products- The Cyclone rewinder offers the coreless rewinding industry machine widths up to 63", resulting in 50% more production capacity than the industry average.

* Flat products- The Viper equipment series offers a selection of three machine platforms to fit your production needs. Formatted for both wet wipe and dry wipe production, it has rate capabilities from 100 to 500 cuts per minute.

* Intcrfolded products- The innovative folding technology combined with both a perforated or clean cut knife system maximizes product quality without sacrificing machine speed and efficiency.

A few of S&S's process upgrades include tension control, splicing, printing, stacking/separation, coating and custom solutions unique to your product.

R&D Collaboration with You

Why adapt your product to tit existing old equipment? S&S has the technical expertise to work with you to develop the right manufacturing process during your new product development cycle and ensure a successful product launch.


S&S Specialty Systems, LLC

68150 Front Street

Iron River, WI 54847


Fax: 715-372-8977

Simple, efficient, unique rotary die cutting solutions

PNV is an excellent manufacturer in die cutting industry, specialized in manufacturing the critical spare parts of rotary die cutting machines, including rotary cutting dies, embossing / crimping rollers, die-cutting frame assemblies, mill of untreated fluff pulp and special rotary die cutting machines.


PNV focused on innovation, development and expanding new field of rotary die cutting technology, widely used in production of sanitary napkins / panty liners, diapers, mattresses, medical plasters, packing carton (cigarette, wine, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals), post-print processing, gloves, face mask, masks, bibs / aprons, cleaning supplies, table-mats, stick-on labels, paper cups, envelopes, CD sleeve, accessories of cell phone / digital products and copper / aluminum foil products.

PNV Located at Sanming city Fujian China, where is a heavy industry city. We are the pioneer of the rotary die cutting technology, since 1994, long engaged in research and development of rotary die cutting technology, established the China's largest manufacturing base of rotary cutting die and related products, including the introduction of the world's advanced level of manufacturing equipments, testing equipments and vacuum pressure heat treatment center, and strict implement ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System and Clean Production Systems. We were devoted to die cutting of various flexible materials, including high-speed cutting products of household paper, non-woven, fluff pulp, air-laid paper, release film, cast film, film, cardboard, rubber, plastics, leather, foam and metal foils.

Excellent quality based on advanced equipment, constant innovation, excellent design and high level manufacturing technology. We are good at to transfer a variety of technology patents into products of customer satisfaction, ensure cutting dies with very high abrasion performance and manufacturing precision without any production line's speed restriction. According to the speed of die-cutting equipment, customers can choose the most appropriate cutting roller's material, Such as HSS, CPM or Carbide.

Our mission is helping customers improve cutting efficiency, reduce costs and solve cutting problems, we provide customers with simple, efficient, unique rotary die cutting solutions, continuously expand the new die cutting industries and the market worldwide. We look forward to establishing partnerships with more and more customers.




Annual production:

* Rotary cutting dies-5000 sets.

* Embossing/crimping rollers-5000 sets.

* Mill of untreated fluff pulp-150 sets

See our ad on page 23.

Sanming PNV machinery Co., LTD

Tel: +86 598 8365699

Fex: +86 598 8365689


With 18 years of experience, Shuenn Bao Shing Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of disposable surgical face mask / respirators and non-woven filtration media for a wide range of environmental protection applications.

Shuenn Bao Shing Corporation operates under IS013485 & ISO9001:2008 by AFNOR's Register Quality Assurance.

Our products:

* Medical Face Mask and Safety Respirator: EN14683 TYPE II, TYPE IIR surgical mask, FDA510K surgical mask; NIOSH N95 surgical mask; NIOSH N95 respirators; EN149:2001 + Al:2009 FFP1, FEP2, FFP3 respirators.

* Nonwoven Media: We serve customers by providing meltblown media and different nonwoven composites with a wide selection of weights, thickness and performances to meet different requirements. CDM pleated filtration media are composed of electrostatic charged polypropylene melt Blown and stiff polyester substrate as a support for pleating and designed with good performance in filtration efficiency and extremely lower energy consumption for extended filter life.

EM electrostatic nonwoven media with special nonwoven textile manufacturing processes can enhance ventilation and filter effect with extremely air purify ability. It displays superior capability of capturing dust and allergenic particulates above 0.1 micron.

Activated Carbon filter media with coconut shell activated carbon non-woven media can be used for variety of diverse industries ranging from air filters, water filters and respirators.

We continuously invest in production systems and technical investigation to upgrade our quality. Our machinery includes the latest filtration testing equipment to measure the filtration efficiencies of sub-micron particles per USA and European standards. We believe that we can be your best choice. Contact us today.

Shuenn Bao Shing Corporation

No. 90 Hsin Kung 6 Rd.

Tien chung Chen

Chang Hua Hsien

520 Taiwan


Fax: 886-4-8756145

Sonobond Ultrasonics has been a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of ultrasonic welding and bonding equipment since 1960.

Fast, Clean, and Efficient

Our technology is fast, clean, dependable, and energy-efficient. It uses high frequency vibratory waves to create seams that are stronger and more reliable than those produced with traditional assembly methods.

Sonobond's ultrasonic bonders are available in plunge and continuous form to seal, sew, and/or trim--all in one quick pass. These units reduce material and labor costs because they use no glue, thread, or other consumables and require only minimal training. For example, Sonobond's popular rotary system, the SeamMaster[TM], dramatically speeds production by operating up to four times faster than traditional sewing methods and up to ten times faster than adhesive methods.

Multiple Assembly Applications

Sonobond Ultrasonics' bonders are perfect for assembling a wide variety of products. These include industrial air and oil filters, geotextiles for the agricultural industry, disposable medical garments, and ballistic vests to protect military and law-enforcement personnel. All our units are made in the U.S.A., can be customized to your specific application, and are backed by Sonobond's outstanding technical support and exceptional customer service.

Free Application Testing

Our free, no-obligation Ultrasonic Bonding Viability Test is a convenient way to learn which Sonobond unit is right for your application. To order this free Viability Test or to receive free copies of our "Ultrasonics for Textiles" and "Ultrasonics for Filters" brochures, please call us toll free in the U.S. at 800-323-1269 (outside the U.S. at 610-696-4710) or email us at:

1191 McDermott Drive WestChester, PA 19380

Toll Free: 800-323-1269


Fax: 610-692-0674

Established in 2000, TechAdhesion (TA) is a domestic technology enterprise which one of the most

respected names in the manufacture and application of Hot Melt Adhesive Application Systems in China, and renowned for the quality of its products and application expertise. We are leading non-wovens applications in Asia. TA devotes to the design, development, and manufacture of Hot Melt Equipment and Coating Machine which widely applied to Disposable Nonwo-vens Products, Packaging, Paper Converting and Products Assembly.


TechAdhesion is a privately held holding company with extensive domestic sales and has developed into a major supplier of Hot Melt Adhesive Application Systems.

* Chinese Leader In Hot Melt Adhesive Systems

* Strategically positioned to server global customers

* Strive to build valuable, competitive and profitable business solution

* Make the difference to any application and customer needs in functionality and quality.

Our headquarters locates in Shenzhen China, domestic sales offices are at Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin and Quanzhou with a team of high experienced technician to offer 24-hour service technical support. Overseas direct sales offices are in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States, We have also established global distributing network including Brazil, Japan, Italy, Korea, and Malaysia.


Full range of products has been obtained CE certificate and approval by ISO9001-2000 Standard! We own two registered Logos in both Chinese and English versions and seven patented technology in China.

TA's major market is in Non-Woven for applying adhesive during the assembly of Baby/Adult Diapers, Child training Pants, Medical Surgical and Faminine Hygiene Products. We are corpoating to the major OEM machinery manufacturer in Italy.


TA aims to give the customer the confidence that comes from product's quality and added value services, supported by experienced, reliable peoples who are easy to do business with. We always aims to help its customers improve their efficiency and competitive edge by meeting the ever increasing demands of industry for greater levels of quality and reliability.

TechAdhesion persists in high quality control with high specification and self-developed technology to create ethnic science brand.

See our ad on page 7.

TechAdhesion Systems

5FiBlocki3, iDongiFongiMing



Shenzhen, iChinai51801

86-755-2782-3573 86-755-2782-3240

Texol has been established in Alanno (Pcscara, Italy) by an highly skilled Engineering Team and a local important and strong financing group as an innovative manufacturer of films and raw materials for hygienic and medical industry, developed thanks to own and proprietary technology for 3D vacuum and mechanical perforation.

The long experience of the Texol team in this sector and a strong orientation for R&D has allowed us to propose new innovative and advanced materials developed to satisfy the new demand of hygiene manufacturers in a short time.

The request for innovation is strong and continuous as the feminine world wants always the best and won't compromise over quality. The particular technology entirely-developed in house, has allowed us to obtain the maximum dryness and a matchless softness, rendering our apertured films and laminated top sheets unique products on the market. Some of our most successful products for femcare are:

- Double 3D perforated poly extreme with the performance of a perforated poly but with a softness of a nonwoven material

- 3D perforated nonwoven with a high tridimensional characteristics

- Technical laminated perforated poly and nonwoven material

- Classic perforated polyethylene film in different shapes (square, circular, pentagonal, elliptical etc ...) with very low gsm.

What is more fragile and tender than a newborn baby? Mothers know well what to pretend so to have the best performances and at the same time protect their creature.

Our particular perforated nonwovens, the acquisition layers (ADL) and the elastics for the closure systems give the diaper distinctive dryness and comfort. Some of our most successful products for baby care are:

-Ventilated trilaminated elastic material for side panel for classic diapers and for training pants

- Special Nonwoven deep-embossed top-sheet

- Perforated Poly for ADL.


Mobility, comfort, discretion are some of the main features demanded in incontinence products by the market. Our team has worked assiduously to develop and improve topsheets, acquisition layers and elastics to satisfy the necessity of the modern world always on the run and requesting to be always at top levels. Some of our most successful products for adult care are:

- Ventilated trilaminated elastic material for side panel and pull-on styles

- Special Embossed topsheet like Deepembossed for light inco products and new born baby diaper products

- Perforated Poly for ADL.


This is possible thanks to our advanced R&D department and to our internal engineering staff who designs and realizes completely in house the machines for the realization of our goods, having the advantage to create new innovative materials.

The extreme flexibility allows to satisfy different sectors, where there is the request of apertured films and laminates for filtration or as a support for other materials.

Working together with our customers we can study the best blends for the specific applications.

With high level engineers and pilot lines, dedicated only to these important R&D activities, we can interact in a fast and a flexible way with our customers, in order to obtain results, improving the characteristics and the products'easier manufacturing.

Our Mission includes the following main points:

* Identify Market Changes and Trends and Manage to Anticipate them and Initiate the Appropriate Transition Process

* Create value for our Customers supplying innovative products and services capable of fulfilling their market requirements

* Establish long lasting and successful business relationship with customers

* Develop internally Top Level Technology to produce innovative films

* Ensure First Quality Service so to Satisfy Customers and Improve Business

* Fast solution to the market needs

* Financial resources.

Finally, Texol is also specialized in realizing dedicated machines for the production of special raw material as 3D perforated nonwoven, backsheet, side tabs, spooling units.

Texol Srl

Via Corradino D'Ascanio, 3

65020 Alanno (Pescara) Italy


Fax: +39-085-8543049

Contact: Fabrizio Coladonato,

sales and marketing director

Delivering Layers of Confidence

Tredegar Film Products, a subsidiary of Tredegar Corporation, is one of the top global leaders in the plastic films industry. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Tredegar has a global R&D structure and 13 locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Tredegar provides local support and innovative solutions to accommodate customers's need.

With company roots dating back to 1887, Tredegar Film Products has approximately 1200 employees globally and the company's technology serves numerous industries, including personal care, electronic displays, flexible packaging, building materials, healthcare and other specialized markets . Some of the world's largest companies and strongest brand names count on the unique advantages of teaming with Tredegar: manufacturing excellence, process and product innovation, customer insight, and global product capability.

Our latest innovation for diaper ear and large area applications could be yours. FlexFeel[TM] stretchable elastic laminates bring you super softness, the ultimate comfort and fit, and a strong laminate bond that resists tearing, piling and fuzzing. So you can surround your consumers with the qualities that today's market demands.

Leading the way to innovative Personal Care Products

Today's consumers are demanding higher levels of softness, comfort, fit, preferential fluid flow and skin care from diaper, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products. Extensive knowledge of global consumer preferences allows us to provide developers with unique products to satisfy consumer's needs.

Tredegar's new topsheet designs mean a new level of protection and comfort. With advances in softness, feel and absorbency our topsheet designs have taken feminine protection to a whole new level. Our top-sheets are available in a wide range of designs and styles, for varying levels of masking, strikethrough and rewet. For acquisition distribution layers, Tredegar has recently introduced AquiDry Plus[TM], a diaper ADL that brings customers greater comfort and superior fluid management in a less bulky product.

Tredegar's expanded elastic offerings provide breakthrough possibilities in comfort and functionality for all of your diaper and adult incontinence products. Our brands offer the greatest depth of choices with broad ranges of comfort, softness, stretch and value in production-proven technologies.

Flowertool[TM]--An Award Winner

At INDEX this year, Tredegar was one of three companies to receive an INDEX Innovation award in the new category of Sustainable Management Practice and Process. The award recognized Flower-tool[TM], a software system developed by Tredegar Film Products in conjunction with and certified by University L'Aquila, Italy, Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials. Tredegar has applied for a patent on this new software system which assesses the eco-efficiency of industrial systems, facilities and products based on scientifically and technologically validated models and indicators. Flowertool[TM] is based on the already established LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology and has a "cradle to cradle" oriented structure which provides a "cradle to customer gate" LCA study and includes Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emission sources.

This system can help businesses determine a current baseline for their business operations, sites and products. Flowertool[TM] can also help businesses determine sustain -ability targets and measure and monitor their progress toward those targets. The results provided by Flowertool[TM] allow businesses to have a clearer vision of eco-efficiency and related impact categories of industrial processes, sites and products.

Tredegar is utilizing Flowertool[TM] to assess the eco-efficiency of its supply chain and is making the system available to businesses in the industry that need this capability. Tredegar will combine their efforts by partnering with customers on their strategic sustainability initiatives and investing in innovation.

Flowertool[TM] can be customized based on specialized business needs and is available in two versions:l) Standard - with the identified plastic film industry indices, and 2) Premium--a custom tailored system. Tredegar's overall goal for Flowertool[TM] is social responsibility and public awareness of eco-efficiency.

Tredegar Film Products

100 Boulder Parkway Richmond, VA 23225

Customer Service Phone: 1-804-330-1888

Fax: 1-804-330-1400
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